Balchem Human Nutrition & Health says its Glimmer variegates are the shiniest, shimmery way to include fun in your ice cream and frozen treats. Glimmer variegates bring fun and whimsy to ice cream, novelties, and plant-based frozen desserts. They deliver a true sensory experience, and this advancement creates a glimmery dimension your customers will love. Rich flavor combined with unmatched visual appeal result in a product that will leave everyone craving more. Balchem’s Glimmer variegates deliver flavor, color, texture, taste, and glimmer. The company’s team is ready to help make your next ice cream shine.




With the Danfoss ICF Flexline stainless-steel valve station, facilities can design and operate complete dairy systems made entirely of stainless steel that are more energy-efficient and hygienic with perfect temperature control characteristics. The valve station is a compact valve housing with multiple functional inserts — eliminating the need for several individual valves placed in-line. It reduces not just the complexity of the system, but also the number of welding and leak risks. The ICF stainless-steel valve station comes in two sizes: ICF 20 and ICF 25, with multiple connection types and sizes. The Danfoss valve station lets engineers and contractors deliver reliable, efficient, and environmentally friendly cooling systems to the dairy industry, the company says.




GEA says it launched a new packaging line for dairy and food powders or granules. The GEA SmartFil M1 was developed to provide a wide range of filling configurations to meet the diverse necessities of the food, dairy, and pet food industry for low-capacity applications. With more than 100 possible variants, the GEA SmartFil M1 can be configured to suit almost any application, from dry, fine powders through to coarse granular products. The machine offers a nominal filling capacity of 120 bags per hour or 3 tons per hour at a 25-kilogram product size. Depending on the product being packaged, the packaging system features configurable product metering options, including vertical auger and horizontal vibratory feeder. Small-scale dairy plants requiring a hygienic powder-filling solution in a compact form can select the GEA SmartFil M1 with auger feed, deaeration, and continuous heat-sealer with integrated fold-over.

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Lactase enzymes need to be added to milk to produce lactose-free milk. According to JCS Process & Control Systems, with the JCS UltraBlend, manufactures can add enzyme post-pasteurization treatment — allowing the enzyme and milk reaction to take place over a 24-hour period in the package itself. With this approach, you can obtain significant cost savings since dosing takes place post-pasteurization, eliminating the need to hold product in a batch tank for 24 hours or more. Visit to learn more about other benefits of the JCS UltraBlend for enzyme standardization, including extended runs of lactose-free milk on a single set of filters.




PerkinElmer Inc. says it launched the IndiScope raw milk analysis solution. The solution is designed to help milk collection points perform fast and accurate testing to determine fair market value and help ensure a safe raw milk supply chain for consumers. Based on PerkinElmer’s Spectrum Two FT-IR, the IndiScope solution is designed for low maintenance and ease of use. It features precalibration of the instrument with predefined methods and built-in software for easy integration with other systems and PerkinElmer consumables. With the IndiScope solution, milk collection stations can quickly and easily test milk’s composition for fat and protein levels and detect adulterants such as water, maltodextrin, and urea. Results are delivered in under 30 seconds — enabling up to 400 samples to be processed daily.