Clean-label cake inclusions

Parker Products' new line of clean-label cake inclusions are available in seven flavors: brownie, pie crust, carrot, vanilla, red velvet, lemon and German chocolate cake. The line is free of artificial flavors and colors, partially hydrogenated oil, preservatives and allergens, including dairy, soy and nuts. The cake inclusions are produced using a unique hot-panning process, which allows for a longer shelf life — up to 12 months. The ingredients are also shelf stable, eliminating the need for costly frozen shipping and storage.

Clean-label sweetener alternative

Carolina Sweet clean label sweetener from Carolina Innovative Food Ingredients (CIFI) offers dairy brands a vegetable-based, nutritional replacement for high-fructose corn syrup and other sweeteners. The new sweetener adds to the company’s existing line of 100% Carolina-made sweet potato ingredients. In addition to solving clean label issues, the sweetener allows dairy brands to add the health appeal of sweet potatoes to a wider range of applications, including dips, smoothies and desserts.


Functional clean-label rice starch

Beneo is offering Remypure, its first high-performing rice starch that qualifies for both natural and clean-label status worldwide. Results in food preparation show an improved viscosity build-up equivalent to chemically modified starches. The ingredient is ideal for manufacturers looking for a versatile clean-label starch with good functionality in both gentle and severe processing requirements for applications such as dairy desserts. It is available in a range of variants for textures from creamy or soft and provides a clean fruity flavor.



Clean label texture and stabilization solutions

TIC Gums offers clean-label texture and stability solutions for use in dairy alternative beverages and ice cream formulations. TicaloidPRO 181 AG, for ready-to-drink, dairy alternative beverages, is a blend that satisfies clean label requirements, improves processing efficiencies and addresses beverage formulation challenges. It also emulsifies and stabilizes oils found in nondairy milk alternatives such as almond and cashew milk. Dairyblend Natural IC CL is a stabilizer system that eliminates the need for mono-and diglyceride emulsifiers in soft-serve and hard-pack ice cream applications.



Tapioca-based starches

Claria Delight from Tate & Lyle is an extension to the company’s line of Claria Functional Clean-Label Starches. The product delivers the desired tapioca flavor, color and texture for a variety of dairy applications including yogurts, custards and sauces. Its texture is similar to modified tapioca starches, thickening and setting to form a soft, translucent gel that is especially desirable to consumers in applications like yogurts. Its clean flavor is also ideal for dairy desserts and its white color essential enables the production of light-colored products.

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Heat-stable natural red color

Using a novel natural color technology, Sensient offers SupraRed, a heat-stable natural red color for flavored milk, neutral pH baking and dry grocery products. It provides a natural color from botanical sources without sacrificing color brightness. The technology is free from any chemical solvents and uses only vegetable juice for simple ingredient labeling. SupraRed offers significant advantages for dairy applications such as UHT packaged beverages.



Milk protein-based solution

Arla Foods Ingredients’ milk protein-based solution enables no by-products or waste of milk in a dairy’s manufacturing process. NutrilacHiYield can be used to create a range of high-quality dairy products that traditionally generate acid whey and permeate during production, including Greek yogurt, cream cheese and various cheeses. Yields for these products are usually 25-50% of the milk used but when using HiYield, 100% of the milk is used in the finished product, with no acid whey generated.

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Food coloring from natural sources

A new food color derived from a purple corn hybrid cultivated in the U.S., is available from DDW. The non-GMO, kosher coloring delivers a vibrant red to purple hue, depending on pH, with a clean, neutral taste. Food and beverage companies can list “purple corn juice color” or “colored with vegetable juice” on ingredient statements. The color is safe and sustainable, and applications for the anthocyanin coloring include yogurt and ice cream in the dairy industry.



Authentic Mexican flavors

Churro Dulce de Leche ice cream from Kerry is made from the Churro flavor blend that can be used in dairy drinks, yogurt, alternative dairy drinks beverages and nutritional drinks. The Dulce de Leche variegate could be used in frozen novelties in addition to ice cream. It offers authentic Mexican flavors of churros and dulce de leche sweets.



Concentrated dairy ingredients for simple labels

Edlong Dairy Technologiesintroduced its simply dairy ingredients at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago. These concentrated dairy ingredients naturally intensify cheese or butter notes, and deliver impactful dairy essences. They are made from real dairy, and increase richness, creaminess, cheesiness and buttery taste. Initial profiles include butters, cheddars, Italian styles and butter cream profiles, but more are in development.


