Cargill says its Oliggo-Fiber chicory root fiber is used in many dairy and nondairy formulas, as product developers embrace its health benefits, functional attributes and label-friendly nature. The fiber comes in a variety of forms, including differing degrees of solubility, polymerization, sweetness, fiber content, molecular weight and branching structures. The company’s chicory root fiber line includes options well-suited for fat reduction: The ingredient serves as a fat mimetic, creating a creamy mouthfeel. For reduced-sugar applications, Cargill also offers chicory root fibers that function more like sugar, aiding with freezing-point depression and bulk replacement, and when paired with high-intensity sweeteners, acting as a masking agent. 




Colony Gums Inc. says it debuted Sim-Plete, a line of simple hydrocolloid solutions. Sim-Plete joins the company’s portfolio of hydrocolloids, stabilizers and other organic and TrueGum Non-GMO Project Verified solutions. With global supply issues for locust bean gum expected to extend through 2020, product developers may be facing commercialization delays or increased formulation costs. Colony Gums now offers two options: Sim-Plete RLP for a 1:1 drop-in replacement of locust bean gum and Sim-Plete RLD for partial replacement and cost-in-use reductions. 




CP Kelco says it introduced Kelcogel DF gellan gum, a nature-based ingredient developed with clean-label goals in mind. The “DF” stands for dual function, as the gum is a beverage suspension system that both stabilizes insoluble ingredients and provides a pleasant mouthfeel in ultra-high-temperature/neutral-pH protein drinks. It allows formulators to shorten their list of ingredients so they can create indulgent, yet label-friendly beverages. Discovered on a water lily plant by CP Kelco over 25 years ago, Kelcogel is a fermentation-derived soluble dietary fiber that’s highly effective at very low use levels.




A long standing name in dairy ingredients, ICL Food Specialties says it offers Joha B 50 for superior high-protein beverage stability. This functional blend of phosphates provides excellent buffering capability and protein protection for dairy-based ready-to-drink beverages. The ingredients works to protect emulsion from heat-induced acid formation in extended-shelf-life, ultra-high-temperature and retort processing. Protection during processing is key in setting products up for a long shelf life. JOHA B 50 continues to guard and support dairy proteins throughout the product’s shelf life by binding calcium and other minerals that would otherwise latch onto proteins and cause sedimentation and age gelation.




When it comes to natural, clean-label emulsifiers for the dairy industry, IFC Solutions says its specialty lecithin options are quite popular. The company offers sunflower, rapeseed and soy-based options in both liquid and powder formats. Whether processors are looking to reduce separation in dairy beverages and sauces or need to better instantize (aka “wet”) dairy protein powders, lecithins are a great natural solution. IFC offers Non-GMO Project Verified and organic products, as well as unique hydrophilic (water-friendly) options. 




Ingredion Inc. says it helps processors meet consumer demand for natural, clean-label products without compromising on flavor, color, texture or performance. Designed specifically for light-colored applications with delicate flavors, Ingredion’s new Novation Lumina functional native starches offer all the formulation functionality of modified starches. The starches help create yogurts, dairy desserts and custards, as well as dairy drinks such as drinkable yogurts and flavored milk, with the sensory experience consumers expect and the labels they want. The functional native corn starches offer outstanding flavor release and neutral color, plus provide viscosity and gel strength to help create creamy, smooth textures.




Univar Solutions says its extensive line of dairy ingredients enhances taste, texture and functionality in a wide variety of ice creams, frozen desserts and other dairy and nondairy products. Univar Solutions has the products and the expertise to optimize recipes and production processes. Its emulsifiers, stabilizers, texturizers, sweeteners, plant proteins and flavors add taste, texture and functionality to dairy products and the ever-growing array of nondairy products.




The Ingredient House says it offers Renmatix Inc.’s new ingredient, Nouravant maple fiber, a uniquely multi-functional food ingredient with emulsification, humectancy and texturizing properties. As an emulsifier, Nouravant can support a stable suspension of a fat phase in processed dairy applications (such as cheese), enabling a suitable texture that will not separate when changing states. Being plant-derived, Nouravant also could enable nondairy applications that have the same haptics as conventional dairy. Nouravant works with other ingredients to create texture, and with the correct composition, it will support a range of dairy-based sauces such as spoonable dressing and solid cream cheese. Manufactured in the United States, Nouavant is produced from only plants and water.