Today’s health-conscious consumers are looking for products that provide specific health benefits, especially around immunity. Cargill Health Technologies says its EpicCor postbiotic is one way brands could deliver on that consumer desire. Made through a natural, proprietary fermentation process, EpiCor is supported by more than a dozen published studies that demonstrate its health benefits. This research suggests the postbiotic ingredient supports the immune system and beneficially modulates the gut microbiota. EpiCor is not a live organism and is heat-tolerant, highly stable and able to handle varying pH levels. These factors make it easy to incorporate EpiCor in a range of food and beverages, including dairy products.





Corbion says fortified dairy or plant-based beverages give consumers the vitamins and minerals they need, and Corbion’s Puracal range of enrichment solutions gives these products the taste, mouthfeel and stability they love. Offering instant solubility with no calcium sedimentation in low-pH drinks and great stability in high-protein, neutral-pH drinks, Puracal delivers added calcium that’s readily bioavailable and neutral in flavor. Corbion’s experts and fortification calculators can help formulators bring new products to market faster, too.





According to CP Kelco, Kelcogel DF gellan gum is a multifunctional, clean-label-friendly ingredient for conquering dairy beverage challenges. It’s a master of long-term suspension, so manufacturers won’t have to worry about separation of protein, minerals, vitamins, cocoa powder or fruit over shelf life. The “DF” stands for dual function: enabling clean-label goals with cost savings. It can help reduce the number of ingredients on labels without compromising on stability, texture and mouthfeel and with minimum viscosity for a smooth pour. Kelcogel DFA gellan gum is also available for dairy-alternative protein beverages. View CP Kelco’s website for innovative ideas and prototypes from around the world.





Farbest Brands says it is proud to enhance its premier line of dairy proteins with FB 805 — an instant whey protein concentrate. FB 805 is designed to follow the latest in industry trends. This includes being instantized with sunflower lecithin and produced using milk from only grass-fed cows for a cleaner label. It also packs a protein punch at over 80% protein on a dry basis. FB 805 is suitable for a wide range of nutrition and food and beverage applications, including ready-to-drink beverages.





Fiberstar Inc. says its Citri-Fi 100 series citrus fiber contains high amounts of intact native pectin that adds viscosity and leads to gelled texture in certain conditions, including reduced-sugar fruit preparations. In addition to the superior texture, this natural upcycled ingredient provides stable water binding, which prevents separation. Citri-Fi is acid- and heat-stable and recommended at low usages (between 0.75% and 1.5%). This natural citrus fiber cleans up labels by replacing added pectin, starches and gums. Citri-Fi is labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour. It is Non-GMO Project Verified and allergen-free.





Gnosis by Lesaffre says its vitaMK7 ingredient is the optimal vitamin K2 from natural biotransformation, with more than 99% all-trans menaquinone-7 (MK-7). MK-7 is the only active form of vitamin K2. The bacteria in our gut cannot produce enough vitamin K2 alone, which is why nutraceuticals and functional dairy beverages rely on this ingredient, Gnosis by Lesaffre says. A great consideration for milk powder formulations, vitaMK7 is known for regulating calcium in the body, keeping it from the cardiovascular system and driving it to the bones. From childhood to old age, vitaMK7 supports stronger bones throughout our entire lives.

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J. Rettenmaier USA says it offers high-value specialty citrus pectin from its JV partner Silva Team. Pectin is perceived as a natural and clean-label ingredient. It provides creamy to gelled textures in milk-based desserts, creating full-bodied mouthfeel. One pectin in particular, Vivapur HS-RAM, is recommended for protein protection and mouthfeel in acidified protein beverages. It works by creating a layer on the surface of protein particles that prevents both the formation of protein aggregates and dehydration of the protein during heat treatment, avoiding the formation of “sandy" texture.  This technology can also be combined with Vitacel fibers for a unique taste experience.





As a novel plant-based protein source, Merit Functional Foods’ lineup of Puratein canola protein presents unique opportunities to achieve functionality and taste in frozen desserts. Puratein HS is a light-colored powder with a mild flavor and high purity levels — at over 90% protein. The ingredient has outstanding foaming and whipping capacity, allowing formulators to achieve desired overrun for optimal texture in plant-based ice creams. Puratein HS’s high solubility delivers a creamy, dairy-like texture with true-to-dairy melt properties. Merit says it is the first to bring food-grade non-GMO canola protein to the market.





According to The Ingredient House, today’s consumers are seeking ways to improve their diets for a healthier lifestyle by reducing sugar, increasing fiber intake and including prebiotics for better digestion. GOFOS is a dietary fiber containing short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (sc-FOS), providing functional and nutritional benefits to produce healthy, great-tasting dairy products. It provides a clean, sweet taste and has a synergistic effect with high-intensity sweeteners. In addition to reducing sugar, sc-FOS, which is naturally found in various vegetables and fruits, promotes the growth and activity of beneficial gut bacteria and helps maintain a healthy gut. For recipes and to find out how sc-FOS can benefit your dairy products, please contact The Ingredient House.