Portfolio of adjuncts for aged cheddar cheese

DSM’s DelvoADD is a portfolio of adjunct cultures for creating unique aged cheddar cheese taste profiles. The cultures complement DSM’s portfolio for cheddar cheese, which includes cultures, coagulants, bulk starters, lipases and cheese-coating solutions. The portfolio includes seven adjunct cultures that, for example, create flavor complexity and memory of typical mature cheddars (DelvoADD 200-C) or create complex savory flavor with the typical umami notes (DelvoADD Savory). The range also includes solutions for reducing ripening time by up to 30% for a more efficient production (DelvoADD EZ-Age) and for creating full-fat flavor in low-fat cheese (DelvoADD Reduce Fat).

+31 (0) 15 279 3474; www.dsm.com/food


Valve-positioning unit

Ensuring operator safety and cost-effectiveness are the drivers behind the development of Pentair Südmo’s new SensoTop, a reliable valve-positioning unit. Südmo’s SensoTop uses inductive solenoid coils that allow feedback fields of the individual valve positions to be defined and programmed by a simple keystroke, saving time during construction and commissioning. The enclosed design of the SensoTop eliminates all crushing hazards and ensures optimized external cleaning, even when mounted below process tanks. An all-round 360-degree LED display provides constant visibility to the valve position from every angle. The SensoTop is ideal for use in a wide range of valve applications in food, beverage and dairy plants. It can be quickly installed on process valves in new installations and is easy to retrofit into existing systems.

763-545-1730; www.foodandbeverage.pentair.com


Sanitary inline high-shear mixer

Ampco Applied Products introduced the Shear-max sanitary inline high-shear mixer. The Shear-max line is available in three model sizes, ranging from 1-400 gallons per minute (1-40 horsepower), with multiple rotor/stator configurations for each size. The design features a curved wedge rotor and one-piece stator, allowing for tight clearances, process efficiency and cleaning simplicity.

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LED tank light for process vessel observation

Archon Industries Inc. manufactures and offers an LED tank light for process vessel observation that is UL rated in the United States and Canada. The Archon model LUM 17 LED is washdown safe, IP65 rated per IEC 60529, features an integrated tri-clamp adapter interface (2 inches through 4 inches available), and simple push-button operation. Using high-power CREE COB LED, the LUM17 provides bright illumination of vessel contents. The unit uses high-grade optics and operates continuously, offering high reliability and safety, even in harsh environments. The system is all stainless steel.

800-554-1394; www.ARCHONind.com


All-in-one packaging solution

The BluePrint Automation (BPA) Spider 200i is an all-in-one packaging solution that case erects and packs up to 10 cases per minute. The Spider solution uses a multi-axis robot to pick snack bags on the fly and vertically case pack them into a cassette, forming a vertical pack pattern. With a four-point changeover in less than five minutes, this innovative solution has an optional top and bottom sealer (glue or tape) available.

804-520-5400; www.blueprintautomation.com


DisC pumps for ingredient recovery help

PSG’s Mouvex brand pumps provide highly reliable and consistent product transfer in a positive displacement hygienic pump technology that can also recover up to 80% of valuable ingredients left in the process lines. Mouvex eccentric disc pumps are ideal for optimizing product recovery applications because of their ability to pump air, which creates a vacuum effect on the pump’s suction side and a compressor effect on the discharge side. This produces a plug effect that pushes a complete product “plug” out of the piping.

+33 (0) 3 86 49 86 30; www.mouvex.com


Starter cultures with fast acidification time

Choosit Swift 600 starter cultures from the DuPont Danisco range provide a solution for high-volume industrial pasta filata and pizza cheesemakers. These cultures are formulated for quick and dependable acidification time and produce a more consistent texture, the company said. They allow processors to reliably use any of the cultures’ six rotations interchangeably, which provides consistency in the production process so cheesemakers can set the cultures and move on to other steps. The culture rotation eliminates common production delays, allowing plants to work at greater speeds without jeopardizing texture or overall quality.

800-255-6837; www.danisco.com


Collagen peptide products

At the 2018 VitaFoods Europe event, PB Gelatins/PB Leiner showcased various innovative product concepts, including a collagen whey protein shake. All of these product concepts contain the company’s latest premium Solugel collagen creations. The collagen peptide products are very neutral in regard to both odor and flavor. They can be easily dissolved into liquid, thanks to the agglomerated powder nature. The excellent organoleptic performance, along with the nutritional value, makes Solugel ideal ingredients for the formulation of healthy products.

563-386-8040; www.gelatin.com