According to Beneo, consumers — whether vegan, lactose-intolerant or following a “flexitarian” lifestyle — choose plant-based dairy alternatives because they are perceived to be healthier. Dairy-based products are known for their creamy, smooth mouthfeel. Natural and organic dairy alternatives aim to match these sensory profiles. Beneo’s rice ingredients offer the ideal plant-based solution to achieve a smooth, rich texture. The small particle size of rice starch mimics the sensation of fat on the tongue, enhancing the texture of dairy-free products. With a pure white color and no off-flavors, rice starch allows a clean flavor profile. Rice starch also boasts excellent stability, both in refrigerated and frozen products.



Ciranda says organic pea protein flour from the heirloom brown pea contains functional native starch and 50% protein. It has powerful emulsification and foaming properties, which are useful in dairy and dairy-alternative ice cream bases, whipped toppings and spreads. Organic pea protein is organic, non-GMO, kosher and gluten-free. It is a quality source of plant-based protein. The offering is produced in Europe as part of a sustainable organic farming system.



EverGrain says its barley protein is the answer to formulators’ calls for access to more sustainable, nutrient-dense and functional plant-based protein ingredients. The company utilizes saved grains from brewing and — through its innovative processes — transforms the circularly sourced barley into nutrient-rich ingredients that can be used in a variety of food and beverage products. Fortifying with EverGrain’s ingredients empowers formulators of plant-based “milks,” smoothies and shakes to develop healthier products without relying on dairy-based protein. The protein-rich ingredients can allow formulators to improve nutrition and make higher protein claims. These ingredients’ impressive solubility means that they can be easily used in new formulations or be integrated into existing protein blends.



Flavorchem combines its extraction techniques with sensory analysis expertise to offer a wide range of customizable vanilla extracts and natural flavorings based on market-leading profiles. The company says its procurement group works closely with suppliers at the source of the vanilla beans to deliver the highest-quality products and a sustainable vanilla supply chain. Available in organic, Non-GMO Project Verified and origin-specific options, Flavorchem’s vanilla ingredients include pure vanilla extracts and powders, natural vanilla flavorings and enhancers, and non-alcoholic vanilla flavors and concentrates. From ice cream and gelato to milk and yogurt, Flavorchem’s vanilla portfolio provides ingredient solutions for a variety of dairy applications.



Garon Foods says it is proud to showcase its Fresno peppers in preservation fluid. The peppers give just the right amount of heat with a sweet pepper flavor in a vibrant red color. Garon’s peppers and ingredients are natural and do not contain dyes or preservatives. All of Garon’s products in preservation fluid provide ease of storage and use by being shelf-stable and having a long shelf life. In addition, Garon has cultivated partnerships with growers to consistently provide specialized peppers such as Fresnos, habaneros, poblanos, serranos and many more exotic varieties. All of these can be customized for particulate size and packaging.



International Food Products Corp. (IFPC) distributes organic cocoa and blends it into chocolate dairy powders. Natural cocoas and flavors for IFPC’s customers’ dairy products are blended at IFPC Aviator, the company’s best-in-class manufacturing facility. IFPC says it meet the needs of dairies big and small. It maintains a sustainable manufacturing facility by collecting the cocoa dust created from blending and repurposing the byproduct back into the food chain via an animal feed manufacturer — its sister company, International Ingredient Corp. Need a new milk flavor? Partner with IFPC’s research and development lab to develop unique, delicious cocoa and flavored dairy powders.

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J. Rettenmaier USA says it manufactures the most diverse portfolio of insoluble dietary fibers and other functional ingredients such as colloidal celluloses, modified celluloses, alginates and pectins that are used in a variety of food applications. These ingredients are produced from sustainable raw materials such as grains, fruits, vegetables, seaweed and trees that are upcycled to meet the nutritional and functional benefits within various industries. Ask the company’s experts how its trusted brands, Vitacel and Vivapur, can help enhance finished dairy products.

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Merit Functional Foods says its Peazazz pea protein has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel and clean taste, which do not always come as easily for products formulated with plant-based protein as with dairy. Peazazz is a uniquely soluble, clean and neutral-tasting pea protein; it is the highest-purity pea protein found in the market and is 100% Canadian grown and produced. In taste and function, it is unlike any other pea protein; and with 90% protein, it is perfect for applications such as plant-based “milk,” “cheese,” “yogurt” and more.



Puratos Corp. says it offers Classics: compounds to add flavor and color to ice cream or yogurts. They are made from real fruit (or from real coffee) and offer customers an easy way to add taste and a “made with real fruit” claim to their products. Thanks to Classics’ high concentration, they do not impact the functionality of the product that being flavored. The ingredients are plant-based, bake- and freeze/thaw-stable, preservative-free, made with natural colors and flavors, and non-GMO. Their low water activity makes them perfect for fresh and longer-shelf-life dairy desserts. A company could use its standard ice cream or yogurt recipe and create different variations/limited-time offers by using different Classics. Flavors available include lemon, orange, strawberry and coffee.



Sethness Roquette says it offers OC114 organic Class I liquid caramel color. This Non-GMO Project Verified caramel color is produced from organic food-grade carbohydrates and is appropriately listed as “organic caramel color” on the label of many foods and beverages. Although organic ingredients such as caramel color have been explored in the dairy industry and nutritional supplements, the use of OC114 has grown in other applications as well, including beverages, plant-based proteins, ready-to-eat and prepared foods, and flavor blends, inclusions and spices.



Vivify says it provides a complete line of Calico natural colors to serve the U.S. and Canadian markets. Its colors are made using clean-label, non-GMO ingredients. They are also kosher and vegan-compliant. Vivify’s natural colors are ideal for many dairy applications, including ice cream, cheese, and yogurt. From anthocyanin, carotenoids, phycocyanin, and more, Vivify can work with customers to develop the right solution for their applications, including custom formulations.