ADM/Matsutani LLC says it created Fibersol to solve the need for functional prebiotic dietary fiber with a favorable sensory experience while mitigating gastrointestinal discomfort. Fibersol helps maintain dairy’s signature creamy mouthfeel across products. It is neutral in flavor and color; has a low viscosity; is heat-, acid-, shear-, freeze- and thaw-stable; and is water soluble with excellent clarity. Backed by more than 30 years of clinical research, prebiotic Fibersol can promote the growth of gut-beneficial microbes.




Cargill’s EpiCor makes it easy for dairy processors to differentiate and add value to their products. Backed by more than 75 years of fermentation expertise, EpiCor is made through a natural, proprietary process that creates a unique fingerprint of metabolites. It is supported by more than a dozen published studies that highlight its immune and digestive health benefits, Cargill says. Plus, it offers process-tolerance advantages. Unlike probiotics, EpiCor postbiotic is not a living organism, has good thermal stability, and can handle varying pH levels.




NUTRAVA citrus fiber from CP Kelco is a next-generation fiber ingredient made from sustainably sourced citrus peels, an abundant byproduct of the juice industry. It supports dietary fiber intake with typical content of dietary fiber at a minimum of 80% (an approximately balanced amount of soluble and insoluble fiber). It also supports LBG replacement in applications such as cream cheese, dairy beverages and drinking yogurts, plant-based beverages and dairy alternatives, yogurt fruit preparations, and ice cream, CP Kelco says. NUTRAVA Citrus Fiber provides water holding capacity, syneresis control over shelf life, texture, mouthfeel, and stabilization.




DSM says its DelvoPhage phage test kit is the fastest phage testing kit on the market, detecting phages in dairy within one hour. The easy-to-use qPCR-based test kit delivers on-the-spot results so producers have access to rapid, data-driven insights and prevent phage issues before they occur, helping increase cheese yield and quality, reduce waste and boost value in cheese production by 5% to 10%. The new testing kit is part of DSM’s market-leading, integrated portfolio of phage management solutions and is complemented by DSM’s DelvoAnalytics app, a 24/7 platform for phage insights and data from whey samples of production.

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Citri-Fi citrus fiber from Fiberstar is incorporated at low usage levels (0.1%-0.6%) to create a smooth and creamy texture in plant-based cheeses. Due to the citrus fiber’s high native intact pectin content, this natural food ingredient binds oil and water to prevent separation in both types of nut-based cheeses — fermented or starch and oil. Labeling options include citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp, or citrus flour, the company says. The product is Non-GMO Project Verified, allergen-free, clean label, sustainable, upcycled, and plant-based.




ASTRAEA liquid allulose from Ingredion is an ideal reduced-sugar option for dairy products. It has a sweet taste profile similar to sugar without contributing to total or added grams of sugar values on nutrition and supplement facts labels, Ingredion says. Comparable functional properties to sugar also include bulking, browning, mouthfeel and texture, freeze-point depression, and no crystallization.




A longtime ingredient supplier to the dairy industry, International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) says its LegacySweet systems help dairy processors that are looking to reduce or replace the sugar content in their milks and other dairy beverages. These proprietary systems contain blends of natural sweeteners, including monk fruit, stevia, sucralose, and erythritol. They were developed in-house by IFPC’s R&D team and produced at the company’s best-in-class manufacturing facility, Aviator, in St. Louis.




MeritPro, Merit Functional Foods’ customized solutions of pea and canola protein, are developed by Merit’s R&D team to help formulators meet the nutritional goals, functional requirements, and sensory outcomes of their specific application. Applications include plant-based cheese, yogurt, ice cream, protein bars, ready-to-drink protein powder, and more, the company says.




Naltive LBG from Nexira is an extra-high-grade locust bean gum offering white color without speck. Naltive LBG offers the highest viscosity at a lower temperature. This high-performance specialty ingredient can reach 80% to 90% of its maximum potential viscosity at 50 degrees Celsius, resulting in several benefits, including efficiency in industrial process with temperatures lower than 80 degrees Celsius, texturizing and stabilizing effect at lower temperature, and protection of the protein matrix during the sensitive step of rising temperature, Nexira says. Naltive LBG helps processors achieve a smoother texture and better creaminess and helps control syneresis. It is suitable for traditional and plant-based applications.




Blended protein powders are popular because they offer important vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from multiple sources such as whey, dairy, and plant-based proteins. Osage Food Products says it can help blend any protein sources to an exact formula, using an agglomeration or dry blending process that increases product solubility.




For use both as an inclusion and a topping decoration, popping candy from Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. provides an exciting mouthfeel and taste sensation. Popping candy comes in a variety of forms perfect for any application. Blending hard candy and popping candy is ideal for providing an intense flavor blast and a memorable mouthfeel, the company says. Confectionery- or fat-coated popping candy is ideal for maintaining that popping sensation in any moist environment and comes in many color options or is blended with two colors. The company also offers fizzy clusters that combine selected ingredients and popping candy with confectionery coating.