Dairy Foods editors reviewed all the new dairy products published in Dairy Foods magazine and on dairyfoods.com in 2018. From the hundreds of products, our team nominated 30 dairy foods and beverages. Visitors to DairyFoods.com were then asked to vote for their favorites. The results are in.

Here are the 2018 Top 10 Best New Dairy Products chosen by Dairy Foods’ readers (in order of the number of votes received.)


The Top 10 People's Choice:

1.  Fairlife Smart Snacks

2.  Chobani Savor Greek yogurt

3.  Thrive gelato

4.  Coffee-mate Natural Bliss cold brew iced coffee

5. Chobani Gimmies kids' yogurt line

6.  Oikos Oh! Double-cream yogurt

7.  Dannon Activia Dailies

8. Dutch Farms thick-cut shredded cheese

9.  Chobani "a hint of" yogurts

10. Hood squeezable sour cream


We also picked our 10 favorites, based on originality, packaging and taste — see our Top 10 Editors’ choice below.


Editors' Choice: Our Top 10

1. Chobani Savor Greek yogurt

2. Noosa side-by-side yogurts

3. Cello Cheese Flights

4. Alove aloe vera drinkable yogurts

5. Nightfood ice cream

6. Hershey's Milk Chocolate and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup dairy whipped toppings

7.  Fairlife Smart Snacks

8.  Thrive gelato

9. SmashPack Protein Pudding

10. Arla skyr cream cheese