Lifeway Coconut Chia KefirLifeway's coconut-chia kefir received the most votes (13,441) in Dairy Foods' Best New Dairy Products of 2012 poll. It was one of 25 dairy foods and beverages nominated by the magazine's editors. Voting, which represented the "people's choice," ended at midnight.

Kaurina's kulfi bars came in second. The frozen dairy novelties were one of 10 new products named an Editors' Choice.

The top 10 vote getters in the public voting are (ranked in order):

  1. Lifeway's coconut-chia kefir
  2. Kaurina's kulfi bars*
  3. Lucerne chocolate whipping cream*
  4. Organic Valley organic American cheese singles
  5. Land O'Lakes Saute Express flavored butter*
  6. Yoplait Greek 100 yogurt
  7. Twisted Foods flavored butters
  8. Heluva Good black bean queso sour cream dip
  9. Skyland Foods Ibex drinkable yogurt*
  10. Eat Well Enjoy Live hummus with Greek yogurt

* Product was also selected as an Editors' Choice.

Companies used Facebook, Twitter, contests, press releases and news articles to encourage voting. Dairy Foods also promoted the campaign with its own Facebook and Twitter posts, as well as with articles on the website and in newsletters.

The Dairy Foods editorial staff selected 10 foods and beverages, based on innovation, taste, packaging and nutrition. The magazine also nominated 15 other new launches and invited dairy processors, their customers and consumers to review all 25 products and vote for their favorites in a "people's choice" poll that ran through Jan. 15.

The 10 products selected as Editors' Choice are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Bel Brands Babybel mozzarella cheese
  2. Ilios Greek yogurt butter
  3. International Delight iced coffee
  4. Kaurina's kulfi bars
  5. Kraft Fresh Take
  6. Kraft MilkBite
  7. Land O'Lakes Saute Express flavored butter
  8. Skyland Foods Ibex drinkable yogurt
  9. Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars
  10. Yosicle frozen yogurt

Kraft Foods plans to discontinue its Milk Bite granola bar snacks in early 2013. Nestle USA has discontinued two nominated products (Skinny Cow Shakes and Wonka premium ice cream).