According to Applied Food Sciences, inside every hemp seed is a valuable inner core called the hemp heart. The nutrients within the core are the proprietary source for the company’s new protein ingredient, V-70 hemp heart protein. The ingredient offers 70% protein complete with all nine essential amino acids and omega-3s. It also has a neutral flavor and near-white color that provides manufacturers with a significant formulation advantage over other plant proteins. Additionally, V-70 emulsifies with exceptional performance, overcoming notable challenges from many plant proteins.

512-732-8300; www.appliedfoods.com/V-70



Beneo says replacing the creamy, decadent mouthfeel provided by dairy beverages is not an easy task, and to create a successful dairy alternative, processors must achieve great texture. Rice starch is a clean, natural way to get the smoothest, creamiest texture possible without dairy. It is unique among all other starches, thanks to its small granule size, which actually mimics the sensation of fat globules on the tongue. In addition, its pure white color and neutral taste are a perfect fit for dairy alternatives.

973-867-2140; www.beneo.com



Cargill’s ViaTech stevia leaf extract provides significant improvements in sweetness quality compared to traditional stevia sweeteners, enabling deeper levels of sugar reduction. Plant-sourced and non-GMO, ViaTech stands apart from other stevia sweeteners due to Cargill’s proprietary taste-prediction model, which can precisely predict which combination of steviol glycosides delivers optimal taste and sweetness. Using this guide, Cargill says it developed ViaTech products with different dynamics of sweetness, including some with steviol glycoside compositions tailored specifically for dairy applications. The improvements in sweetness quality from ViaTech provide formulators with more robust sweetness, greater versatility and the ability to achieve sugar reductions of up to 70% in a wide range of applications.

877-765-8867; www.cargill.com




With calcium deficiency and bone diseases such as osteoporosis on the rise, but with milk consumption dropping, Corbion’s Puracal QStable offers a premium fortification solution for nondairy beverage manufacturers. A ready-to-use stabilized calcium carbonate, Puracal QStable fortifies pH-neutral dairy alternatives — such as soy, oat and almond “milk” — without impacting flavor or texture and without the need for additional stabilizers. Plus, as Puracal QStable is easy to both process and disperse in alternative dairy beverages, there is no risk of any lumps, precipitation or segregation, Corbion says.

+31 20 590 6911; www.corbion.com



CP Kelco says its nature-based Genu pectin was developed with function in mind. An easily recognizable ingredient derived from citrus peels, it’s consumer friendly and adds a pleasant mouthfeel. Pectin can be pasteurized with milk or before fermentation, so no additional processing step is necessary. As the industry innovates with more shelf-stable beverages, pectin can help by protecting and stabilizing protein while minimizing sediment and serum separation. Grades are available to support vegetarian, non-GMO, organic-compliant and other clean-label goals.

678-247-7300; www.cpkelco.com



Royal DSM says it introduced its DelvoPlant range of enzymes for optimizing the taste, texture and sweetness of plant-based drinks. The enzymes offer a variety of benefits, from increasing protein solubility and reducing viscosity to improving mouthfeel and unlocking the natural sweetness of glucose and/or maltose in raw materials such as rice and oats. By leveraging these naturally occurring elements, the enzymes help create winning dairy alternative beverages without added sugar — offering sweetness that can be tailored to local market preferences. The DelvoPlant enzymes also improve the availability of minerals to further enhance nutritional value and, in oat-based drinks, can reduce gluten content to create even stronger appeal.

+31 15 279 3996; www.dsm.com/food-specialties



Farbest Brands and Caragum International say they offer weighting and clouding agents for the manufacture of beverages. Produced from plant-based food-grade glycerol and refined pinewood rosin, the ester gums are ideal for formulating emulsions. The companies offer two equally functional grades that suit all U.S. and global regulations. They’re helpful for increasing the density of oil flavor compounds for uniform suspension throughout beverages, and they also can add the perfect degree of cloudiness to the finished product. The ingredients are virtually tasteless and odorless, highly soluble and cost-effective.

