DairyChem’s complete vegan flavor lineup offers dairy processors an extensive list to develop their on-trend vegan flavors. DairyChem focuses on delivering high-performance flavors for a low cost while maintaining the characteristic flavor profiles of the original dairy ingredients. Offered in a wide range of markets, DairyChem’s vegan products work in plant-based “milks,” “cheeses” and many other nondairy product offerings. Provided in water-soluble, oil -soluble and powder formats, DairyChem’s vegan flavors are a must with any product development team working with vegan and nondairy product offerings, the company says.



FlavorSum launched two dairy creamer flavors that enable consumers to replicate a coffee shop experience at home and bring trending tastes into the category. Tiramisu, a dessert-inspired flavor, combines the tastes of cream and coffee with a boozy note of indulgence. Mintel’s Global New Products Database shows North American launches of tiramisu-flavored foods and beverages increased 25% in the last year. Mango-Chocolate de Mesa reflects global influences and delivers a rich and creamy-citrusy taste with a little heat that brightens coffee. Mango gained traction in the dairy space with launches up 15% over the past two years, FlavorSum says.




Gamay Food Ingredients says it has decades of experience leveraging its expertise as a manufacturer of dairy flavors into the development and manufacturing of vegan flavors with authentic dairy profiles. With the ever-expanding trend of plant-based alternatives, Gamay understands finding the right application-specific solution means more than imparting the right dairy note. That’s why Gamay expanded its portfolio of dairy-free flavors and is committed to working directly with customers to identify and develop customized solutions to meet a variety of application, flavor, and regulatory needs.




International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) says its in-house experts developed over 65 flavors of milk, eggnog and coffee creamer. It custom formulates ingredient blends to meet its customers’ needs. Providing quality assurance using its in-house MicroThermics unit, the company mimics dairy processing standards to minimize concerns. Impress your customers this holiday season with an exciting flavored eggnog, manufactured under IFPC’s Dairy House brand. IFPC says it has created many fascinating flavors — from Traditional and Vanilla Spice to Chocolate Truffle, Pumpkin Spice and Apple Pie. Interested in a new eggnog flavor? Partner with IFPC’s research and development to develop unique flavors.




The chemists at Mother Murphy’s Flavors found that fruit flavors work well in lower-pH yogurt environments and that the naturally occurring lactic acid enhances and allows the flavor to pop just as a fresh fruit inclusion would — without the worry of stability or textural changes with actual fruit pieces. The addition of a custard flavor to an ice cream base will create a rich, indulgent ice cream without the calories or allergens associated with including egg yolks in the formulation. Try a complex flavor trend such as a smoked peach creme brulee, where timing of the delivery of individual flavor profiles in a layered concept is key. Contact Mother Murphy’s Flavors to assist with your next dairy project.




Parker Food Group (PFG) is the parent organization for Parker Products and Creative Food Ingredients. Its 2021 feature flavor ice creams include concepts that are a curious blend of deconstruction, nostalgia, grown-up tastes and Americana. Highlighting the group is Buttermilk Biscuits & Gravy, which features a creamy buttermilk ice cream with a sweet, rich maple variegate and flaky, savory biscuit pieces. Other unique ingredients from PFG this year include gooey lemon bar pieces, sugar-rolled piecrust pieces, a brown butter graham variegate and a warming ginger ice cream base — along with classics such as cookies and cream pieces, shortbreads and cookie gems.




According to Rocket Products Inc., lemonade fits beautifully within a dairy product portfolio, and Rocket’s ingredients allow for a simple, “on-trend” retail label. The company says scan data from a leading national chain show that flavored lemonade can make up as much as 60% of lemonade brand sales. To make producing the flavored lemonade easy for its customers, Rocket offers a “flavor kit,” which is custom-made to fit a plant’s production size. This kit’s color and flavor components are added to Rocket concentrate at batching — keeping Rocket’s customers’ inventory low and their production simple and cost-efficient. Flavors include strawberry, raspberry, watermelon and more.




Sensient Flavors and Extracts offers all-natural masking solutions to meet consumer demand for great taste and clean labels. Designed to be cost-effective and enable food technologists more flexibility when developing healthier products, TrueBoost flavoring systems offer a rich, heat-stable dairy base that can help heighten the indulgent qualities of ice cream and frozen yogurt, the company says. For food and beverage manufacturers looking to add protein, Sensient also offers Smoothenol, a flavor technology that helps create a neutral, more acceptable-tasting protein so additional flavor solutions can be successfully added.




Trilogy Essential Ingredients’ bananas foster-type flavor captures the true essence of the indulgent dessert made of cooked bananas, vanilla ice cream and a caramelized liquor-based sauce made from butter, cinnamon, dark rum, brown sugar and banana liqueur. The dessert is rich in both flavor and history. It was created in New Orleans in the 1950s, back when the city was the hub for imported bananas from South America. As ice cream consumers demand more indulgent flavors in better-for-you recipes, Trilogy says it can help dairy processors create the best flavor for the application. It also has a variety of flavors for other dairy applications, including cheese, yogurt, milk and smoothies.




According to Virginia Dare, nostalgia-inspired flavors such as fruity cereal milk, gummy bears and rainbow sherbet can deliver a sense of happiness and childhood bliss to consumers. Whether for a creamer, an ice cream, a beverage or beyond, the company’s Forever Young theme includes flavor collections such as Cereal Milk, Candy Classics, Carnival Ride and Lemonade Luxe that enliven eating experiences and deliver unique and memorable tastes. An extension of the nostalgic trend of the past decade, childhood favorites and child-adulthood hybrids are associated with good, simple times.