Stevia ingredients deliver taste innovations

The PureCircle Matrix Solutions family of stevia ingredients has been optimized for specific category applications and performs more similarly to sugar, enabling deeper calorie reductions. The line delivers a new taste innovation and includes the stevia ingredient Sigma-T, an ingredient with a clean sweetness profile, reduced astringency and bitterness, and a sweet aftertaste. It joins the first product in the Matrix Solutions Family, Sigma-D, a dairy-specific ingredient.



Natural organic green tea leaf powder

Taiyo’s Matcha Powder is the finely ground leaf of the green tea plant. It has a fresh taste and natural vivid green color and since it is not an extract, there is little or no bitterness. It can be used as a flavor in beverages, dairy products and confections. The ingredient is a rich source of polyphenols, vitamins, minerals, fibers, chlorophyll and L-theanine. It is prepared under controlled low temperatures in a GMP- and FSSC-certified facility.



Stabilization solutions for use in ready-to-drink beverages

Ticaloid Pro 571 SET from TIC Gums allows for cost-in-use savings while stabilizing high-protein ready-to-drink beverage formulations without increasing viscosity. The company’s Ticaloid Pro 148 OG suspends high-protein systems, enhances mouth coating and creates a more indulgent beverage, according to the company. For acidified beverages, Dairyblend Acidified Beverage 120 increases the uniformity of color and the rate at which an acidified dairy beverage clears the mouth while reducing the awareness of particulates.



Greek yogurt concept includes vegetables and herbs

A savory Greek yogurt concept from Naturex was designed to appeal to millennial consumers and yogurt enthusiasts looking for innovative snacks. The Tuscan-style snack offers a unique flavor and vibrant appearance. Creamy Greek yogurt is served on top of a savory blend of diced vegetables and herbs. The Mediterranean taste is achieved through a combination of diced fresh-tasting sweet tomatoes, crisp, sweet red bell peppers, ripe black olives and aromatic oregano.



Low-calorie sugar

Dolcia Prima Allulose from Tate & Lyle is a low-calorie sugar that offers the taste and mouthfeel of sugar, without all the calories or glycemic impact. Allulose also behaves like sugar in a variety of applications, making formulation easier for food and beverage manufacturers. Dolcia Prima Allulose has 90% fewer calories than sucrose and is not metabolized, making it virtually calorie-free, and it provides a synergistic relationship with other sweeteners.



Clean-label teas, nutritional products 

Certified organic liquid green and black tea extracts and real Japanese matcha are offered from Virginia Dare. Two matcha green tea blends, with lime and jasmine profiles, respectively, feature authentic matcha powder, cane sugar and natural flavors. Other tea products from the company include two with organic green and black tea extracts, complemented with organic-compliant apple and ginger flavors, respectively. Chai tea-flavored vegan protein shakes and fruit and nut bars are also available.



All-natural cocoa powder

Truedark from deZaan is an all-natural cocoa powder that mimics the properties of alkalized cocoa powders without the addition of alkali, enabling food manufacturers to move toward clean and clear label simplification. The product is all-natural and offers a rich brown color. The cocoa does not compromise quality and provides the same features and functionality as alkalized cocoa powders, including color, flavor and greater sensory impact. It performs well in a variety of applications, including ice cream.



Emulsifiers give soy-based products consistency and mouthfeel

Palsgaard offers four premium solutions of emulsifier and stabilizer systems that give soy milk, soy drinks and soy ice stability, homogeneity, viscosity and the necessary mouth-feel and other properties for consumer-accepted products. The products include the integrated emulsifier and stabilizer system Palsgaard RecMilk 122, which contains mono- and diglycerides and carrageenan; Palsgaard ChoMilk 173 for soy chocolate milk with suspended particles; and Palsgaard ExtruIce 252 and Palsgaard ExtruIce 278 for texture, creaminess, melting resistance and other properties for soy ice.



