High-swelling fibers provide functional properties

Herbacel AQ Plus fibers from Dempsey Corp. are created when the non-fiber substances are removed while keeping the natural cell complex intact. These high-swelling fibers provide longer-lasting satiety and functional properties in many different foods. Herbacel AQ Plus citrus is a powder with a very high fiber content and excellent cold-swelling properties. It features a texturizing and structuring capacity, a high water binding capacity and a clean label, and can be used in acidified milk beverages to increase viscosity and achieve calorie reduction. In fresh cheese and milk desserts, consistency is improved and fat reduction can be achieved. In ice cream, it improves melting behavior, reduces fat and improves creaminess.

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Stabilizer provides firmness, creaminess and viscosity

Palsgaard AcidMilk 316 is a stabilizer mixture developed especially for use in yogurt, providing a very smooth and creamy consistency, as well as a firm texture, according to the company. Based exclusively on clean-label and non-GMO food ingredients, the stabilizer mixture is the ideal choice for producing clean-label yogurt. It should be incorporated into milk while stirring and prior to pasteurization, homogenization and fermentation. Its shelf life is a minimum 24 months from date of production when stored cool and dry in unopened packaging.

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Natural non-GMO citrus fiber is multifunctional

Citri-Fi 100FG, a natural non-GMO citrus fiber from Fiberstar, is a unique and powerful emulsifier that is label-friendly for consumers. It strongly binds both fat and water, leading to highly stable emulsions. The strong water control functionality also helps prevent syneresis and freeze-thaw defects without contributing to a gummy or overstabilized mouthfeel. This natural multifunctional fiber not only enables the removal of chemical emulsifiers, but also offers the ability to shorten the ingredient declaration by providing some hydrocolloid functionality. Citri-Fi is ideal for dairy foods such as sour cream spreads, yogurts, ice cream and cottage cheese dips.

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Stabilizer system provides creamy mouthfeel to ice cream

GRINSTED GSD 2226 SS CF from DuPont Nutrition & Health is a specially designed stabilizer system that provides creamy body and mouthfeel to ice cream. It contains gellan gum, which is not only label-friendly, but also prevents mix separation during the entire shelf life. This unique system is suitable for both HTST and UHT processing. From clean-label to cost savings, this tailored ingredient solution can be customized to any company’s specific reformulation needs.

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Starch helps improve gelling, melting and stretching properties

A texturizer from Ingredion, Precisa 604 modified potato starch, helps manufacturers create affordable processed and imitation cheeses with improved shred, melt and stretch. It provides manufacturers with performance and margin improvements in block, sliced and pizza cheeses, as well as vegan alternatives. It also allows manufacturers to infuse dairy products with rich functional attributes while reducing and controlling fluctuating ingredient costs.

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Pure protein stabilizes natural textures

Pure protein gelatine from Gelita is a binding and whipping agent, emulsifier, gelling agent, stabilizer, texturizer, and film and foam former. The product contains no gluten, cholesterol, fat or carbohydrates, and is allergen-free. In dairy applications, gelatine stabilizes the natural textures while creating creamy to firm consistencies — whether enabling creams and toppings to maintain their shape or sour cream and cheese spreads to retain their spreadability. In yogurts, gelatine prevents syneresis and, because of its ability to bind water, it is ideal for giving reduced-fat dairy formulations a smooth, creamy texture and mouthfeel, without compromising taste.

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Natural hydrocolloid can be used as a stabilizer, thickener

The Ingredient House offers a natural hydrocolloid, Tara Gum. It is produced from the Tara plant, which is native to Peru and is mechanically produced without the use of any chemicals. It can be used in a wide range of applications, including dairy products, ice cream, sauces and jams, for improved viscosity and reduced syneresis. The soluble fiber is non-GMO, gluten-free and low-calorie, making it a healthy hydrocolloid choice. It is structurally similar to locust bean gum for a cost-effective replacement solution. It also has excellent freeze-thaw stability and a buttery mouthfeel.

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Flavor-free guar gum addresses flavor-masking concerns

Food developers often use guar gum to prevent ice crystal formation in frozen treats. According to TIC Gums, standard guar gum has a grassy, earthy smell and a beany, green flavor that can interfere with the sensory characteristics of foods with more delicate flavors. TIC Gums’ GuarNT USA Flavor Free 5000 enables formulators to use guar gum in more of their applications without concerns about flavor masking. Since this product is manufactured in the USA, typical FSMA regulations concerning guar are addressed.

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Inulin offers a natural texturizing option

Beneo’s Orafti inulin is extracted from the chicory root, a rich source of inulin. An ideal fat replacer, it is easily incorporated into water-based foods such as dairy products and dairy alternatives. Chicory inulin creates a creamy texture with a similar mouthfeel as fat, enabling developers to replace part of the fat in their products without changing the consumer experience. It’s also suitable for low-fat products, as it is said to improve body and mouthfeel without negatively affecting the taste, and also improves the stability of dairy mousses and foams. With only 2 kilocalories per gram, it can reduce the caloric value of products. It also contributes to digestive health since it is a prebiotic fiber.

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