Fill and seal bagger for shredded cheese

Solitaire, a continuous motion, high-speed, vertical form fill and seal bagger from Viking Masek Global Packaging Technologies features a rugged stainless steel frame built with minimal maintenance requirements. The bagger has memory storage for 100 product types and is sanitary and suitable for dairy products. While speeds depend on product fill weight and piece size, the Solitaire’s maximum speed is 150 cycles per minute. Integrated with a variety of fillers, printers, metal detectors, label applicators, and checkweighers, it is an efficient and cost-friendly solution within the shredded cheese market.



100-valve filler for single-serve bottles

Federal Mfg.’s 100-valve machine fills dairy products into single-serve bottles at speeds up to 1,100 per minute.  This machine’s stainless steel construction is certified to meet 3-A sanitary standards. This 100-valve model was designed with advanced CIP systems to make cleaning effective and efficient and with a two-piece, modular base to ensure ease of shipment and installation. The fillers can be customized to a processor’s specs. 



Gable-top packaging fill machine

Evergreen Packaging Equipment’s EQ-70 gable-top packaging machine is designed to serve dairy, juice and liquid food markets. Extended-long-life components include a self-contained CIP/SIP system, environmental control features, carton decontamination and a hermetic filling system to maintain product quality. The machine has fill volumes of 6- to 32-ounce (180 milliliters to 1 liter), the system fills quarts/liters up to 7,000 cph and fractionals up to 9,000 cph with a three-stage top-down fill system.



All servo-driven filler for ice cream

The new Lynx from DariFill is an all servo-driven filler with 4-wide cup, pint, quart and large container capability. With variegate, inclusion and wet or dry topping capability, this filler allows high-speed production of complex, layered or simple products with heat-seal and skirted lids. Open construction product valves allow crisp variegate patterns at the valve with large inclusions.



Cost-effective ESL filling system

Fogg Filler’s new LT series is available in all of the company’s filler platforms. While mechanically it possesses the same components as Fogg’s other fully featured machines, this series comes with only the basic features and options for a cost-conscious buyer. This machine is ideal for a customer who is not trying to break the mold of traditional filling in the ESL market. The features simplified electronic controls and HMI as an option. CIP rings replace the recovery trough system for a simple cleaning process. The ball-float level control system and basic options has turned this into a more affordable option for anyone looking to start-up, replace existing or add on to a current filling operation, according to the company.



Filler for low-acid aseptic liquid foods, beverages

Fres-co System USA’s FSU1000 is a fully automated vertical form, fill and seal packaging machine designed specifically for low-acid aseptic multiviscosity liquid food and beverages with or without particulates. The equipment is constructed with all FDA-validated 300 series stainless steel, and it can output up to 500 ppm, depending on pouch volume, product characteristics and the number of lanes. The system works with a variety of multiple high-barrier films. Finished packages are three-sided and four-sided sealed pouches with a capacity range up to 10 liters.



Filling system for half-gallons, fractional sizes

Galdi’s RG270UCS filling system is capable of filling half-gallon, quart and fractional sizes. A double diaphragm system allows the machine to fill a wide range of products and volumes, with a filling accuracy of ± 1 g per 1000 ml. The ESL options preserve product integrity and assist in maintaining shelf-life through the carton sterilization system with controlled H2O2 applications. It’s engineered for a reduction in maintenance upkeep and an overall improvement in performance and reliability, according to the company.



Filler designed for HDPE and PET container handling

GEA’s Whitebloc is a new technology concept specifically designed for the dairy industry that is ideal for HDPE and PET container handling. It is available for all ESL and aseptic product applications. The technology allows the filling of beverages with different pH levels (from high acid to low acid) and either ESL or shelf-stable ones on the same system, by using a completely dry technology based on H2O2 treatment. To prevent bottles being re-contaminated after the H2O2 treatment, the filler/capper zone is surrounded by a sterile air flow.



Bottle filling lines available in multiple spouts

Hinds-Bock multispout bottle fillers are available in pneumatic piston, servo-piston and servo-pump versions, and ideal for products ranging from thin brines to viscous soups with large particulates as well as creams. Many features are available including neck centering for locating narrow neck bottles, servo-driven multispeed diving spout bridge for bottom-up filling, hopper agitation, heated machines and quick change over and sanitizing, for modest to high-speed applications. These bottle lines are perfect for producing creams, cheese and more.