Non-hydro, no trans-fat vegetable oil solutions

AAK offers non-hydrogenated solutions for applications ranging from cream filling systems and whipped toppings to bakery mixes, icing systems and confectionery coatings. In addition tomaintaining taste and texture, the company’s non-hydro solutions provide the performance and shelf life manufacturers need, with several lines of non-hydro, no trans-fats products. The company’s non-hydrogenated and fully hydrogenated solutions for complex applications allow manufacturers to create trans- and fat-free alternatives to their original formulations.



Clear appearance and pure taste in brewed teas

Amelia Bay offers an advanced brewing technology using closed, continuous brewing and all-natural optimization methods to capture tea’s essential profile, with all of the flavors, volatiles and key characterizing top notes. It has the pure tea taste and a crystal-clear appearance that reflect its clean label claims and functional benefits. The tea is free from sedimentation, clouding or off-flavors, allowing its natural flavor to come through. It also has a longer-lasting fresh taste and appearance, according to the company.



A low-glycemic sweetener from beet sugars

Ingredient manufacturer Beneo offers natural food and beverage options for energy management with its next generation sugar, Palatinose. Derived from beet sugar, Palatinose delivers energy in a balanced and sustained way naturally. Being low-glycemic and low-insulinemic and contributing to a better fat oxidation in energy metabolism, it is potentially providing benefits for glucose control, body composition and weight management.



Yogurt cultures deliver new taste and texture preferences

Greek Legends, a range of yogurt cultures for Greek yogurt and any other thick and creamy yogurts, is available from DSM. The cultures provide more options to create high-protein, sweeter or creamier yogurts, with firmer textures, ranging from mild to authentic tastes. They also offer very high pH stability, which enables producers to extend product shelf life. In addition, DSM offers a complete solution of probiotics for added digestive health benefits.



Dietary fiber ingredients

Soluble dietary fiber ingredients from Fibersol are available for formulators that are seeking ways to reduce sugar and calories, meet clean label goals, create products that help promote digestive tract health or simply boost the fiber content of a food or beverage. The Fibersol line gives manufacturers the option to add finished product attributes such as softness in various moist and intermediate moisture foods, adding crispiness to lower moisture foods and extending the shelf life of finished products.



Global trends and unique ingredient solutions

The ingredients promoted by Ingredion at IFT reflected global trends like simple foods and simple ingredients. For example, the company highlighted its non-GMO sweeteners and starches, and fibers and prebiotics that support digestive health, sugar reduction, and weight and energy management solutions. Prior to the show, the company announced it will acquire Kerr Concentrates, a producer of natural fruit and vegetable concentrates, purees and essences.

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Semi-homemade ice cream mix

Lamequick from BASF helps simplify at-home ice cream preparation. Only a few components are required to make the semi-homemade ice cream mix, which is a dry, shelf-stable powder that can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months. The mix contains Lamequick CE 7273 high-performance whipping concentrate.It is a complex system of milk protein, vegetable oils and emulsifiers in powder form and provides excellent stability, uniform texture and creaminess and a smooth mouth feel.



Tool allows cutting wire to pass through samples

Brookfield Engineering offers the TA-WSP Wire Shear Plate for use with the CT3 Texture Analyzer. It was designed to allow cutting wire to pass completely through the sample, and is ideal for products with significant stickiness that would cause cutting-shear blade to show significant drag. The Brookfield CT3 Tester combines simplicity of operation with expanded test method capability and operates in both compression and tension modes. A wide variety of standard probes and fixtures are available.



Kosher and Halal-certified carrageenans

Ingredients Solutions (ISI) offers a full line of carrageenans from multiple manufacturing sites for reliable supplies. ISI's natural and organic-allowed carrageenans are kosher and Halal certified. The product line also includes sodium alginate, pectin, locust bean gum, tara gum, agar-agar, xanthan gum and the newest introduction into the company’s hydrocolloid tool offering, gellan gum.



