Stretching machine for cheeses 

GEA CMT Discovery Plus from GEA North America is a stretching machine for pasta filata cheese. Current models satisfy various production needs starting from 400 kilograms per hour up to 6,000 kilograms per hour. The machine is able to process either very soft paste for mozzarella or drier paste for pizza cheese from milk curds, commercial curds or mixtures of both. It can perform either traditional processing with water or steam processing.



Direct measurement of any sample type

The SMART 6 Moisture/Solids Analyzer from CEM Corp. for cheesemaking and other dairy products features the ability to directly measure the moisture/solids content of any sample type. From incoming milk to in-process cheese to finished dairy powder, it offers a rapid solution for all dairy applications. Its iPower Technology, coupled with AOAC approved methods provide the accuracy needed in the time required for quick process modifications.



High-speed production of shredded cheese

Holac Dicers from Reiser are for high-speed production of shredded cheese for pizza production lines, as well as cheese cubes and flakes for other uses. The dicers provide unmatched versatility and produce a variety of uniform product shapes and sizes. Featuring a simple-to-change cutting grid, a single Holac can shred, cube or flake all types of cheese products, offers consistent-size pieces ranging from 1/8-inch to 2 1/4-inch and production rates of 500 to 10,000 pounds per hour.



High throughput full-block shredders

FS40 full-block cheese shredders from Deville Technologies were designed for high throughput and can be integrated into existing processing lines. Other features include a large product chamber, no bolt or screw design, hinged covers with sanitary pin designed hinges for easy removal and cleaning, and optional HMI touchscreen in a compact footprint. Its cutting principle allows processors to cut cheese into many different standard profiles and process a range of soft, high-moisture cheeses to hard cheeses while maintaining a high cut quality.



Slicing system offers an integrated solution

Weber’s 906 Slicing System boosts throughput, reduces labor costs and eliminates product waste, according to the company. It features patented Vario Grippers that automatically adjust to wide-ranging cheese contours and firmness, as well as proprietary blade designs, coatings and micro-perf edges. The system also automatically loads four logs up to 10 feet in length and enables perfect slices and consistently on-weight portions at blade speeds up to 1,500-rpm.



Large-scale cheese cutting

The Affinity Dicer from Urschel accepts infeed sizes up to 10 inches in largest single product dimension. This heavy-duty dicer specializes in the cutting of cheese and difficult-to-cut applications such as items with cold temperature or high-fat content properties to deliver dices as small as 1/8-inch. The rotating feed drum and feed roll help maintain consistent, positive feeding into the dicing elements.



Multi-functional processing equipment

KS Process Automats from Karl Schnell handle the most difficult cutting, mixing and emulsifying processes for a wide range of cheese products. The modular system with high-performance components guarantees flexibility and quality. Standard batch sizes from 30 to 1,400 liters are available, and the layout, design and construction of the machines are application-oriented and individual. They feature state-of-the-art calculation methods and a solid construction.



Mix-proof valve for cheese curds

Pentair Südmo’s 365it Complete PMO Mix Proof Valve including the Cheese Curd and Tank Outlet versions provide more safety, greater efficiency and smarter operation in a space-saving design. The valve meets and exceeds all 3-A sanitary standards for mix-proof valve requirements and can be used in PMO dairy applications. The patented deflector provides a true mechanical barrier for secure separation of product/CIP and the IntelliTop 2.0 control unit provides helpful feedback and fast and easy setup.



In-line NIR analyzer optimizes cheesemaking process 

The TS1-30 In-line NIR Analyzer from ProSpect Analytical was designed to predict the protein level in cheese and milk and control the process that regulates the quantity of fat to ensure exact ratios. Dairy processors are able to optimize their yield and maximize vat capacity to increase production. Internal control components are included with the base machine and it complies with the sanitary standards and environmental requirements of the process area.



Block former offers maximum production capability

Relco’s Stoelting Block Former ensures exceptional block quality. The heavy-duty unit is available with three styles of towers including standard, extended and high-capacity. It is suitable for cheese with condiments and features flexibility for 20- to 60-pound blocks. The block weight accuracy is +/- 50 grams with one standard deviation and the ejection system eliminates block damage and curd loss. All installations are customized for customer’s requirements. The patented rack-and-pinion platform actuator ensures reliability and precise weight control.



Cheese vat offers enhanced features for enriched cheese milk components

Custom Fabricating & Repair introduces its next generation HSCV Cheese vat with enhanced features that offers additional benefits for cheese manufacturers. With the purchase of the intellectual property of the APV CheddarMaster Belt System, the company is sizing, fabricating, installing, commissioning and servicing the product line worldwide. Other equipment includes the APV CheddarMaster for cheddaring, mellowing and salting; open finishing tables; grinders, blenders, cookers and fillers for process cheese; and evaporators, crystallizers, spray dryers and membrane systems for milk, whey and other products.



Cut blocks of cheese in three directions

The 5W cheese cutter from FoodTools cuts blocks of cheese or butter in three directions. It features smooth pneumatic horizontal and vertical cutting action, accurate quick-change wire harps and bases and is safe and sanitary. The machine has load rollers with an auto offload chute or platform at the discharge, and the controls are all located in a sealed compartment. A wire harp and base storage area is included and the machine is mounted on lockable casters for mobility.



Block shred and slice line loading system

Hart Design’s 640 reduction line reduces labor by automating reduction and handling processes, allowing for a clean and safe environment. The modular design allows for multiple 640 reducers and/or 40-pound block conveyors to merge into one central hub. The robotic cell loads cheese onto a conveyor to feed a shred line in any desired combination. The system eliminates the need for other machines that harbor bacteria and are difficult to sanitize, and it can be sanitized at the floor level.



Reduce give-away during string cheese production

The Exact Weight String Cheese (EWS) machine from Johnson Industries enables cheese to fill precision-milled molds. As the molds fill, stop pins extend from the cassette to a user-specified length. A high-definition vision system, with .08 millimeter resolution, confirms all molds are full and signals the cutoff. The molding cassette then shifts, simultaneously shearing the cheese and reloading newly vacated molding chambers. The machine’s forming tube cavity-filling method produces end-to-end fiber alignment with variations less than 0.5 grams from target weights.



Custom automated equipment for food processing

Loos Machine & Automation manufactures custom automated equipment and turnkey solutions for the food processing industries. The company’s shredding and dicing systems are capable of up to 35,000 pounds per hour. Options include conveyors, tumble drums, cubers/cutters, blend systems, batching systems and more.



Tool replaces large test batch ribbon mixers and pilot plants

The ribbonLAB from Perten Instruments is a tool for cheesemakers, researchers and dairy ingredients manufacturers. It allows users to create small (1 pound) test batches of materials such as cheese. Users can quickly and inexpensively test many cheese blends. New or less expensive ingredients can be incorporated into formulas to monitor their effects on final product. It also measures torque on the blades over time.



Test for milk with optimal solids content for cheesemaking

Page & Pedersen’s QuickCheck Tech Cryoscope tests for extraneous water in milk.  Cheese, as a concentrated product, must be made from milk with an optimal solids content. Added water can cause safety, quality and profitability problems, said the company. Testing all incoming milk with the QC-Tech ensures consistent quality at this critical control point, providing an appropriate foundation for excellent outcomes in the cheesemaking process. Sample results are displayed on the readout and can be automatically transferred to a USB memory stick and a computer or printer for easy accessibility, reporting and recording purposes.