According to Agropur, BiPRO C.C. 9500 is the crystal-clear solution for a great-tasting protein beverage. It’s an acid-stable whey protein isolate that was designed for high clarity and optimum solubility in ready-to-drink products. BiPRO C.C. 9500 provides a clean flavor, refreshing appearance, and enhanced functionality. It’s purified from sweet dairy whey using ion-exchange technology and facilitates clean-label formulation in beverages by eliminating the need for additional acidulants. BiPRO C.C. 9500 also brings superior nutrition as a rich source of branched-chain amino acids. At 12.7%, its protein-based leucine content is significantly higher than most whey protein isolates on the market.   



Beneo says its rice starches provide texturizing and technical benefits in both dairy and dairy alternative products. As dairy is known for its rich, creamy texture, dairy-free beverages should mimic that same mouthfeel. Rice ingredients, specifically functional waxy rice starch and micronized rice flours, can provide body and texture to dairy-free beverages for both organic and conventional products —delivering the sensation of dairy fat on the tongue. Waxy rice starch can even be used to enhance the texture of low-fat dairy or dairy alternative beverages. Beneo’s rice portfolio offers price stability and a readily available alternative to “traditional” texturizers for dairy alternatives.  




Cargill says it offers a broad pectin portfolio with options that provide functionality in both acidic- and neutral-pH environments, lower and higher sugar concentrations, and high-temperature processing. This versatility, combined with pectin’s status as a label-friendly ingredient, has led to increased global demand. In response, Cargill opened a new state-of-the-art pectin processing plant — located in Brazil. Pectin is especially well-suited for acidified dairy beverage applications, where it enhances creamy textures and protects and stabilizes proteins. It also plays a pivotal role in many reduced-sugar dairy beverages, replacing the body, texture and mouthfeel of sugar and allowing formulators to replicate sugar’s decadent feeling on the tongue.




CP Kelco says Nutrava citrus fiber was developed as an easily recognizable, label-friendly ingredient to help you achieve your clean-label goals. It also contributes to consumers’ dietary fiber intake. Ideal for dairy and plant-based protein applications, it supports water binding, mouthfeel enhancement, syneresis control, and shelf-life stability. Typical content of dietary fiber is at a minimum of 80% with an approximately balanced amount of soluble and insoluble fiber. Nutrava citrus fiber is made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, an abundant byproduct of the juice industry. Contact CP Kelco for prototype recipes and help solving formulation challenges.




As a one-stop-shop solutions provider, DSM says it provides a broad portfolio to optimize the taste, texture, and health appeal of fermented milk product applications. DSM’s experts have developed a delicious recipe for a lactose-free fermented milk drink, called StayStrong, with Lactobacillus paracasei and vitamins A, D and E to meet consumers’ needs for functional dairy beverages. It contains Maxilact lactase, DelvoPro probiotics, DelvoFresh acidifying cultures and Quali-vitamins A, D and E. These ingredients combine with DSM’s zero-calorie Reb-M sweetener, Eversweet, to produce StayStrong. StayStrong targets consumers concerned about their health and immunity.




Fiberstar says its Citri-Fi citrus fiber’s high water-holding and emulsification properties make it ideal for extending or replacing starches and/or gums in dairy-based foods. At less than 1.0%, this natural ingredient stabilizes, thickens, minimizes syneresis, and improves the creamy and smooth mouthfeel. Citri-Fi is Non-GMO Project Verified, non-allergenic and gluten-free. Labeling options include dried citrus pulp, citrus flour, or citrus fiber, which resonate well in the clean-label markets.




According to Flavorchem, plant proteins present unique challenges to formulators by contributing vegetative cardboard-like flavors and may be perceived as bitter or astringent. Flavorchem created a line of innovative masking solutions to specifically combat the off-notes and taste challenges associated in ready-to-drink, bar, and beverage mix applications made with pea, rice, and soy plant proteins. This line of maskers has demonstrated functionality and can be customized and formulated for your specific application. These high-performance solutions are compatible with any sweetener system and can be labeled as natural, non-GMO, vegan, and kosher for a nutritionally optimized taste experience.




FlavorSum says it is launching cocktail-inspired flavors as crossover opportunities for frozen novelties or non-dairy beverages. They include pink lemonade margarita, with the sweet-tart fun flavors of a favorite citrus drink; and red and white sangria flavors, which address the growth of sangria tastes (up 38%, according to Mintel’s GNPD). Red sangria combines blood orange and lime flavors with a wine note. White sangria showcases peach flavor and a light wine taste. The new flavors also include prickly pear mojito, which features the Southwest cactus summer fruit with a refreshingly sweet taste; notes of watermelon, honeydew and banana; and a kick of lime and rum.




International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) says it is the ingredient supplier manufacturers can lean on when they are developing a new drinkable yogurt. Whether you are looking to launch a new limited-edition flavor or develop a plant-based option, IFPC is the partner for you. Its in-house research and development team has over 45 years of combined experience with product development. IFPC creates superior stabilizer blends, ensuring your products’ success. Offering nearly 100 different flavor systems adaptable to drinkable yogurt products, IFPC says it is sure to wow your consumers. IFPC also creates custom plant-based ingredient blends for non-dairy yogurt options. Get in touch with IFPC today at to learn more.




Blend Alphonso mango or banana with milk for a delicious beverage; incorporate guava into a smoothie for a tropical twist; mix mango and passion fruit with yogurt for a new, exotic flavor; or blend coconut cream with fat-free dairy for the ultimate flexitarian concept. Incorporating tropical fruit purees into dairy applications adds vitamins and minerals while creating a more nutritious, delicious, and marketable beverage. With numerous tropical offerings, in both organic and conventional forms, iTi Tropicals says formulation opportunities with its ingredients are endless.




According to Rocket Products Inc., lemonade fits beautifully within a dairy product portfolio, and Rocket’s ingredients allow for a simple, “on-trend” retail label. The company says scan data from a leading national chain show that flavored lemonade can make up as much as 60% of lemonade brand sales. To make producing the flavored lemonade easy for its customers, Rocket offers a “flavor kit,” which is custom-made to fit a plant’s production size. This kit’s color and flavor components are added to Rocket concentrate at batching — keeping Rocket’s customers’ inventory low and their production simple and cost-efficient. Flavors include strawberry, raspberry, watermelon, and more.




According to Virginia Dare, doing vanilla right is an art — requiring both an intimate knowledge of the ingredient and an absolute dedication to the craft of its harvesting, curing, and extraction. After five generations, sustainable vanilla remains Virginia Dare’s life work. The company says its vanilla extracts, concentrates, and oleoresins are historically the standard against which the rest of the industry’s quality is measured; the ingredients deliver rich and complex flavors and aromas. Virginia Dare has a team of dedicated vanilla specialists, all working as part of a business within a business. Purpose-built vanilla labs, state-of-the-art vanilla extraction facilities, and dedicated application and formulation support are just parts of the Virginia Dare difference.