Liquid product fillers in clean, ultra-clean, aseptic formats

IMA Dairy & Food’s Erca EF 320L FFS machine can process upwards of 20,000 cups per hour at 18 to 30 cycles per minute, and has a maximum forming depth of 100mm. It is available in clean, ultra-clean, and aseptic formats.  For ultra-clean hygienic operations, the machine can incorporate a Class 10 laminar flow system or tunnel suitable for sanitization, a Class 100 laminar flow system over the lidding foil zone and machine inlet, an UVC area for lidding foil and a bacteriological filter for the forming air. The machines are designed to fill a wide range of liquid products at different outputs and hygiene levels – including aseptic filling – efficiently and at high capacity.



Foamless, dripless valves for use in high-speed filling

Nimco developed the new Nimsik foamless and dripless valves for beverage and food products that are designed for products that produce a high rate of foam in high-speed filling operations. These valves also have a unique design to prevent any excess dripping of product that is heavy or difficult to control.



Ice cream filler makes flutes, decorative patterns

New fill valve technologies provide visually appealing product appearance to attract the customer, according to Gram Equipment. Whether the product is cones, cups, sundaes or gelato, Gram’s specialized filling equipment is available to fill product with flutes, add rosettes, provide decorative syrup patterns, and add small and/or large particles and more.



25 kilogram bag fillers

Powder Process-Solutions can integrate a precise and accurate 25 kilogram bag filler into a bulk powder processing system. The bag filling systems comply with food and dairy hygiene standards. The dust-free design allows for a high level of accuracy, sanitation and ease of use. Features include a modular design that allows for flexibility and growth.



Rotary and straight-line filling machines

A.T.S. Engineering Inc. custom designs and manufactures rotary and straight-line machines designed to package a variety of liquid and viscous products such as cottage cheese, sour cream, yogurt, ricotta, ice cream, juices, dips and more. Its straight-line, multilane machines run up to 320 cups per minute to meet high-volume production requirements. The machines are designed for rapid changeover and can be configured to run multiple container sizes simultaneously.



Versatile filling machine for cheeses, cultured dairy

Vemag fillers from Reiser work for all types of filling, depositing and portioning applications. The system allows processors to run a variety of different products with minimal changeover time. It can handle processed cheese, cheese dips and spreads, sour cream and more. The filler features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides high levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw transports product  gently without overworking it. Its dripless valve attachment is a filling head that connects to the Vemag filler, and it fills cups, trays and packages accurately and gently without mess or container contamination.



Semi-automatic dual head volumetric filler

The TD Sawvel Model 118-AAA is a semi-automatic dual head volumetric filler featuring continuous product flow. It is designed for filling fresh churned butter or similar products that do not seek their own level. The filler is built with 316 stainless steel for all product contact surfaces and designed to meet 3-A sanitary standards. The system features the telescopic bottom-up volumetric filling, with speeds up to 7 cpm and an automatic container discharge. Container sizes range from 20- to 68-pound boxes. Automatic check weight and top-off station are available as an option.



Fillers offering 30% reduced electrical consumption

Sidel’s Matrix offers 98% efficiency and up to 30% reduction in electrical consumption for its fillers, according to the company.  The range of fillers comprises three models: the SF100FM for still beverages with little or no conductivity; the SF300FM for both still and carbonated drinks; and the SF700FM for still, pulpy hot filled beverages or liquids containing particles.



Flexible filling machine for carton packs

The CFA 1224-36 filling machine for combiblocXSlim carton packs is based on the high-speed technology from SIG Combibloc. Each carton pack is shaped and the base sealed inside the filling machine. The product, which has already been sterilized using UHT equipment, is then filled into the sterilized carton packs in the aseptic zone of the filling machine. After the filling process, the cartons are ultrasonically sealed above the fill level and not through the product. For carton packs with the same base dimensions, switching between different fill volumes can be done within minutes. The filler’s flexibility allows packaging changes on the running machine.