Low-calorie sweetener with benefits

Matsutani America’s new rare sugar, named Astraea Allulose, is the first plant-based, low-calorie sweetener with proven physiological benefits, according to the company. It reduces calories in finished products, provides physiological benefits such as helping to regulate blood sugar levels and lowering lipid accumulation in the body. Recommended applications include dairy, beverages, confections, bakery and sweet goods.



Gelatine and collagen peptides

Gelatine from Gelita offers perfect gels, optimal foams and stable emulsion all combined with dissolution properties. The company’s GelikoKosher Gelatinefeatures the same versatility and functionality as its non-kosher counterparts, but with kosher certification.Gelita Peptides provide the body with vital nutrients, and the company’s Bioactive Collagen Peptides are individually optimized to stimulate each of the three different human cell types involved in collagen synthesis in joints, bones, skin and connective tissue.



Natural and clean label products

To achieve visual palatability, Roha’s Futurals line fulfills the need to get vibrant hues and stable shades through the use of various juice concentrates, vegetable extracts and blends. Popular applications include beverages, dairy and confectionery. The colors are sourced in a way that maintains the natural and essential characteristics of the fruit or vegetable without chemical processes or modifications. The expansion includes strawberry red shades, grape shades and hues of blue.



Sugar replacement sweetener

MonkSweet plus Monk Fruit-Stevia Sweetener combines a precise blend of highly purified monk fruit and stevia extracts with a natural polyol for enhanced flavor and functionality. It builds on Steviva Ingredients’ expertise in natural sugar replacements including MonkSweet plus, a natural sweetening solution that brings together optimal levels of proprietary stevia, monk fruit (lo han guo) and erythritol, a sugar alcohol derived by microbial fermentation, a combination that offers multiple advantages.



Dips with smooth and creamy mouthfeel and clean flavor

Arla Foods Ingredients has a protein solution that enables manufacturers to make delicious high-protein low-fat dips using the acid whey from Greek yogurt production. By adding Nutrilac whey protein to a mixture of acid whey, water and cream, dairy companies can create a high-quality dip that is typically only 6% fat and contains 4% protein. The finished product has a shelf life of about six months.

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Continuous flow advanced thermal processing system

The AseptiWave processor, a patented method for food preservation from Aseptia, is a continuous flow advanced thermal processing system that creates safe, high-quality, shelf-stable, pumpable products while retaining the food’s natural color, flavor, aroma and nutrients. The company’s microwave-assisted, aseptic technology also extends shelf life to 12 months or more for preserved food. The technique is best applied to sensitive products such as fruit and vegetable purees, particulate products and high-viscous products. The company was honored with a 2015 IFT Food Expo Innovation Award for the AseptiWave at the show in July.



Breakfast shakes and milk juice smoothies

The Complete Breakfast Milk Juice Smoothie, with Vitamins A, D and E, calcium and fiber from DSM is colored with beta-carotene, a vibrant, safe and stable alternative to other colorants. The company also offers a Vanilla-Cinnamon Breakfast Shake made with heart-healthy ingredients including OatWell soluble oat fiber. The shake is 25% milk-based and 75% juice-based. DSM offers a broad portfolio of carotenoids for the coloration of dairy products, beverages and many food applications. 



Enzyme-modified cheeses boost flavor

Flavorchem Corp.’s line of enzyme modified cheeses offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional cheese ingredients with fewer calories, while still providing the same full-bodied flavor profile. EMC flavors are made from a special blend of natural cheese with added lipases and other natural food-grade enzymes, and are all-natural with no preservatives. They adapt easily to most food-processing systems and blend well with other ingredients and additives. Multiple cheese flavors are available from blue cheese to sharp Cheddar.



Lemon dill Greek yogurt dip

International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. and Ottens Flavors developed a Greek yogurt dip with a flavor that is a natural lemon emulsion and is water-soluble. Similar to cucumber dill dip, this product replaces the cucumber with lemon for a new element of freshness. As the Greek yogurt market has expanded, consumers are open to the idea of savory yogurt with the same health benefits. The lemon/dill combination is a perfect blend of Mediterranean flavors with a hint of fresh citrus and tang.



