GEA says it extended its range of homogenizers with the GEA Ariete homogenizer 3160 and the GEA TriplexPanda lab homogenizer. The GEA Ariete homogenizer 3160 completes the series for medium- and large-sized process lines and closes a gap in this series: It features up to 1,500 bar, with significantly increased flow-rate capacity between 200 and 1,200 bar. The GEA TriplexPanda lab homogenizer is a three-piston tabletop unit for the treatment of emulsions, dispersions, and nanoparticles for a wide range of applications. Thanks to high-grade, high-performance super duplex stainless steel plus special high-wear-resistant materials, the machine can operate with a very wide range of products.

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According to GEA, the market launch of the GEA T.VIS M-20 control top in September 2021 marks the start of a new era in process automation using GEA valve technology. The new T.VIS M-20 controls and monitors process and clean-in-place operations. It will be deployable as standard in more than 80% of all hygienic applications in the food, dairy, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. To accommodate the rapid rise in plant automation, the T.VIS M-20’s top’s features now include control and connectivity options previously reserved for premium-class control tops. For example, automatic setup greatly simplifies installation and reuse of valves in the process.

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According to Glanbia Nutritionals, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) have gained a share in the ketogenic diet space, from 11% of sports nutrition and supplement launches in 2015 to 16% in 2019. The company’s new KetoSure MCT provides customers a unique ketogenic ingredient that combines premium whey protein isolate with high-quality coconut-based MCT oil in a powder format. It contains only bioavailable and efficacious C8 fatty acids from a coconut source. The ingredient consists of only MCT and whey protein, making it free of any additives or carriers. KetoSure MCT allows for easy inclusion into powdered drink mixes, hot beverage powdered mixes, and snack and bar formulations.  

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In dairy facilities, an efficient and effective sanitation procedure is critical to maintaining cleanliness and uptime between shifts and production runs. ThermOmegaTech’s STVM washdown station delivers a high-temperature wash using a proprietary steam and water-mixing valve. Designed to be self-scouring, the mixing valve minimizes mineral buildup and reduces overall maintenance frequency. To reduce time spent performing routine maintenance, the station is in-line serviceable — operators simply switch out the STVM cartridge with a spare, and the unit is back up and running in minutes. This, combined with built-in safety features, reduces downtime and keeps production lines moving, ThermOmegaTech says.

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Following the success of the large Affinity cheese dicer, Urschel Laboratories Inc. says the new USDA Dairy Division-accepted Integra-D offers processors many of the advantages in a scaled-down footprint. The Integra-D provides the latest in precision cutting and a turnkey upgrade for processors with Urschel RA series machines. It offers processors a beneficial upgrade with the ultimate in sanitation, a larger infeed, a larger impeller case, a newer design, and potentially 20% to even 50% higher capacities. The dicer accepts infeed product up to 4.75 inches. With characteristics similar to the large Affinity, it effectively processes all types of cold-temperature cheeses, including high-fat or imitation varieties. The Integra-D produces precision small to mid-range size dices.

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