On behalf of the Perry’s Ice Cream team, thank you to Dairy Foods for honoring us with 2019’s “Plant of the Year” award.  This honor is only possible due to the amazing people that work in our plant, along with the loyalty of our customers. It’s the people of Perry’s who have won this award for the operation of our plant that produces world-class and delicious-tasting ice cream!

In 2018, we celebrated 100 years as a family-owned and -operated business and continue to operate under the philosophy of our founder’s credo: “Make sure you put in enough of the Good Stuff.” Our team members are the “secret sauce” of the Perry’s plant, bringing their dedication and passion each and every day. The team churns out 500 different ice cream products totaling over 12 million gallons per year sold across the United States and to over 35 countries around the world. The dedication of the workforce, terrific customers and our proximity to fresh, high quality local dairy are keys to our success.

Over the past decade, Perry’s has made large-scale investments into building new packaging and distribution centers, adding an updated production line and additional technology-based equipment, including analytical tools and voice picking technology.  

We continue to widen the scope of our product offerings, including on-trend innovative flavors and the introduction of plant-based frozen desserts. Currently in the works is a new custom-designed pint-filling machine and line. The results of our business development activities have been successful, and we are experiencing rapid growth as consumers are seeking out a variety of indulgent and complex flavors in new product formulizations all within the pint-size package segment.

Manufacturing is deeply rooted in Perry’s heritage and will continue to be a driving force for our ongoing success. We are honored to be your 2019 Plant of the Year!  

Commentary from Robert Denning, CEO of Perry’s Ice Cream Co.

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