Natural shelf-life extender

A&B Ingredients’ new CytoGuard CDP Ultra is a natural shelf-life extender produced through the fermentation of sugars. It can be used as a natural alternative to chemical preservatives such as propionates and sorbates. The product has been specifically designed to have a clean and mild flavor impact, which allows for use in a broad range of applications. The ingredient’s primary focus is to prevent mold growth in low-moisture systems; however, it is also effective as part of a natural shelf-life solution for higher-moisture food products. Some examples of usage include cheeses, sauces, puddings, dressings, dips and baked goods.



Multi-functional fat solutions

AAK USA Inc. featured a vanilla soft-serve plant-based frozen dessert concept at IFT18 in July. This nondairy, allergen-free soft-serve dessert had a creamy texture and delicate vanilla flavor and was made with a non-hydro solution. The dessert featured AAK’s Neutresca brand of coconut oil. It was served with a non-dairy fudge sauce that has a texture similar to ganache, the company said. The sauce was made with AAK’s Cebes brand of confectionery fats, which includes palm kernel and/or palm oil, as well as its Cisao brand of margarine, made with palm oil and soybean oil.

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Hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate

AMCO Proteins’ whey protein hydrolysate (Tempro 80) was showcased in a chocolate coating on pretzels at IFT18. The protein is a specially designed hydrolyzed whey protein concentrate exhibiting a high heat stability and resistance to gelling. This product also improves shelf-life extension and can enhance digestion, the company said. This highly digestible and soluble protein offers an excellent amino acid profile, making it suitable for a variety of functional and nutritional applications. It can be used in beverages, bakery products, bars and snacks, as well as in confectionary products.



Pre-meal protein shot for natural blood sugar control

Arla Foods Ingredients featured a prototype of a protein shot at IFT18 showcasing its Lacprodan whey protein. The pre-meal shot is designed for blood sugar control. The company said the shot is high in calcium, fiber and protein, and contains no added sugar. It contains 15 grams of protein per 100-milliliter bottle. The company said a clinical trial showed that consuming 15 grams of Lacprodan whey protein before a meal improves blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics.

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Nonartificial calorie-free sweetener

Royal DSM launched Avansya, a new brand of sustainably produced nonartificial sweeteners that answer the need for advanced, flexible sugar reduction in a wide range of foods and beverages. The first product in this range is Avansya Reb M (Rebaudioside M), a calorie-free steviol glycoside said to have a pure and clean taste that is sustainably produced by fermentation. The sweetener is identical to Reb M found in the stevia plant.

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Consumer-friendly antioxidant

Kemin Industries introduced Fortium RVC, a consumer-friendly antioxidant that can help manufacturers significantly delay the onset of lipid oxidation. The company utilizes a blend of rosemary extract and ascorbic acid in a liquid base such as vegetable oil, which helps lengthen product shelf life of bulk oils, baking products and snack products. Kemin uses a proprietary grinding technology to ensure a more stable physical suspension in fats/oils for better performance in each application.



Protein powder for beverages and smoothies

Blue Diamond said its almond protein powder is the ideal inclusion in protein smoothies and foodservice beverages such as those served in coffee and smoothie businesses. The protein powder can serve as an essential component of a protein ingredient blend. It is an excellent source of fiber, magnesium, phosphorous, manganese and copper, and a good source of potassium and calcium. Because it is non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free, it allows manufacturers more versatility in formulating healthy “free-from” protein-rich foods, the company said. The powder is said to give smoothies and nutritional drinks a smooth texture and a clean, subtle flavor.



Clean-label rice starch

Beneo introduced Remypure S52, a clean-label rice starch, at IFT18. This ingredient, the second clean-label native rice starch in the company’s portfolio, provides food manufacturers with an opportunity to create unique textures and offers excellent product stability even under harsh processing conditions. The company developed an advanced thermal inhibition process technology that strengthens native rice starch granules to enhance their functional properties. The results, the company said, deliver an ingredient comparable to chemically modified food starches — without the use of chemicals.

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Prebiotic fiber solutions

ADM/Matsutani LLC showcased the latest Fibersol prebiotic fiber solutions at IFT18. ADM said Fibersol ingredients make an ideal drop-in solution for many formulation challenges as it helps reduce sugar and calories and can offer additional formulation benefits. The Fibersol line is easy to use with little to no impact on taste or texture, and is well-tolerated, even at high usage levels, ADM said. Each gram of Fibersol-2 is 90% fiber and provides only 0.02 gram of sugar and 1.6 kilocalories.



