American International Chemical LLC (AIC) offers Steuben GNS OatLife whole-grain powder, which is made from whole oats, filtered water and non-GMO enzymes and can be used in dairy alternatives. The macro and micronutrients of the whole grain are liberated in water via HydroRelease technology. Advantageously, these components, when released from their bound structure, have unique functionality, including an oxidatively stable fat emulsion, a micronized protein suspension, fiber and solubilized carbohydrates, which may be individually separated or used as the whole nutritional milk emulsion. AIC says it is customers’ local connection for globally sourced ingredients.

508-270-1800; www.aicma.com/



According to Apura Ingredients, consumers and formulators of dairy products have typically had to make sacrifices, including with product taste, in the quest for optimal health and wellness. For formulators of flavored milks, creamers, yogurts, ice cream and more, sweeteners can disrupt that notion and prove that healthier reduced-sugar applications and fantastic taste can live in harmony. Apura Ingredients is a supplier of sweeteners such as stevia, monk fruit, allulose, sucralose, acesulfame potassium and erythritol to the dairy industry.

909-364-1158; apuraingredients.com



Domino Foods Inc., a subsidiary of ASR Group, says Golden Granulated raw cane sugar is getting increased attention from food manufacturers eager to meet consumer demands for less-processed ingredients. Raw cane sugar is mill-made and undergoes a single crystallization process. Available in granulated, extra-fine, powdered and liquid variations, as a 1:1 replacement for white sugar, raw cane sugar is not just a source of sweetness; it also has a mild caramel color and flavor that can add a premium feel to a variety of food products such as yogurt and ice cream.

info@dominospecialty.com; www.dominospecialtyingredients.com



Cargill says it highlighted ingredients for the dairy alternative space at SHIFT20 — showcasing the company’s diverse product line for this technically challenging space. Given the hurdles associated with texture, the company advises formulators to look for plant proteins such as Puris pea protein, and then address other functional needs with label-friendly ingredients such as SimPure functional native starches, Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber and pectins. Cargill also offers a broad array of plant-sourced fats and oils, providing brands with all the tools needed to recreate the creamy, indulgent mouthfeel often missing in dairy-free products. To round out formulations, the company offers a complete line of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners.

 877-765-8867; www.cargill.com



CP Kelco says it developed its nature-based Kelcogel DF gellan gum with its customers’ clean-label goals in mind. “DF” stands for dual functions: Kelcogel is a long-term beverage suspension system that stabilizes insoluble ingredients, and it provides a pleasant mouthfeel in ultra-high-temperature/neutral-pH protein drinks. It also offers a shorter ingredient list. Create the indulgent, yet label-friendly dairy and plant-based beverages that consumers crave without worrying about unsightly separation of minerals, vitamins, cocoa or fruit. Highly effective at low use levels, Kelcogel DF gellan gum is a fermentation-derived soluble dietary fiber. CP Kelco also offers technical and applications expertise to ensure companies achieve their desired formulation results.

678-247-7300; www.cpkelco.com



At SHIFT20, DDW says it debuted its expanded line of certified- and compliant-organic natural colors, including Amaize red, Naturbrown apple, Emulsitech beta-carotene, spirulina and turmeric. These colors work great in just about any type of dairy or dairy-alternative product — from spoonable yogurt to flavored beverages, ice creams and cheeses. Organic annatto and organic-compliant Emulsitech beta-carotene provide vibrant, easy-to-use yellow to orange shades, while organic Naturbrown apple is super stable and offers a simple label. Need a custom color? Work with one of DDW’s application scientists to create the perfect organic blend.

502-895-2438; ddwcolor.com



Evonik Corp. says it is a supplier of food-grade processing aids, widely used for their safety and performance. It manufactures silicon dioxides, calcium silicates and sodium aluminum silicates — under the brand names Sipernat, Aerosil, Zeofree, Zeolex and Zeothix — that are used as free-flow, anti-caking and processing aids. Evonik’s specialty in dairy is improving spray drying by preventing buildup in equipment, improving efficiency, increasing production rates and resolving packaging issues.

Evonik’s products improve sustainability by prolonging shelf life, reducing food waste and water, and cutting energy and labor costs, resulting in environmental benefits and greater food security.

410-939-7229; www.silica-specialist.com



Farbest Brands says it focuses on high-quality innovative food, beverage and nutrition ingredients. Naturz Organics NO-PPI is a pea protein isolate made from non-GMO peas and manufactured using a state-of-the-art dry process, which physically separates protein molecules and provides excellent taste at an affordable price. Dairy proteins such as Farbest’s Lactoprot Lactonat roller-dried caseinate, emulsifying (RC-E) can offer dispersibility, mirroring or surpassing spray-dried caseinates while offering a significant cost savings. Finally, its colostrum powder is an immunity superfood that is made from grass-fed hormone-free New Zealand milk and is an ideal ingredient for any immune-boosting label.

