Allen Flavors’ flavor creation laboratory added 15 new organic flavors to its portfolio which are all compatible with dairy-produced teas and beverages. The line includes peach, watermelon, lemonade ginger, rose and lavender. The entire line is gluten-free with no allergens. The company’s facilities and flavors are certified organic by Quality Assurance International and kosher by the Orthodox Union.




Amelia Bay offers brewed black tea extracts. The extracts are created with continuous brewing and extraction processes, leaving them free from sediment and off-flavors. The black tea extracts can be optimized to meet a company’s individual flavor profile and labeling goals.




Arla Foods Ingredients introduced its advanced whey protein Lacprodan DI-7017 to the lifestyle nutrition market. The 100% whey protein concentrate is rich in branched chain amino acids. The ingredient offers quicker digestion time than casein, and is suitable for use in a range of food and beverage applications, including long-life UHT drinks. Lacprodan is ideal for use in a range of functional foods and drinks, including milk and water-based beverages and soups. It is UHT-stable and offers neutral pH.

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Corbion offers a wide range of highly soluble minerals based on lactate and gluconate, including Puracal. With high solubility, neutral taste and high bioavailability, Puracal can be used to fortify dairy products such as milk and fermented dairy products.




Autocrat has a green tea syrup which can be used in hot or iced dairy beverages. The syrup provides a sweet delicate flavor along with the health benefits of tea.




David Michael introduced two new flavors inspired by Peruvian food at its 2014 roadshow. The natural Pepino Melon type was featured in a sweetened milk beverage. Pepino melon blends the tastes of honeydew, cantaloupe and cucumber. The other flavor, Chicha Morada (featured in a carbonated beverage), combines apple, pineapple, lemon, cinnamon and clove flavors.




CP Kelco designed a specialized portfolio of unique ingredients for suspension and texturizing of dairy products. The Kelcogel HMB offers formulators the opportunity to suspend a variety of functional and flavoring components. The ingredient can stand up to many extreme dairy manufacturing processes including HTST and UHT pasteurization.




DSM recently developed a dairy beverage prototype designed to appeal to consumers dealing with bad cholesterol. The tOATally Healthy vanilla cinnamon oat drink contains DSM’s OatWell oat beta-glucan soluble fiber. Oatwell features four key health benefits:  cardiovascular health, healthy blood glucose levels, digestive health and satiety support. The oat beta-glucan can contribute to a clean label for finished products and is well-suited for dairy beverage applications.




SJVC’s natural color Crystal Rosé Shade for beverages is a bright pink-magenta color, perfect for replacing carmine in acidic formulations. The new color can be used in beverages, yogurts and fruit preparations. Its unique crystal colors provide high color stability, a long shelf life of five years and easy handling. The color solution is also carrier-free, non-GMO, organic compliant, OU kosher and halal.




Hilmar Ingredients has developed a concept for a shake made with Hilmar 8200 whey protein concentrate (WPC) and oat fiber. Hilmar 8200 is an 80% WPC that incorporates easily into a wide range of ingredient systems, flavors and processing methods. Ideal for ready-to-drink beverages, it is specially manufactured to remain heat stable during standard methods of pasteurization. It is also an excellent emulsifier, contributing creaminess and mouthfeel, according to the company.




PLT Health Solutions Inc. and Oakshire Naturals LP launched Earthlight whole food vitamin D. The patented mushroom powder ingredient delivers 40,000 International Units of vitamin D per gram — from a non-GMO, clean-label, natural source. Earthlight’s high concentration of vitamin D will allow food and beverage producers to include “good”, “excellent” and “high potency” source label claims with only a few milligrams of the ingredient.




Fortitech Premixes for beverages combine nutrients, flavors, colors, sweeteners and stabilizers into a single market-ready powder. Benefits for the all-in-one powder include the ability to choose a wide range of delivery options, including stick packs and bulk powder; lower expenses and the avoidance of costly formulation mistakes.




FrieslandCampina Kievit’s Creamer 2.0 is a new range of creamers for coffee, tea and chocolate with excellent sensory profiles in terms of milkiness, creaminess, mouthfeel, texture and color. Kievit creamers and foamers contain non-GMO ingredients and have zero trans-fat. The new range is available via the company’s partner Brenntag North America.




Sethness Products Co. offers the industry’s darkest low sulfite Class III powdered caramel color, according to the company. P600 allows formulators to keep sulfite content to a minimum in a multitude of applications. It is also ideal for use as a cost-efficient cocoa extender in beverage applications such as chocolate milk and chocolate drink powders.




Ingredia introduced Prodiet Fluid a native milk protein isolate (MPI), naturally rich in micellar casein and highly concentrated in proteins. It has been designed to incorporate higher levels of proteins in a shelf-stable drink while inducing 70% to 88% less viscosity compared to a standard MPI. Prodiet Fluid technology allows for improved sensory profile as well as a high protein content of 35 grams in 250 milliliters. It is designed to formulate simple recipes with very few ingredients and no additives.




Tate & Lyle’s zero-calorie Tasteva stevia sweetener offers 50% or greater sugar reduction levels, with no aftertaste to conceal, according to the company. It eliminates the need to use masking ingredients in beverage formulations including flavored milk and yogurt, juice drinks, ready-to-drink tea and carbonated beverages. By eliminating the need for masking, it can lower the costs and complexity of formulation.




TIC Gums has developed new hydrocolloid systems for ready-to-drink (RTD) protein beverages. The Ticaloid Pro series targets product development challenges associated with RTD beverages, including protein stabilization, cocoa suspension and texture modification. It’s designed for lower dairy-based protein systems and creates an indulgent consumer experience by increasing the viscosity and heaviness of the end product. The system is ideal for higher dairy-based protein systems or systems with increased suspension requirements.




Tree Top introduced new fruit and veggie formulated bases available in the following flavors: strawberry veggie, blueberry veggie and mango-orange veggie. The bases contain real fruit, fruit juice concentrates and vegetable concentrates.




Robertet’s Essential Balance natural flavor modulators have been designed to optimize sweetness profiles, mask off-notes and enhance mouthfeel, according to the company.




Gadocal K and Gadomag K from Gadot America are designed for calcium and magnesium fortification of protein-containing beverages such as milk, yogurt and soy milk. Soluble calcium salts can cause protein coagulation and insoluble salts lead to sedimentation. Gadomag K and Gadocal K can solve these problems by forming a matrix with the proteins in the beverage to create a stable suspension that keeps the divalent cations ideally dispersed in the milk. The products are highly bioavailable and can eliminate the need to add stabilizers.