High-quality coffee extracts

Finlays USA showcased globally sourced coffee extracts at IFT18. The company featured a brown pecan latte that included its Coffee Extract 999, whole milk and pecan flavor. The company said it uses a custom state-of-the-art extraction process to ensure the highest-quality coffee extracts, capturing the natural flavor and aroma characteristics of the origin bean. The coffee extracts are available in preferred liquid, cold-brew, specialty certified liquid, preferred dry and specialty certified dry. They come in light, medium and dark roast levels.



Ingredients systems for texture, stability and nutrition

TIC Gums introduced Simplistica ingredient systems at IFT18. These complete systems are developed to ease the formulation frustrations associated with stabilizing and texturizing applications. Included in these systems is the YG 3206 ingredient system, which leverages faba bean protein and an optimized blend of stabilizers to enhance the texture and mouthfeel of vegan yogurt fortified with protein. Also, the BV 0358 ingredient system combines plant-based sweeteners and a single-ingredient hydrocolloid to replace sugar and maximize taste and texture.



Emulsifier, stabilizer and texturizer

Gelita’s gelatine, a pure protein, is an excellent binding and whipping agent, emulsifier, gelling agent, stabilizer, texturizer, and film and foam former. It contains no gluten, cholesterol, fat or carbohydrates and is allergen-free. In dairy applications, gelatine stabilizes the natural textures while creating creamy to firm consistencies — whether enabling creams and toppings to maintain their shape or sour cream and cheese spreads to retain their spreadability. In yogurts, gelatine prevents syneresis — the unsightly release of water onto a product’s surface. And because of its ability to bind water, gelatine is perfect for reduced-fat dairy formulations.



Natural pink, purple coloring

GNT USA’s Exberry shade “royal pink” is derived from purple sweet potatoes and can be used to achieve pinks, lavenders and violets in a variety of applications. To make its purple sweet potato frappé for IFT2018, the company added royal pink to a mixture of milk, honey, cardamom and other spices. The creamy beverage was topped with a marshmallow cloud and a sprinkle of bright pink sugar, which also incorporated the pink shade. For beverages with a pH greater than 4.5, Exberry shade royal pink will display a more vibrant purple hue.



Natural and clean-label ingredients

Naturex launched a new natural solution for food preservation at IFT18. XtraBlend RN is plant-based solution that delivers oxidation management similar to EDTA (a synthetic agent used in food applications such as mayonnaise). The ingredient was unveiled as part of the company’s Clean & Clear Label theme. Natural colors, fruit powders, vegetable purees and oat flour were also in the spotlight.



Juice concentrates and stabilizer for ice cream

At IFT18, Ingredion showcased a pumpkin jicama curry ice cream concept using two of its juice concentrates and other ingredients. The ice cream featured jicama juice concentrate, which provides a more neutral flavor and color profile while adding sweetness with vegetable ingredient labeling, and pumpkin juice concentrate, which offers a vegetable flavor from a “natural” source. The frozen treat also contained GLOBE 62DE non-GMO glucose syrup and Caragum 300 2473, a stabilizing system that helps reduce ice crystallization and promotes a creamy texture in ice cream and frozen novelty applications.



Unique whey protein application

At IFT18, Milk Specialties Global featured Fizzique, a sparkling protein water made with the PRObev heat-stable whey protein isolate. It contained 20 grams of high-quality whey protein and natural flavors. The prototype had just 80 calories and zero carbs per 12-ounce serving.



High-quality minerals for nutritional products

Omya’s Omyafood 100-OG provides powdered sports nutrition products and vitamin supplements with multiple benefits. The product’s high-quality minerals act as flow aids and anti-caking agents while minimizing dusting. Thanks to the consistent porosity of the particles, the ingredient offers a carrier functionality of up to 55% loading capacity for vitamins, flavors and other actives.



Instant starches for shelf-stability

Tate & Lyle expanded its line of instant starches with the addition of three thickeners and film formers suitable for a variety of applications. The starches include the Tender-Jel 387 starch, which provides high-viscosity products with excellent shelf-stability performance and desired sensory properties. Also new are the Merigel 344 and 346 starches, which deliver a smoother, thicker texture and a higher sheen. The starches are ideal for sauces and dressings with a need for shelf-stability.



