Minnesota-based dairy processor Kemps is selling flavored milk in unique cow-themed plastic bottles. The 76-ounce containers are made by the supplier and shipped to Kemps' milk plants. The company operates six manufacturing facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Kemps, based in St. Paul and a member of the Dairy Farmers of America cooperative, released the packaging in June for its flavored milks, including chocolate and strawberry. The so-called cow bottle will be used year-round. A Kemps representative told Dairy Foods that it is too early to tell if sales of the flavored milks have increased since June.

Kemps' slogan is: It's Local. It's Fresh. It's the Cows. The dairy processor uses the cow theme for other marketing endeavors. Its Facebook page, titled called KempsCows, has 36,455 likes.

In August, Kemps announced an initiative to donate $40,000 to the Kids In Need Foundation, which provides free school supplies for a year to 4,000 needy children in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Kemps is earmarking a portion of every gallon of Kemps Select Milk sold unitl Sept. 30 to KINF.

“Giving back to our communities is a core tenet of our culture at Kemps,” said Rachel Kyllo, vice president of marketing for Kemps. “We know so many people rely on our milk to nourish their families and we want to make sure that nourishment extends by providing children the tools needed to succeed in the classroom.”