A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. launched a compact palletizer, Model 72AN, which offers a simple and economical solution to increase production and eliminate the cost and liability of manual operation. It occupies from 10% to 30% less floor space than conventional low-level palletizers, depending on the accessories required, and offers complete flexibility for product feed and pallet configuration. A-B-C said Model 72AN’s intelligent control package offers simple touch-screen control of operation, changeover, production data and diagnostics.





Xylem Inc. updated its Jabsco brand Hy-line series of hygienic rotary lobe pumps with an enhanced redesign based on 11 years of research and development. The newly improved Hy-Iine Plus pump is the first update to the series since 2007; it features enhanced stability when in operation, a tri-lobe rotor design and the brand’s front-loaded mechanical seal system. Jabsco boasts a 40-year legacy in developing rotary lobe pumps, which are widely used by producers and brands in the food and beverage, dairy, personal care and health care industries, Xylem noted.





Donaldson Company Inc. introduced a new stainless steel alternative to address contamination risks posed by carbon tube steam filters. The GSL-N stainless steel filter complies with the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance while eliminating potential carbon shedding in high-temperature, high-pressure applications. Donaldson said it developed the alternative filter at the request of dairy processors that discovered potentially dangerous carbon particles in their processes following a high-force event such as water hammer.





With consumer demand for fair trade, sustainable and organic products growing fast, Frutarom Natural Solutions Ltd., a division of International Flavors & Fragrances Inc., said it received organic certification for its natural annatto color. The ingredient was granted organic certifications from both the USDA and the European Organic Certifiers Council. Annatto seeds and extracts have been used for more than a century in Europe and North America to provide a yellow to reddish color to foods and beverages, thus becoming the second most economically important natural colorant worldwide.





Delta T Systems introduced a fully integrated, dual-zone temperature control heater/chiller combo package. The new technology allows manufacturers to implement energy-efficient control systems that include variable-speed compressors and fan motors to control temperature precisely in a broad variety of food and other production processes. The technology includes industry-tested and proven controls that can log data, predict future issues before they happen and provide adaptive control to allow any process to continue to operate at a lower, controlled speed before a mandatory maintenance shutdown.





VAC-U-MAX’s Signature series offers food processors a quick and easy solution for vacuum conveying powders, pellets, flakes, pastilles, dried fruit, nuts and many other granular food ingredients to processing and packaging lines. Sanitary systems are available in the 1500 series for conveying rates from handfuls to 1,500 pounds per hour, or the 3500 series for conveying rates up to 3,500 pounds per hour — with other systems available for higher-rate applications. Typical applications include source-to-destination conveying from totes, drums, bulk bags, bag dump stations and more to feeders, mixers, blenders, screeners, food extruders, auger filling and/or packaging machines.





Answering the need for high shear in formulations too viscous for conventional dual-shaft mixers, the Ross PowerMix from Charles Ross & Son Co. is a hybrid planetary mixer equipped with the patented high-viscosity “HV” stirrer blade. It provides axial product movement and radial exposure to a high-speed disperse blade, which in turn breaks down agglomerates and promotes rapid solids wet-out. Both the stirrer blade and saw-tooth disperser revolve around the batch while rotating on individual axes at independent speeds. The PowerMix is available across a full range of working capacities from 1 quart to 1,000 gallons.

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