Visitors to liked to read about new dairy products. Those were among the most-viewed articles on the website in 2013. Website visitors also sought out our popular Dairy 100, the ranking of the biggest dairy companies based in the United States and Canada.

Interest also was high in anything related to Chobani, the Greek yogurt processor. Articles about its new products and its new plant in Idaho made the list of the 20 most-viewed articles posted on in the last year.

  1. Trends in ready-to-drink tea

  2. Nestle USA takes the top spot on the Dairy 100

  3. Powerful Yogurt first Greek yogurt in U.S. targeted to men

  4. Kraft discontinues Milk Bites; Nestle pulls back on 2 ice cream products

  5. Trends in milk: processors focus on the high protein message

  6. General Mills' Yoplait introduced Lactose-Free yogurt

  7. New trends in ice cream flavors: tropical fruits, indulgent ingredients

  8. Some like it cold? Sales of iced coffee, tea

  9. Chobani completes Idaho plant in less than a year

  10. Quite possibly the cutest (or kitschy-est) milk bottles you've ever seen

  11. Opportunities rise for on-the-go dairy snacks

  12. Chobani announces a load of innovative new flavors

  13. Dairy industry trend: milk touts its protein advantage

  14. Norman's introduces first Cholov Yisroel Kosher Greek yogurt

  15. Breyers launches new ice cream flavors, including Girl Scout cookie-inspired

  16. Magnolia goes green with avocado ice cream

  17. Bel Brands' Wisconsin pride: A look inside the cheese plant

  18. The Greek Gods brand introduces kefir low-fat cultured milk

  19. HP Hood creates a new line of chocolate covered ice cream Harvey Bars

  20. Yogurt's domination goes beyond the dairy aisle