Ingredient solutions using whey proteins

Arla Foods’ whey proteins are derived from milk produced by grass-fed cows. The proteins are rBST-free and free from pesticides and antibiotic residues. The company also uses safe production methods that comply with non-GMO standards and which ensure no traces of heavy metals. The proteins can be used in a low-fat cheese, for example, for the same taste as a full-fat version.



Zero-calorie sweetener with added benefits

Matsutani Chemical Industry’s rare sugar, Astraea Allulose, is a plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener with proven physiological benefits. Astraea is a monosaccharide, and only one of approximately 50 that exist in nature. It has just 0.2 kcal per gram and gives true sugar flavor with no aftertaste. It can be used by dairy manufacturers to formulate reduced-, low- or calorie-free foods and beverages while maintaining the taste of full-sugared variants.



Natural colors for food and beverages

Lycored’s carotenoid-derived colors for fruit preparations do not bleed or fade in yogurt or other dairy products. The company has exhibited the stability of preps colored with its true-to-fruit products compared to the bleed and migration manufacturers can get from carmine. The company’s natural colors have also been shown to perform well in flavored and colored UHT milk drinks, demonstrating stability to UHT and homogenization processes, as well as UV light and heat.



Non-dairy yogurt offers higher protein levels

Ingredion created a vegan yogurt that provides improved nutrition, such as a higher protein level, and a better sensory experience without any negative bean-like flavor from pulse proteins. Its vegan coconut milk pulse yogurt is made by fortifying coconut milk with a clean-taste faba (fava) bean protein and stabilized with corn starch and pectin. The company’s pulse chocolate chunks use clean-taste Vitessence Pulse CT 3602 faba bean protein to enhance protein content without impact on flavor or texture quality.



Concord grape ingredients offer taste, nutrition and value

FruitWorx Concord grape juice powder and Concord grape superfruit juices and purées from Welch’s Global Ingredients Group offer options for adding nutrition and great taste to dairy applications. Native to North America, the Concord grape delivers a distinctive flavor and polyphenols, which are natural, health-promoting plant nutrients. Compared with many other leading superfruit juices, Concord grape juice is an affordable ingredient for many applications.



Clean-tasting stevia products 

Steviana Bioscience offers the entire lineup of Viána stevia extracts; Reb A, Reb C, Reb D and the newest patent for the co-process of Reb AD95. Reb AD yields a desired ratio of Reb A and Reb D and has no bitterness or aftertaste. Viána Reb D is the most sugar-like Stevia extract component of the Stevia leaf with no bitterness. With many sensory evaluations, Viána Reb D and Viána Reb AD have excellent sugar-like sweetness profiles, no bitterness and no calories to help reduce or eliminate sugar in product formulations.

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Taste profiles similar to vanilla extracts

Prova’s vanilla alternatives are a near match to costly vanilla extracts when it comes to flavor profiles, and they can be labeled as vanilla WONFs or natural type flavor. The company creates vanilla alternatives that are on target for the multitude of products where vanilla is a prominent ingredient or used as a standalone flavor.



Sweet potato powder provides added nutritional benefits

BI Neutraceuticals’ sweet potato powder adds essential vitamins and minerals, protein and fiber to any application. The favorable taste profile, versatile application form and clean-label classification make the powder a consumer-friendly ingredient. Since the product is not 100% soluble, it would be best used in a thicker dairy product like yogurt, a thicker smoothie or even a cheese spread. With up to 35% dietary fiber, the new powder can reach quadruple the fiber available in conventional sweet potato powders.



Ingredient solutions for a variety of applications

Corbion offers lactic acid and lactic acid derivatives, emulsifiers, functional enzyme blends, minerals and vitamins. SweetPro is an emulsifier portfolio delivering outstanding aeration, emulsion stability and moisture retention in applications for greater product consistency, better performance and easy handling. The company also has an upgraded Listeria Control Model, a tool designed to help processors predict Listeria growth in processed foods while saving R&D costs and increasing speed to market.



Natural coloring agents

Curcumin extract from Naturex is ideal for adding a yellow color to a wide range of applications, varying the intensity as required. The company is expanding its existing range of solutions to satisfy new demand from customers. Once the turmeric has been harvested, the color is gently processed to get an organic-compliant status. Light-resistant and flavor-neutral, miChroma Turmeric OC LWD contains 10% pigment for an intense yellow color. The extract will soon be available in a 100% organic version.

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Customized functional ingredients

Glatt’s fluidized bed and spouted bed technologies dry, agglomerate, granulate and particle coat various ingredients for sophisticated applications. For the dairy industry, to safely transport probiotics or vitamins to the intestinal tract, they must be equipped with a functional protective coating. By coating using fluidized bed technology, particles are fluidized, sprayed with liquid and dried. In powdered milk applications, in addition to moistening, the dispersibility of instant products is vital.



Milk and whey protein ingredients

Milk Specialties Global offers non-GMO project-verified ingredients to its extensive protein portfolio: Organic MPC 85, MPC 85 and Organic Non-Fat Dried Milk (ONFDM). Its BARsoft 5000 is a nutritional ingredient designed to provide a soft texture, optimal sensory experience and extended shelf life. PRObev is a whey protein isolate that is clear in solutions with good heat stability over a wide range of pH levels.