201-573-4900; www.farbest.com



According to Fiberstar Inc., beverage manufacturers are seeking natural ingredients when creating high-quality plant-based drinks. Citri-Fi, which is derived from citrus byproduct, consists of soluble and insoluble fiber, protein and high amounts of intact native pectin. When used in plant-based “milks” such as oat, almond, coconut or cashew, this citrus fiber improves the full-body mouthfeel and stability. Usage levels range between 0.25% and 0.40%. And since labeling options include citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour, this natural ingredient creates consumer-friendly labels. Citri-Fi is non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free and non-allergenic.

715-425-7550; www.FiberstarIngredients.com



Flavorchem says it manufactures a variety of high-end coffee extracts, including cold-brew and other value-added ingredients for beverages. Since there is no standard of identity for cold-brew coffee, the products on the market can vary greatly. Flavorchem’s unique cold-extraction process involves an extended steep time, resulting in a smooth and superior taste profile. The company’s advances in technology and its fully customized formulation provide customers with the opportunity to create their desired sensory profile. Flavorchem's cold-brew extract is optimized for use in both dairy and dairy alternative beverages.

630-932-8100; www.flavorchem.com



Interest in gut health is currently high because recent scientific advances have begun to unlock how the microbiome affects many health conditions, both within the digestive system and beyond. FrieslandCampina says it introduced a range of galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) with proven effects in addressing consumer needs to tackle conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation and bloating. Biotis GOS is a versatile ingredient with a clean sensory profile. It can be used as a transparent syrup or a white soluble powder, allowing for varied applications.

551-497-7300; www.biotis.com/gut-health



Formulating with proteins in high-heat processing environments comes with its challenges and requires a functional stable protein. Glanbia Nutritionals says it offers two cutting-edge protein ingredients especially useful in meeting these requirements: AdvanPro and OptiSol 1007. AdvanPro is a heat-stable low-dose protein solution that provides the same protein benefits as higher doses of traditional proteins. It is a functionally enhanced milk-based protein ingredient high in bioavailable leucine. OptiSol 1007 provides a whey-based protein solution that excels in a neutral-pH beverage environment, allowing for a cleaner label.

312-683-8600; www.glanbianutritionals.com



GNT Group says although flavor is the most obvious component of food choice, color has an overwhelming impact on product appeal. It communicates quality, taste and brand value, with 85% of consumers saying it is their top reason for selecting a product from the shelf. Based on the straightforward principle of coloring food with food, GNT’s Exberry concentrates provide visual impact along with widespread consumer acceptability. Made entirely from fruits and vegetables, they allow for the all-important declaration of clean-label coloring ingredients. With a diverse array of shades available, Exberry gives dairy manufacturers the opportunity to create stunning on-trend products with colors that deliver throughout the shelf life.

914-524-0600; www.exberry.com/



When customers need a vitamin blend, International Food Products Corporation (IFPC) says its ingredient experts work to develop solutions that meet their unique business needs. This takes place at IFPC’s Aviator facility in St. Louis. Aviator is a best-in-class manufacturing, storage and distribution center featuring liquid and dry blending, packing, modern labs and quality-control testing. IFPC formulates water-dispersible vitamins and oil-based vitamins and creates custom-formulated vitamin pre-blends to suit multiple concentration levels, allowing for many applications. To ensure the highest quality standards for its vitamins, Aviator is an SQF-certified facility.

800-227-8427; www.ifpc.com



iTi Tropicals says customers can enhance their dairy beverage lines with its tropical fruit purees and concentrates. With numerous tropical offerings, in both organic and conventional forms, formulation opportunities with iTi’s ingredients are endless. Blend Alphonso mango or banana with milk for a delicious beverage; incorporate guava into a smoothies for a tropical twist; mix mango with yogurt to make a traditional lassi even more exotic; or supplement milkshakes with coconut cream. Incorporating tropical fruit purees into dairy beverages adds vitamins and minerals while creating a more nutritious, delicious and marketable beverage. 




Layn Natural Ingredients says it has many natural ingredients for dairy applications. Current natural ingredient offerings include Plantae Sensem, which is Layn’s branded platform for natural taste modulation to achieve sugar reduction while enhancing flavor; cinnamon, which helps support healthy blood sugar levels; green coffee bean and pomegranate, which are antioxidants; and turmeric, which supports joint mobility. Additional natural ingredients in dairy supplement applications include sea buckthorn, a heart-friendly rich source of omega-3 fatty acids; epimedium, a flavonoid that supports bone density; and grape seed extract, which is rich in polyphenols and is valued for its antioxidant capacity and immune support.

