Pittsburg, Calif.-based Ramar Foods says it expanded its premium ice cream brand, Magnolia, by launching eight flavors of boba ice cream. The Magnolia boba ice cream line is available in various grocery stores.

According to Ramar Foods, the new line combines the best of two treats — premium Magnolia ice cream and boba. The entire line is available in pint sizes, and the flavors include Ube, Mango, Coffee, Green Tea, Wintermelon, Honeydew, Brown Sugar and Jasmine Milk Tea.

"The team is excited to be part of the boba trend; we are bringing the flavors our consumers love with a new twist while introducing new milk tea flavors to the Magnolia line," says Vaneza Agustin, the marketing coordinator at Ramar Foods.

According to the Ramar Foods, the texture of the boba in its ice cream offerings is as soft as you would expect in a boba drink. Typically, boba pearls are made with tapioca starch that hardens when frozen; however, Ramar Foods’ team made sure consumers will experience perfectly chewy boba with every scoop of ice cream.