Boulder, Colo.-based Yasso Inc. launched its first incubator brand, Jüve Pops, a functional vitamin- and electrolyte-packed water-based pop. After over a decade of innovating within frozen Greek yogurt, Yasso said it is continuing to identify opportunities within the category where it can deliver great taste and quality nutrition. The new brand provides thirst-quenching pops made with real fruit and less sugar, blended and frozen into perfection with a burst of hydrating, energizing vitamins and electrolytes.

Created by Drew Harrington and Amanda Klane, co-founders of Yasso, Jüve Pops is the first brand to be fully conceptualized by the Yasso Incubator. The incubator was developed by Harrington and Klane —alongside Yasso CEO Craig Shiesley — to explore other subcategories in the frozen dessert category and beyond, staying true to the brand's passion for creating unique products that deliver an upgraded experience with great taste, quality ingredients and superb nutritionals, Yasso said.

"The Yasso mission is to provide consumers with better options and bring joy to snacking. We believe there is a real opportunity to set the gold standard in snacking for taste and nutrition across the entire frozen aisle," said Shiesley. "The Yasso Incubator gives us the opportunity to challenge our team on how we can maximize the entire pool of company capabilities from our founders to our best-in-class growth team."

According to Yasso, Harrington and Klane noticed that iconic freezer pops were long overdue for an upgrade, having essentially remained unchanged since the 1960s. Wanting to provide a replenishing, healthier option at a time when recovery and hydration beverages are on the rise, they developed Yasso's functional frozen offspring. From product formulations to brand building, the creation of Jüve Pops was 100% remote during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jüve Pops offers eight SKUs, including Tangerine, Triple Berry, Strawberry, Lemon Lime and Coconut frozen bars, and Orange, Grape and Triple Berry in freezable formats. They will be available for $4.99 per frozen box or $6.99 per ambient box via and in national grocery stores, including Gelsons, Harris Teeter and Wegmans.