Flavorchem says color is critical to the way consumers experience food and is often associated with taste and quality. As the trend in the market pushes for more natural and clean-label products, the need for natural color solutions is increasing. Flavorchem offers a variety of naturally derived colors that allow dairy processors to color and customize products ranging from ice cream and gelato to yogurt and sour cream. Its vast array of colors and shades — from fruits, vegetables, plants and other natural sources —provides a diverse palette for any application.




GEA says it launched the new GEA OptiSlicer 6000, which includes a range of technological advancements to slice meat and cheese products more efficiently — resulting in higher productivity, less downtime, easier maintenance, the lowest possible total cost of operation and, of course, ultimate precision. The OptiSlicer 6000 has a higher capacity, a better blade design for a smoother cutting action, eye-level electronics and a new clear-view operator panel. The machine is easy to maintain, is ultimately reliable and benefits from GEA’s leading remote maintenance service.

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The Komax desuperheater is used to precisely control the temperature and pressure of steam in a variety of industries, including power generation, food processing, pulp, paper and textiles. In addition to keeping steam at the exact temperature needed for production, the use of desuperheaters can provide serious cost reductions in relation to legacy methods of steam management. The Komax desuperheater uses different technology than conventional desuperheaters do. With no moving parts, the patented equalizer mixing module has six stable-mixing elements built into it and three stages of mixing. Komax says its desuperheater will exceed your expectations by increasing efficiency and effectiveness.




Twelve8 Technology says it released the PaktoEarth Raws-Tech plastic packaging solution for plastic to be plastic no more. Around the world, a high percentage of plastic ends up in landfills or as “fugitive” plastic. PaktoEarth helps by allowing the plastic to break down into air, water and less than 1% biomass within two years — leaving no micro-plastic fragments behind. Plastic made with Raws-Tech contains a technologically advanced pro-degradant additive featuring a patented formula that is time-controlled to customize a product’s service life. The unique formula can be used on flexible plastic (bread bags), rigid plastic (milk containers, detergent bottles), frozen food plastic takeaway packaging and more.



UpClear says it provides revenue management enterprise software that supports sales planning, trade promotion management, analytics and optimization for consumer goods manufacturers and distributors. By deploying software-as-a-service, UpClear ensures that consumer goods companies both large and small can benefit from best-in-class solutions to support their growth, at any stage. Specifically for dairy and nonalcoholic beverages, UpClear’s software supports a DSD model, managing all promotional data to best inform planning and trade marketing efforts for products with a shorter shelf life and a wide range of clients and distribution.