Designed for variable speed control of all asynchronous and permanent magnet motors on any industrial machine or production line, the new Danfoss VLT AutomationDrive EZ FC321 helps save energy, improve flexibility and optimize processes. The drive features a flexible modular design and requires minimal maintenance. The VLT AutomationDrive EZ FC321 is a proven performer in all industrial environments and grid voltages; enclosures are available up to NEMA 4X, and integrated DC chokes and RFI filters protect installations by minimizing harmonic distortion and electromagnetic interferences. The SmartStart feature enables simple startup for the most common applications, including conveyors, pumps and fans.




Royal DSM launched a new yogurt culture: DelvoFresh YS-042. The culture — an extension of DSM’s DelvoFresh culture portfolio — enables manufacturers to create stirred yogurt that stays extra mild, creamy and thick throughout its shelf life without the need for texturizers or additional proteins. Thanks to its fast and consistent fermentation time, DelvoFresh YS-042 facilitates cost-effective and streamlined yogurt production, enabling producers to create yogurt with indulgent appeal while also optimizing efficiencies. With a low post-acidification, the culture maintains a stable pH until the end of shelf life (30 days), even under challenging conditions, resulting in a consistent taste and texture.




Elettric80 says it launched SmartDect, a wearable system that further increases the safety standard inside factories and distribution centers. The offering is a collision avoidance system that innovatively uses ultra-wide band technology, increasing the ability of automated guided vehicles (AGV) and laser-guided vehicles (LGV) to detect operators and manually guided vehicles moving in the surrounding area. This reduces and often avoids any risk related to potentially dangerous situations caused by incorrect or unforeseen behaviors. Each vehicle is fitted with antennas that communicate in real time with the tags worn by the operators and placed on manually guided vehicles. The system allows each AGV/LGV to detect the tags, tracking their position, speed and direction of movement.




Krohne Inc.’s Optimass 1000 straight tube coriolis mass meter is manufactured at the company’s state-of-the-art flow and level instrument manufacturing and calibration facility located in Beverly, Mass. Optimass 1000 is designed for exceptional measurement capabilities with the flexibility and options of high-end meters at a competitive price. It is designed with a close-coupled twin tube configuration with an optimized flow splitter and is manufactured to be highly durable. This product also offers end users many options not normally found in economic, general-purpose meters, including a number of hygienic process connectors for the pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries.




Multi-Conveyor says it recently built a series of powered mild steel conveyors, including a unique gravity conveyor, to transport tall-shaped plastic products. Products are robotically placed on a 5-feet-high dual-lane conveyor, where they index through a product-forming process and then incline to an ultimate height of nearly 8 feet. The product proceeds at this elevation through two 90-degree turns with over 16 feet of straight conveyance between the curves to an end stop. Enhanced support and quality construction properly secure elevated motor mounts while ensuring employee safety below. Elevated transport conveyors are commonly used to free up critical production floor space below.




Noblelift North America says the Noblelife lithium iron phosphate LFP/LiFePO4 electric 60Q and 70Q Series forklift is designed with IP4 rating waterproof design for indoor-outdoor applications. It compares with traditional IC forklifts while being emissions-free, cost-effective and energy-efficient. The forklift keeps productivity at its highest peak of performance while answering the call for high-density, high-throughput warehouses — equipping them to keep up with growing order volumes while protecting profits. Available in 6,000-7,000-pound load capacities in double- or triple-stage mast of up to 255 inches, the Noblelift Q series lithium-iron forklift delivers reduced energy consumption and faster cycle times while having a safer, more stable thermal chemical compound of iron-phosphate to avoid overheating and/or explosion.