Clean-label functional stabilizer

Masemul EPB-7014A is an emulsifier blend of non-GMO, no-partially-hydrogenated-oil palm-based mono- and diglycerides used in commercial ice cream stabilizers. It is produced by Musim Mas and distributed exclusively by Brenntag North America. The palm oil used to produce it is Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certified. Along with natural plant-derived ingredients such as guar gum, xanthan gum and carrageenan, stabilizers made with EPB-7014A enhance the ice cream texture and create a smoother mouthfeel. The ingredient also helps emulsify fat and water and improves the ice cream’s stability.




Nature-based clean-label texturizing agent

CP Kelco’s Genu Pectin YM-115-L is now a non-GMO Project Verified product. This highly functional ingredient is a nature-based clean-label texturizing agent for acidified dairy drinks, and is often able to support organic label claims. Derived from citrus fruit, it delivers a creamy, full-bodied mouthfeel along with superior protein stabilization and effective flavor release. The product provides extensive flexibility for achieving formulation goals of acidified dairy drinks.




All-natural and sustainable food ingredient

Nexira’s Instantgum AA, 100% acacia gum, is an all-natural and sustainable food ingredient that is widely used as an emulsifier and stabilizer of oil-in-water emulsions. The company has worked on a clean ice cream formulation, substituting 0.2% mono- and diglycerides with 0.4% Instantgum AA. The substitution has shown good results, with no impacts on processing conditions, ice cream melting kinetics, product characteristics or aging sensory.

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Binding, gelling and whipping agent

Gelita gelatine is an emulsifier and stabilizer, as well as an ideal film and foam former. Particularly well-suited for use in dairy products, it creates perfect textures, provides a one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and enhances flavor release. As a pure protein, it boosts a food’s nutritional profile, contributes to clean labeling and features no allergenic potential. For more formulation versatility, the company also offers Geliko kosher gelatine — certified by the Orthodox Union — with the same high-quality performance and functionality of non-kosher gelatine.




Sustainable emulsifiers to control heat shock in ice cream

To prevent the quality-damaging reaction to fluctuations in temperature during the journey from production to the point of consumption in ice cream products, Palsgaard offers its Extrulce line of products. The line increases ice cream quality by improving heat-shock stability and complies with sustainability and carbon dioxide neutrality. Similar to all fully sustainable emulsifiers, its palm oil ingredients comply with the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil requirements, and the emulsifier itself is produced in a carbon dioxide-neutral factory.




Products that ensure appealing frozen dessert texture

PreGel’s Piucremoso cream base texturizer contains no hydrogenated vegetable fat. This hot and cold process fat improver is a powdered product that can be used to improve the structure of gelato and ice cream by making it creamier and warmer on the palate. The company’s Proteingel is a protein-based texture improver that can be used in cold or hot processes. It improves the texture of gelato, frozen yogurt, ice cream, sorbetto and soft-serve frozen desserts by giving them a compact structure, higher overrun and a longer shelf life. Both are certified gluten free and halal.



Emulsifier for plant-based milks, high-protein beverages

The Simplistica BV 1325 ingredient system from TIC Gums helps emulsify the added plant-based oil that is used to match the nutritional and textural benefits of dairy ingredients in dairy-free ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages. It provides essential emulsification, as well as stabilization to mitigate insoluble particulate sedimentation and separation in on-trend beverages such as a vanilla cake-flavored RTD beverages with a pea protein base. 




Ingredient solution with high stabilization, suspension properties

To help brands innovate in both dairy-based and dairy-alternative beverages, DuPont Nutrition & Health offers Avicel BV 1518, an ingredient solution with very high stabilization and suspension properties and other key benefits. It delivers excellent protein stabilization and suspension of insoluble ingredients across challenging temperature and storage conditions, while maintaining low viscosity, and at usage levels that can be 40% to 50% less than that of other stabilizer solutions. The product is based on purified cellulose, the main insoluble fiber component found in fruits and vegetables and the most abundant organic polymer on Earth.




Texturizer for improved shred, melt and stretch

The Precisa 604 texturizer from Ingredion provides manufacturers with both performance and margin improvements in formulations of block, sliced and pizza cheeses, as well as vegan alternatives. The ingredient allows manufacturers to infuse dairy products with rich functional attributes while reducing and controlling fluctuating ingredient costs. In proprietary testing, formulations with the modified potato starch outperformed other commercial starches in both high- and low-protein cheese products. It delivers a desirable eating experience across a wide range of processed and imitation cheese products.




Natural citrus fiber for ultra-clean label cottage cheese dressings

Citri-Fi 100FG from Fiberstar is a single ingredient that can take on multiple functional roles in cottage cheese dressings. While providing mouthfeel, cling and clean flavor release, it can both thicken and emulsify butterfat. When used in the dressing at about 0.4% in combination with standard dairy homogenization, the result is a creamy, stable dressing that resists wheying off and is less prone to foaming. Citri-Fi can be labeled as citrus fiber, dried citrus pulp or citrus flour.




Stabilizer for dairy beverages and desserts

Gellan gum from Ingredients Solutions is classified as a fermentation gum derived from the bacterium Sphingomonas elodea. Gellan has found a niche in the stabilization of dairy and nondairy beverages and desserts. Whether used in milk-based or one of the alternative milks such as soy, almond, coconut, etc., it provides both stability and suspension of solids in either high-temperature/short-time or ultra-high-temperature processing, and flavor release is exceptional. The HA type is favored for dairy; however, blends of HA and LA gellan gums may also be tailored to specific applications.




Label-friendly products with greater process tolerance

Cargill’s line of label-friendly SimPure starches was developed to leverage unique functional benefits from a variety of botanical sources. This growing portfolio of native starches helps address consumers’ desire for label-friendly products while still providing greater process tolerance, shelf life and storage stability. In dairy applications, SimPure 99530 is well-suited for dehydrated dairy pudding mixes and yogurt applications, providing a creamy and indulgent mouthfeel. It is labeled as simply potato starch, yet still delivers exceptional dispersibility, strong water binding and high viscosity in mildly processed applications.