Clean label starch for a variety of applications

Puris (formerly World Food Processing) completed its expansion of the only U.S. manufacturing plant producing non-GMO and organic plant proteins, starches and fibers. Puris pea starch is suitable for dairy food manufacturers. With its high amylose content, it is a high-gelling, very pure, clean-label starch for various applications ranging from fruit preps for yogurts, to an anti-cake for cheese shreds, or a vegan cheese alternative.



Clean label alternatives to vanilla bean extracts

Solvay offers an extensive portfolio of natural and functional vanillin-based solutions. Its Rhovanil Natural vanillin is a natural, GMO-free alternative to vanillin, derived from rice bran. Its Vanifolia range of products is a natural solution developed from Rhovanil Natural. These ingredients allow manufacturers to label their products as natural at a fraction of the cost of vanilla bean extract, according to the company.



Natural plant exudates

The Syndeo range from Alland & Robert is based on a blend of natural and vegetal hydrocolloids that can be used as a functional additive in food and drinks, including dairy-free beverages. The range is 100% natural and GMO-free, enhances mouthfeel and moisture retention and is a soluble fiber with no additives, preservative or allergens. It also is a stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying agent that brings high viscosity and is efficient at a very low dosage (<1%). It has no sugar content so it can be used in no-added sugar or sugar-free recipes.

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Hydrocolloid solutions for clean label demands

TIC Gums has hydrocolloid solutions including GuarNT USA and Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD. GuarNT USA also has a flavor-free variation for delicate applications which have previously had usage level restrictions for standard guar gum due to “beany” or “grassy” off-notes in both flavor and odor. Ticaloid PRO 192 AGD addresses challenges associated with ready-to-drink dairy beverage development including age gelation, protein stabilization and texture needs while adhering to clean label parameters.



Reduced-sugar chocolate milk solution

Kerry offers its sugar-reduced chocolate milk solution that combines the company’s cocoa powder blend, TasteSense flavor modulator solutions and stabilizer systems. This allows it to reduce the added sugar in chocolate milk up to 30% without impacting the recognizable rich and creamy taste. The sugar-reduced chocolate milk solution is available in tailored bag weights.



Superior solubility, clean taste and texture

PromOat Beta Glucan from Tate & Lyle is a natural fiber from oats and has excellent solubility, making it easy to incorporate into dairy beverage applications without grittiness. It also offers a creamy mouthfeel and smooth texture as well as strong water-binding and emulsifying properties so it thickens and stabilizes creamy emulsions.  Sta-Lite Polydextrose also offers high solubility, enabling fiber boost without a chalky or grainy texture. It is available in liquid and powder forms.

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Authentic dairy profiles

Edlong Dairy Technologies offers dairy-free flavor options, including strong cheese flavors with a creamy texture. Its yogurt flavor adds tart and cultured notes mixed with vanilla custard flavor to produce sweetness. The company’s flavorists have unique expertise in dairy flavor chemistry, and an extensive library of dairy raw materials. Its research in enzymes and cultures enables manufacturers to shorten the R&D required for commercialization of food and beverage launches.



Iced tea and coffee formulations

Matcha green tea, iced teas with reduced or no added sugars and cold brew coffee are all part of Amelia Bay’s tea and coffee formulations portfolio. Matcha green tea pairs well with tropical flavors and its lightly sweetened black tea is a better-for-you option with less added sugar. The company also has premium brewed organic unsweetened tea with no sugars or sweeteners. All provide a cleaner label and more balanced flavor profile.



Flavor solutions reduce sugar, sodium and bitterness

FlavorHealth offers solutions that provide up to 50% reduction in sugar, salt and bitterants. Manufacturers can use FlavorHealth sweet and bitter to improve the taste of high-potency sweeteners, reduce bitterness and off notes associated with high levels of protein and minerals. It also provides natural flavor labeling. The company’s Chromovert technology and high-throughput screening helps identify natural compounds for the natural flavor solutions.



Antioxidant, food safety and shelf stability solutions

Among Kemin’s newest shelf-life extension and food safety solutions are the Fortium, NaturFort and GT-Fort lines of plant extracts and synergistic blends. The solutions provide consumer-friendly protection options in a variety of food matrices with no negative sensory impact. En-hance is a line of synthetic antioxidants that are proven to protect foods containing fats and oils. The company’s antimicrobial technology uses well-known, accepted and effective organic acids to provide consistent protection.



Soluble dietary fiber ingredients

Fibersol from ADM/Matsutani is a line of corn-based soluble fiber ingredients that can help product developers create new food and beverage products while increasing fiber content, reducing sugar and/or calories. Fibersol has little to no impact on taste or texture, making it an ideal drop-in solution for formulators. It can also be used in products to help promote digestive tract health or use a well-tolerated fiber to boost the fiber content of a food or beverage.



Sweetener offers less bitterness and aftertaste

Marion blackberry tea, sweetened by Ingredion’s Bestevia Reb M stevia leaf sweetener, features significantly less bitterness and aftertaste than products using conventional stevia sweeteners. The sweetener is the first 95% pure leaf-based Reb M available and allows manufacturers to achieve higher levels of sugar reduction.