After over a month of competitive voting on the Dairy Foods’ website, the results are in. Perry’s Ice Cream Co. beat out 12 other dairy plants to win Dairy Foods’ 2019 Plant of the Year. Perry’s produces ice cream, sherbet, sorbet, frozen yogurt and frozen novelties in its Akron, N.Y.-based plant.

Perry’s, which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2018, remains faithful to the original recipes that brought its initial success. For example, despite its large-scale production, Perry’s plant continues to use traditional methods when making its ice cream. It produces ice cream one batch at a time, a slow process it said helps produce a fuller flavor. 

However, the plant also is very up-to-date with modern needs. Perry’s invests a lot of capital in improving its food and employee safety through innovative technologies like a process logic control system, an operation equipment effectiveness, upgraded metal detectors and checkweighers and more.

The plant will be honored in the August issue of Dairy Foods. To learn more about the company’s plant operations, visit