201-573-4900; www.farbest.com



Gamay Foods’ dairy flavors impart the complex and comprehensive characteristics of butter, cheese, cream and other dairy profiles. Using its expertise in dairy, Gamay creates and customizes nondairy flavors that offer high flavor impact. Its premium natural dairy flavors provide a variety of savory, umami, creamy and buttery profiles based on in-house proprietary process technologies for customized applications. At this year’s IFT event, Gamay featured its flavors in applications across the menu, including a creamy goat cheese dressing and a decadent panna cotta dessert. Gamay says to contact its team for more information or samples of the above.

262-349-1103; www.gamayfoods.com



Gelita says its gelatine is renowned for its sensorial performance, texturizing properties and ease of use in formulations. Gelatine is neutral in taste and technically versatile. It can improve both the texture and nutritional profile of a wide range of low-calorie products, including cheeses and yogurt. As gelatine can absorb up to 10 times its own weight in water, it binds and stabilizes additional water in low-calorie products. In this way, gelatine increases the volume of the food without adding further calories. Structure and mouthfeel of food products are decisive factors for consumers, and almost every desired texture can be achieved in yogurts, mousses or cream products with gelatine, while still reducing fats.

312-617-6248; www.gelita.com



Featured in a full-fat stirred yogurt at SHIFT20, Ingredion Incorporated’s Novation Lumina functional native starches help processors create creamy and smooth textures that withstand mid- to high-intensity processing conditions without compromising flavor, color or performance. Like modified starches, Novation Lumina functional native corn starches provide viscosity and gel strength. According to Ingredion, the starches offer excellent freeze/thaw and shelf-life stability and have a high process tolerance, which is ideal for dressings and sauces, yogurts, puddings, fillings and other products that undergo harsh processing conditions.

800-713-0208; www.ingredion.us/IFT



J. Rettenmaier says its Vivapur alginates are nature-based hydrocolloids and soluble dietary fibers that are versatile due to their thickening, gelling and film-forming properties under a variety of conditions. Alginates are suited for use in dairy applications — providing viscosity, freeze-thaw stability and improved mouthfeel while being label-friendly. A key benefit of the alginates is the ability to hydrate and gel without heating and to control gel-setting time precisely by adjusting the calcium concentration using sequestrants. Alginates are used in ice cream to provide mouthfeel and creaminess, control ice crystal growth, improve meltdown and provide excellent flavor release.

877-895-4099; www.jrsusa.com



Milk Specialties Global says it used the virtual opportunity of SHIFT20 to showcase its latest innovations and nutritional solutions for superior protein ingredients. To start, the company introduced NutriPRO, a range of nutritionally enhanced whey protein ingredients. Next, attendees were able to discover PRObev clear whey protein isolate, named the 2020 Breakthrough Award for Dairy Ingredient Innovation winner by ADPI and Dairy Foods. Lastly, the company highlighted its new neutral-flavored brown rice protein, PROriz, which is sourced and produced in the United States. Attendees also were engaged through live webinars with product resources at their fingertips.

952-942-7310; www.milkspecialties.com/contact/



Milne Microdried says blueberry is one of America’s favorite flavors and was designated as Flavor of the Year by Swiss flavor company Firmenich. MicroDried’s all-natural blueberries are ideal ingredients due to their retention of natural color, taste and visual appeal in a variety of dairy products, including yogurt, cheese, ice cream, frozen novelties and cultured dairy. Available in powders, fragments and whole pieces, these 100% clean-label blueberries have no added sugars, color or preservatives and are ready to eat. In addition to MicroDried’s fruit varieties, its all-natural dried vegetables are used in cheese, cheese spreads and smears. Most varieties are also available in organic.

208-461-5100, www.milnemicrodried.com



Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. says it takes great pride in creating innovative inclusions and ingredients based on the latest trends for nutritional/functional requirements that consumers are craving. It recently produced a line of vegan-friendly products in its culinary kitchen, including a decadent vegan Brownie Crumble perfect for nondairy “ice cream” and “yogurt” and frozen desserts. Pecan Deluxe makes it possible to indulge within the boundaries of desired nutritional regimens.

214-631-3669; www.pecandeluxe.com



Sugaright, a subsidiary of CSC Sugar, said Sugaright L350 liquid cane sugar is an economical and sustainable alternative to traditional water-white liquid sugar. Innovative companies modified their decades-old liquid sugar color specifications when they discovered that darker color options have no significant impact on the color or flavor of their finished products. Sugaright L350 can be used in products such as ice cream, yogurt and beverages. Fair Trade Certified, Bonsucro certified and Non-GMO Project Verified options are available to meet sustainability demands.

901-290-6623; www.sugaright.com



To continue crafting solutions that uniquely fit its customers’ needs, Tastepoint says it stays current on industry and market trends — learning what is relevant now and uncovering what will energize the future. Tastepoint compiled its annual flavor predictions for 2020, showcasing flavors that it believes will be trending in foodservice and retail this year. A few of the featured flavors include Ruby Chocolate, Violet, Vietnamese Coffee and Yuzu. These flavors lend themselves to almost any dairy application: Think Violet Lemon Greek yogurt or Vietnamese Coffee ice cream. To read the full list of flavor trends, email hello@tastepoint.com or reach out to an account manager.

215-365-7800; www.tastepoint.com/