The results are in, and it’s a great showing for cultured dairy! Dairy Foods’ editors reviewed all the new dairy products featured in Dairy Foods magazine and on in 2020. From the hundreds of products, our team nominated 20 dairy foods and beverages. Visitors to were then asked to vote for their favorites. Two yogurt products came out on top: Trimona superfood yogurt cups and Two Good Good Save yogurt.

Here are the 2020 Top 10 Best New Dairy Products chosen by Dairy Foods’ readers (in order of the number of votes received):

  1. Trimona superfood yogurt cups
  2. Two Good Good Save yogurt
  3. Helados La Neta Mexican-inspired ice cream
  4. Siips shelf-stable milk
  5. Pierre’s Heroes ice cream line 
  6. ChurnBaby Cookie Cups
  7. Borden cheese crisps n’ cubes 
  8. Super Danimals immune-support yogurt for kids 
  9. Chobani Complete yogurt products 
  10. Pursue Happiness cold-brew plus CLA whole milk 


We also picked our five favorites, based on originality, packaging and taste — see our Editors’ Choice below, in no particular order:

  1. Pursue Happiness cold-brew plus CLA whole milk

  2. Two Good Good Save yogurt

  3. Trimona superfood yogurt

  4. La Colombe draft chocolate milk

  5. ChurnBaby Cookie Cups