Natural premium extracts
Virginia Dare debuted new product brands at the IFT Show, including the Taste Foundations platform of simple, natural extracts like premium vanilla, tea, coffee and cocoa. The company's sourcing and manufacturing ensures that its extracts align with consumer demand for clean labeling, transparency and sustainability. The Taste Foundations programs for tea, coffee and cocoa include a number of flavor options, as well as organic and fair trade certifications.

Natural fiber enrichment product

Alland & Robert’sAcacia fibers are used as a natural and healthy alternative that increases the benefits of dairy products. The product is sourced, sustainably harvested and processed without any chemical treatment and is a 100% soluble ingredient. The company’s range of fibers for the dairy industry includes a seyal grade Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 380I and a senegal grade Instant Soluble Gum Acacia 394I. The 100% all natural, all vegetal and GMO-free product features constant traceability and no additives.



Plant-based sweetener with health benefits

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co. offers a rare sugar product, called Astraea Allulose. Astraea is the first plant-based, zero-calorie sweetener with proven physiological benefits. It is a rare sugar monosaccharide that can be used in a wide variety of food and beverage applications. Some benefits include less calories in formulation; a true sugar flavor with no aftertaste; it is scientifically proven to attenuate blood glucose and to lower lipid accumulation; it improves aroma and color; and masks unwanted flavor characteristics, according to the company.


Premium iced coffee

The premium iced coffee product from Kerry was introduced at the IFT Food Expo and is a shelf-stable, 100% Arabica and preservative-free coffee prepared in a cold brew. It is a liquid coffee extract that makes the beverage fresh and easy to prepare, and features a clean label.



Ingredient solution for prepared foods

Lycored introduced its Dry Tomato Pulp (DTP) that offers a three-in-one ingredient solution for prepared food products. DTP is a 100% natural real food ingredient from tomato. It adds a fresh, consistent red color to sauces, condiments, soups and ready meals with no risk of turning brown like some other colorants. It also provides an authentic texture and healthy fiber content.



Natural preservation beverage solutions

DelvoCid fromDSM helps keep drinks fresh and clean-tasting for longer. Along with improving flavor profiles, it offers a high, natural protection against spoilage of mold and yeast. The DelvoCid product offers more opportunities to reduce artificial preservatives, and is effective against sorbate-resistant yeast. The effective product offers increased safety, improved quality and better cost, according to the company.

Unpasteurized premium juice line

A juice line from Naturex was introduced at the IFT Food Expo that can satisfy consumers’ desire for unpasteurized juices that add nutritional value and freshness to their beverages, meals and snacks. Specifically cold-pressed and high-pressure pasteurized juices are adding excitement and growth to the large juice category. The company’s Unpasteurized Premium Juice (UPJ) line is an industrially available unpasteurized vegetable juice that offers the freshest tasting, non-thermally and non-enzymatically processed vegetable juice, and is available in both organic and conventional.



Natural ingredients and ingredient systems

Doehler offers innovative products that cater to the global consumer trends for naturalness, health and nutrition, functionality and clean and clear labels. The company’s Integrated Ingredient Solutions consist of natural flavors, colors, health and nutrition ingredients, and dairy and dairy-free ingredients, among others. Natural raw material sources and new processing technologies make up the ingredients and applications for dairy products, ice cream and sauces.

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Lipid-rich whole algae ingredient

AlgaVia, a lipid-rich whole algae, is an ingredient from TerraVia that replaces eggs, dairy fats and oils in traditional dairy-based products and baked goods while maintaining or improving indulgent taste and texture. It is naturally rich in monounsaturated fat, protein, fiber and micronutrients. Nutritional benefits of using the ingredient can include significant reductions in fat, saturated-fat, trans-fats, calories and cholesterol, while reducing the number of ingredients. Lipid-rich whole algae is gluten-free, free of known allergens, vegan and GMO-free.



Custom blending of powdered products

SternMaid America highlighted its comprehensive services at the IFT Food Expo in Chicago. Its micro-blending line enables the company to offer customized contract production of food ingredients and supplements in powder form. The company also offers co-packing, warehousing and logistics services. On its semi-automatic blending line, liquid constituents can be applied homogeneously to powder through special nozzles in amounts from 0.01% to 60% of the formulation.



Innovative particle design technologies

Glatt is a leading supplier of integrated plant solutions based on fluidized bed and spouted bed technology. The company has developed drying, agglomeration, granulation, encapsulation and coating processes for powders and liquids to protect ingredients or to provide them with specific functional properties. The company designs, plans and implements optimal plant layouts – start-up and service support included.