ChurnBaby Ice Cream, a newly launched brand of Richmond, Utah-based Casper’s Ice Cream Inc., said it promises to deliver a hip, boutique ice cream experience from the comfort of home. Made with ultrapremium ingredients and paired with a decadent cookie, ChurnBaby’s products bring an elevated twist on classic ice cream flavors.

ChurnBaby said its products are available in Walmart (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah), Tom Thumb (Dallas), United Grocers (Lubbock, Texas), Woodman’s (Wisconsin), Associated Foods Stores (Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Nevada and Wyoming), Gelson’s (Southern California), Harmon’s (Utah), Ridley’s (Utah), Lowe’s Foods (North and South Carolina) and Winco (Idaho and Utah).

ChurnBaby Cookie Cups come topped with a full cookie and a spoon on the inside of the lid for convenient snacking. The newly launched treats, inspired by boutique offerings in metropolitan cities, come in four flavors: Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Peanut Butta Brownie Luvva, Cool Mint Chocolate Chip and Choco Chip Vanilla Fudge Brownie. ChurnBaby said the Cookie Cups retail for $5.99 for a two-cup box.

Also available are ChurnBaby ice cream sandwiches. The offerings come in Caramel Cashew and Caramel Cookies ‘n’ Cream flavors. The Caramel Cashew sandwiches contain caramel ice cream, cashew chunks and a sea salt caramel ribbon — all situated between two shortbread cookies. The Caramel Cookies ‘n’ Cream sandwiches feature premium cookies ‘n’ cream ice cream and a sea salt caramel ribbon between two rich double fudge cookies. ChurnBaby Ice Cream Sandwiches retail for $5.99 for a three-count box, the company said.