A&B Ingredients, Fairfield, N.J., showcased a numbers of its clean-label functional ingredients, including Lyckey Careful, released in late 2021, a clean-label starch recommended for use in dairy products, and more. With a neutral taste and white color, the ingredient provides a full-bodied mouthfeel, good stability, and is process tolerant, the company says. Released in early 2022, CytoGUARD ZOX is the company’s newest innovation, which can be used in plant-based yogurt, sour cream, creamers, and butter to preserve a product’s flavor and color. Available in oil- and water-soluble versions, the ingredient may be used to replace chemical preservatives and synthetic antioxidants.




AgriFiber Solutions’ new soluble fiber ingredients are designed to help plant-based brands create healthier, more sustainable products, the Mundelein, Ill.-based company says. Show attendees could sample 100% plant-based product concepts fortified with upcycled soluble corn and oat fiber ingredients. These ingredients allow plant-based cheeses and milks to deliver textures and taste experiences that align with the expectations that dairy-based applications have set. The prototypes were plant-based cream cheese bites and spiced chocolate coffee beverages. Noting that many  fiber ingredients struggle with solubility, color, and texture, AgriFiber new soluble corn and oat fiber ingredients solve those challenges and have prebiotic benefits across several markets, including alternative dairy, bars, and beverages, the company states




New Hampton, N.Y.-based Balchem highlighted TrenDish, a summer ice cream flight that featured desserts that align with consumer trends and are intended to deliver a delicious experience in every bite. Among the unique flavors were Avocado Toast, an avocado, and buttered toast flavored ice cream, dipped in a butter bliss coating and sprinkled with lightly toasted sesame seeds; Dad Bod, a chocolate stout flavored ice cream with a salted pretzel fudge variegate; Berry Parfait with ripe delicious fruits like strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry, coated with crunchy granola; Quilly, a whipped cream, and marshmallow flavored ice cream, with real pieces of fruit and slivered almonds; and CornMilk, sweet ice cream with hints of maple and molasses, garnished with a reddish-orange sumac flavored swirl and crunchy roasted corn variegate.



Minneapolis-based Cargill publicized some of its latest research that finds that consumers prioritize sugar content over sweetener type and claims. The company notes that sugar content remains a key influencer for America’s grocery shoppers, with 62% of consumers reporting they are likely to check the amount of sugar before purchasing a new product. As part of the research, the company explored the package claims consumers were most likely to check, what influence those claims had on purchase intent, and how demographics and product categories influenced perceptions and behaviors around package claims. The survey, conducted in 2021, included approximately 1,200 U.S. grocery shoppers. While the survey showed Americans are more likely to check the amount of sugar versus look for a specific sweetener or claim, it also found evidence that sweetener claims could influence purchases, too. Those that fared best in the Cargill study typically implied “natural” or “no artificial,” including “naturally sweetened” or “made with a natural sweetener.”




Edlong Flavors showed IFT attendees what it can do “to innovate rather than imitate in the plant-based space.” The Elk Grove Village, Ill.-based company featured several dairy-free demos that showcased how food developers can bring the authentic taste of real dairy to plant-based products using their flavor solutions. Behind the scenes, the company hosted a different kind of tasting experience that featured a dairy-free cheese, which was expertly paired by a sommelier with the perfect wine. The cheese demo strove to show participants how the future of the plant-based space could be focused on innovating rather than replicating.




FlavorSum, Kalamazoo, Mich., highlighted the “flavors of dairy” that are available to dairy processors manufacturing ice creams, frozen desserts, sorbets, flavored milks, cultured dairy, and more. It also showcased its expertise in flavor development and the solutions it can provide in its in-house application lab that can take a company from concept through the end of a successful launch.  Along the innovation journey, the company invites others to gain knowledge in marketing and consumer insights, regulatory affairs, flavor extract creation, manufacturing, and more.



The ICL Group featured a prototype concept, “Magnifi-Cinn Mile,” a high-protein cinnamon dairy beverage that contains JOHA B 50, a phosphate blend. The blend not only provides exceptional buffering and protein stability for beverages that undergo thermal processing, but it also delays the onset of age gelation and imparts a low impact on flavor, viscosity and sodium, the company says. ICL’s expertise extends into other disciplines such as processed cheese, vegan cheese as well as plant-based beverages. Learn more about how ICL is impacting better food and dairy products around the globe.




IFPC showcased its custom ingredient blending capabilities in a sugar-free keto French dressing that was developed by the company’s in-house research and development team. The sweet and tangy condiment contained Legacy SWEET SP9704 sugar replacement system, Legacy Stabilizer L100821-5 stabilizer system, and an emulsifier portfolio. Dairy manufacturers are among the biggest partners who receive custom-blended chocolate dairy powders and stabilizer blends. Then, all they have to do is process the ingredients with milk to create products seen on retail store shelves, saving time and money, the company says. The company’s custom ingredient systems are manufactured at its 230,000-square-foot GFSI-certified facility, Aviator, in St. Louis, Mo.




In an interactive booth complete with a virtual kitchen, Tate & Lyle, Hoffman Estates, Ill., highlighted its sugar reduction capability and fiber solutions for beverages, bakery and dairy foods. Derived from corn, DOLCIA PRIMA allulose, which is 75% as sweet as sugar, was highlighted in two samples given to show attendees: an oat-based, nondairy soft serve with a fiber enriched cinnamon oat crumble topping. With six grams of fiber from PROMITOR soluble fiber, the oat soft serve also contained a customized CC 3-21820 soft serve stabilizer, while the crumble topping featured a 75% sugar reduction and a 15% reduction in calories due to PROMITOR 85L, DOLCIA PRIMA liquid allulose and SPLENDA sucralose, the company says.  




Van Drunen Farms, Momence, Ill., unveiled its new Udderly Oats organic oat milk powder at IFT. The organic oat milk powder is made from organic, gluten-free oats that deliver a pleasant, slightly sweet oat flavor and smooth texture experience. This on-trend, plant-based alternative also offers a low viscosity solution to common oat ingredient processing challenges. Udderly Oats is shelf-stable, heat-stable, and solution-dispersible and is perfect for applications such as nondairy milks and creamers, protein powders, bars, and yogurts, the company says. As plant-based alternatives continue to grow in popularity, product developers will need innovative yet formulation-friendly ingredients that meet changing market trends. Udderly Oats can help dairy processors create convenient products that satisfy today’s consumers.