Soy protein isolates

ADM/Wild Flavors & Specialty Ingredients produces Clarisoy soy protein isolate which can add protein to a dairy containing beverage and/or replace some or all of the dairy content. Vegetable proteins are a renewable source that can satisfy the increased emphasis on higher protein content.  With the combination of soy protein isolates, natural flavors and flavor modification technology, customers can achieve good-tasting vegan options to traditional dairy products. For example, the company demonstrated the ingredient in a vegan soft-serve ice cream at this year’s IFT show.



Natural colorings for ice cream

Natural-colored ice cream for flavors such as blue moon can use DDW's light stable spirulina. Ice cream developers can also create custom blends of spirulina and turmeric for pistachio and mint greens or blends of spirulina and red beet for blueberry flavors. The company’s specialty beta-carotene with red hue achieves an appealing strawberry hue in milk without using FD&C colors. The coloring may replace carmine and has improved stability over red beet. Compliance includes kosher, halal and vegan.




Ganeden and Sensus America together have created Frutalose PRO, a liquid prebiotic, chicory root fiber syrup blended with the highly stable probiotic, GanedenBC30. Frutalose PRO was created by combining chicory root-based Frutalose SF75, which is a prebiotic liquid inulin fiber, with the probiotic GanedenBC30. It allows food and beverage manufactures to design products that provide a multitude of health benefits. This highly stable ingredient combination is a low-calorie and low-sugar, clinically-proven symbiotic designed to maximize health benefits.



Vegetable whole-protein ingredient

Mankai, a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with high nutritional value, is offered through Hinoman. The protein can be added to dairy smoothies, yogurt drinks and plain yogurt. Mankai is an aquacultured source of vegetable protein with high nutritional value. The company’s hydroponic technology enables it to grow the product faster, and in large quantities, without pesticides, while guaranteeing a high protein content of at least 45% by dry weight. Due to its small particle size, it can be easily incorporated in its natural form into food or beverage applications.



Functional milk ingredients

Ingredia, in conjunction with Cayuga milk ingredients, offers its Promilk range of products. Promilk 852A and Promilk CC07 are designed for the manufacturing of traditional cream cheese with technology without whey separation. Promilk CC07 is a functional milk ingredient with excellent rehydration properties and brings a dairy and fresh taste to cream cheese. Promilk 852A has a high protein and calcium level and an ideal nutritional profile. This protein is used to produce the quark-based cream cheese.



Glucoraphanin ingredient sourced from broccoli

Brassica Protection Products has rebranded its SGS brand of glucoraphanin to truebroc, which will continue to deliver at least 13% glucoraphanin, the most concentrated source of glucoraphanin from broccoli currently on the market. Glucoraphanin is an important phytonutrient found in broccoli that naturally works with the body’s own protective enzyme systems to provide a significant number of health benefits. truebroc glucoraphanin is extracted from seeds grown in the U.S. using a proprietary water-extraction method.



Line of masking flavors

Prosweet is an extensive line of masking flavors from Virginia Dare that can be used to mask bitterness, soy notes, protein bitterness, vitamins, minerals, non-nutritive sweeteners, amino acids and botanicals in applications like beverages, protein shakes, soy products, energy drinks, vitamin fortified beverages and more. There are about 80 variations of Prosweet. The masking flavors are available in liquid and dry, natural, all-natural, natural and artificial, non-GMO, and organic-compliant forms. The company demonstrated Prosweet in a Chai-flavored protein shake at the IFT show to mask a protein blend (pea, rice and hemp).



Bold, vibrant shades with natural colors

The new Pure-S Natural Color range from Sensient Colors enables unique solutions that employ some of Nature's most vibrant color sources. The company states it is more viable than ever to replace synthetic or less desirable natural colors such as carmine and achieve shade targets. The natural colors allow for pure and simple (clean) labeling options. The cClean purification technologies to obtain the colors do not use resins, and there are no off-flavor or odor notes.