Milk protein concentrate

NZMP, Fonterra’s global ingredients brand, launched SureProtein Fast MPC, a new milk protein concentrate. An optimal source of rapidly digestible milk proteins, SureProtein Fast MPC provides muscles with a higher level of amino acids within the first two hours of consumption than does standard milk protein, the company said. The ingredient allows food and beverage manufacturers to formulate high-quality ready-to-drink beverages, and it can also be included in dry powder mixes.



Plant-based organic protein and starch 

PURIS showcased its Pea Protein 870MV and Pea Starch in a new nondairy yogurt concept. The plant-based yogurt is able to maintain the texture and taste that is expected in a cultured yogurt, while also replacing or reducing less-sustainable starches such as corn or off-shore imported tapioca, as well as expensive gums, the company said. The pea protein and starch are USA-grown, clean-tasting, non-GMO, certified organic and label-friendly.



Quaternary diaphragm pumps

Quattroflow showcased its QuattroTec Series pumps at IFT18. The pumps are an ideal solution for the food and beverage industry because they incorporate four-piston diaphragm technology with no mechanical seals and are driven by an eccentric shaft and electric motor. This technology provides safe, reliable and efficient transfer of liquids that require precise flow, gentle handling, high-turndown and accurate dosing in a hermetically sealed environment. The pumps also have the ability to transfer clean-in-place media with the same pump. Additionally, these pumps feature a unique seal-less design, self-priming and dry-run capabilities, a compact footprint, high-suction lift and clean-in-place capabilities. 

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Sugar-free chocolate chip inclusions

At IFT18, Icon Foods showcased its clean-label sugar-free chocolate chip inclusions for frozen dairy applications, yogurts, bars and cookies. The chips feature the Erysweet+ Ultra Blend, a super-fine mesh powder consisting of SteviaSweet 95-60 with Erysweet non-GMO erythritol, a polyol that provides natural low-calorie sweetening and bulk.



Rare sugar monosaccharide for low-calorie foods

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. showcased its rare sugar brand, Astraea Allulose, at IFT18. Astraea carries just 0.2 kilocalories per gram and gives true sugar flavor with no aftertaste. With Astraea, manufacturers can formulate reduced- or low-calorie food and beverage products with the same sucrose-like sweetness of full-sugared variants.



Foam-control agent solutions

Ivanhoe’s foam-control products use a wide range of active materials. From silicones and hydrophobic silica to waxes and surfactants, they are chosen in combination to optimize performance or to comply with regulatory and customer product claim requirements. Ivanhoe’s foam-control products are used in a variety of manufacturing processes, including cheese and whey manufacturing, fermentations and beverage processing.



Floral-inspired flavors, extracts and essences

At IFT18, Synergy Flavors Inc. focused on the theme of “Simply Chicago,” featuring foods and beverages incorporating Synergy’s flavors, extracts and essences, inspired by the gardens of the city. The company’s diverse library of ingredients is tailored to meet a range of sweet, savory and dairy applications. Showcased at the show were applications using the Synergy Pure line of products, including fruit- and floral-flavored protein, sparkling and still waters, and a twist on the traditional coffee bar.



Plant-based sweetener solutions

Layn Corp. rolled out its SteviUp and Lovia sweetening platforms at IFT18. SteviUp is a plant-based sweetening platform that combines next-generation glycosides with a proprietary formula. It enables manufacturers to attain sweetness not possible using any other leaf-sourced stevia product commercially available on the market, the company said. The Lovia platform pairs mogroside compounds with preferred glycosides to provide a high-quality sugar-like sweetness that can be used for deep sugar reduction with zero calories.

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Product lifecycle management software

At IFT18, Selerant showcased Devex 3.6, the latest version of its flagship product lifecycle management (PLM) software platform. With Devex PLM, companies can bring products to market faster at a lower cost and with higher safety, the company said. Devex 3.6 includes enhancements in the labeling area, as well as in document management, to improve collaboration. It also offers detailed updates in the regulatory framework to ensure compliance with the latest legislation amendments.



Versatile hygienic pumps

Wilden highlighted its Saniflo Hygienic Series pumps at IFT18. The pumps offer the versatility, safety and capability needed to efficiently pump an array of viscosities, solids and shear-sensitive products for food and beverage processing operations. With clamped connections for easy assembly and disassembly, these pumps offer clean-in-place and clean-out-of-place capabilities. The unique design of the pumps incorporates a free-draining flow path that optimizes performance while lowering the risk of cross-contamination or compromised finished product, which could lead to costly recalls.