Chobani, Norwich, N.Y., said it released several new food and drink innovations with nutritional benefits. The products debuted at grocery and retail stores nationwide this month. They include Chobani Probiotic — a line of refreshing and fruity plant-based beverages — and Chobani Complete, which is a line of lactose-free Greek yogurt food and drinks filled with protein and amino acids to fuel busy lifestyles.

According to Chobani, nutrition has always been a part of the company’s “DNNA,” which stands for “delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible.” And today’s consumers are interested in nutrition, with 65% of adults seeking functional benefits from their food and drink and one in four consumers actively seeking out foods for a specific health benefit.

“With every trip to the store, consumers are looking to do more than just fill their bellies. They want healthier foods and drinks to calm their minds, restore their bodies and replenish their energy,” said Peter McGuinness, president of Chobani. “Natural nutrition is a driving focus of our future.”

McGuinness added that Chobani Probiotic and Chobani Complete offer “the perfect combination of flavor [and] function” and are “packed with probiotics and other key nutrients for busy on-the-go modern families.”

Chobani said its Chobani Probiotic drinks start with a base of whole-grain oats and fruit juice, which is blended with probiotic cultures that support digestive and immune health. They are then woven together with a blend of organic fruit and herbal extracts, which provide a light effervescence and the perfect combination of flavor and function. The drinks are available in Lemon Ginger, Pineapple Turmeric, Peach Mint and Cherry Hibiscus tea varieties.

Chobani Complete is high-protein and easy-to-digest lactose-free yogurt containing no added sugar. Chobani said the offering is a balanced, nutritious option crafted to fuel busy lifestyles. It is available in three different formats: 5.3-ounce cups in Blueberry, Key Lime, Vanilla, Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Peach flavors; 10-ounce shakes in Banana Cream, Mixed Berry Vanilla, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla flavors; and 24-ounce tubs available in Vanilla.