949-387-6840; www.layncorp.com



According to Martin Bauer Group, the shift to all-natural ingredients and more health-conscious eating is in full swing, and clean-label plant-based ingredients are now integral parts of everyday life. Consumers are focusing on not only what they’re consuming, but also how it’s made and the origin of raw materials. Martin Bauer’s SuperFine powders are made only from the highest-quality botanicals with no additives or carriers. Made 100% from botanicals, the powders have 100% natural color, along with flavor and nutrition that fit perfectly with today’s consumer lifestyles and tomorrow’s trends. The SuperFine product line contains dozens of on-trend ingredients and blends, including Chai Mix, Lavender, Matcha Mix and Turmeric.

201-659-3100; www.martin-bauer-group.com/en/



Monteloeder says its Metabolaid ingredient is backed by clinical studies validating its efficacy in weight management and heart-health support. Metabolaid contains verbascosides from lemon verbena extract and anthocyanins from hibiscus extract. At a 500-milligram-per-day dosage, it has been proven to increase the activation of AMP-activated protein kinase within the body, which leads to increased fat-burning activity and more energy. It has also been shown to aid with satiety. Metabolaid has been used successfully in global commercial dairy applications. It is highly stable with respect to temperature and pressure, enabling it to withstand pasteurization processes with no loss of activity.

305-285-8561; www.monteloederusa.com



National Flavors says its Horchata flavor is unique blend of sweet vanilla and cinnamon flavor. Horchata is a global favorite, pairing exceptionally well with the smooth, creamy tastes of dairy beverages. Mintel's Global New Products Database shows new Horchata-flavored product launches in many food and beverage categories, with production introduction featuring the flavor up 39% in the last year. National Flavors will ship samples in 24 hours when you sign up for a free Flavorush account.

800-525-2431; www.nationalflavors.com



A family-owned international company, Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. says it takes great pride in creating innovative inclusions and ingredients based on the latest consumer trends. Engaging the senses is key to making dining and snacking occasions an experience. Whether a manufacturer is interested in improving aesthetics or enhancing texture, Pecan Deluxe’s quick turnaround time on proven products is certain to make milkshakes memorable. Its culinary kitchen has perfected sprinkles, toffees, crunches, drizzles, barks and more.

214-631-3669; www.pecandeluxe.com



Sensient Food Colors says its proprietary Natural Blue vegetable juice fills the industrywide gap for a heat-, light- and pH-stable bright blue across applications. In combination with other fruit and vegetable juices in its portfolio, unique and vibrant blue, green and purple shades can be achieved in single-system solutions. Whimsical, trending hues can be achieved with lower final usage rates thanks to the highly concentrated natural colorants in Sensient’s toolkit. Unleash the power of nature’s true colors with shades perfect for dairy and dairy-alternative milks, protein drinks, smoothies and more.

800-325-8110; www.sensientfoodcolors.com/en-us/



Synergy Flavors Inc. says it is a supplier of flavors, extracts and essences for the global food, beverage, and nutrition industries, with an innovative portfolio of dairy taste solutions under its Dairy by Nature umbrella. The company combines its natural-flavor-creation expertise with the proprietary dairy technology of its farmer-owned Irish parent company, Carbery. Synergy’s food scientists help enhance dairy indulgence, mask undesirable notes and build back taste in both dairy-based and plant-based products. In sync with Synergy Flavors’ commitment to a sustainable, responsible business model, the Dairy by Nature portfolio is born from nature to authentically enrich the dairy taste experience.

847-487-1011; www.synergytaste.com



From pollination to process to product, Tastepoint says its vanilla roots run deep. It recognizes how much vanilla has been, and continues to be, at the core of so much of what it does as a flavor company. This is why one of its working goals is to become unquestionably preeminent in all things vanilla. Tastepoint’s legacy has been extracting vanilla for over 100 years, along the way refining, perfecting and creating value-added conventional and proprietary extraction processes.

215-365-7800; www.tastepoint.com