Pursue Happiness, Union Springs, N.Y., said it launched cold-brew Cowffee — a blend of cold-brew coffee and trademarked CLA Plus whole milk. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid in milk that has been shown to have health benefits such as fighting cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes in animal studies. Pursue Happiness found a way to increase CLA by two to three times through a cow’s diet.

In addition to this healthy innovation, Pursue Happiness said cold-brew Cowffee has 20 grams of protein and is low in sugar, non-GMO, lactose-friendly and shelf-stable.

Cold-brew Cowffee contains fresh traceable ingredients, including creamy milk from dairy cows at Spruce Haven Farm, which is operated by fourth-generation family dairy farmers in upstate New York. The milk is blended with high-quality Arabica coffee from Finca Dos Maria, a family-owned coffee farm founded in 1870 in the bucolic hills of Guatemala. The dairy and coffee farms receive a significantly higher value for the CLA whole milk and Arabica coffee than fair trade, Pursue Happiness said.

“We are thankful that our cold-brew Cowffee contains CLA Plus,” said Doug Young, managing member of Spruce Haven Dairy Farm. “Customers love the refreshing farm-fresh taste of our milk blended with bold, aromatic Guatemalan coffee. Cold-brew Cowffee is a perfect combination that satisfies cold-brew coffee lovers.”

Pursue Happiness said cold-brew Cowffee is produced by dairy and coffee farmers who both share a passion for the land.

“As environmental stewards, we are steadfast in our commitment to ensuring that cold-brew Cowffee is produced in a responsible and eco-friendly way,” said Young. “Giving back to the environment and its people is the heart of our company.”