Sanitary pump for efficiency and food safety

The EcoPure pump from SPX Flow increases efficiency, reliability and safety in traditional hygienic centrifugal pump applications by using high-powered drive magnets and very efficient impellers in a design without mechanical seals. Ideal for pumping whey or raw milk, there is no need for seal maintenance and no risk of product contamination through seal failure, according to the manufacturer. The pump delivers significant benefits in enhanced food safety, reduced maintenance requirements, improved reliability and increased pump availability.



Positive displacement pump with all stainless steel gear box

The Alfa Laval SRU positive displacement pump is now constructed with an all stainless steel gear box – resulting in an all stainless steel pump. Each new SRU pump will feature a corrosion-free all stainless steel exterior finish, which eliminates gear box paint flaking or rusting for easier and cleaner washdown. The pump is also a hygienic, 3-A-compliant pump constructed with 316L wetted components. It’s a CIP pump, which reduces overall cleaning time as well as potential pump damage.



Pump with front-loading seal

The ZP3 pump from Ampco Pumps offers a patented front-loading seal. This seal is designed to 3-A Sanitary Standards, is ATEX-certified and has passed the EHEDG clean-ability certification process. The ZP3 includes a 304 stainless steel gear case standard.  In addition to being fully clean-in-place, the seal can be serviced without the need to remove the body and piping. The pump offers a standard four-way mounting pad, multiple access grease fittings and helical gears. 



Easy and safe sampling valves

The Dixon 3A sampling valves allow easy and safe sampling of liquids from closed systems such as vessels and pipelines in dairy, food and beverage markets. It features process clamp connections from ½-inch to 4-inch, single and dual ports available in ¼ inch, 3/8 inch and ½ inch weld ends. It’s available with manual or pneumatic actuators and an optional self-closing lever or open position lever. The valve body is manufactured from 316L bar stock with PTFE bellow seals. Repair kits are available and no special tools are needed.



Metering pumps and dispensers

Fluid Metering Inc. (FMI) provides a wide range of valveless metering pumps and dispensers for the dairy industry. FMI pumps and dispensers use the manufacturer’s CeramPump valveless pumping principle. The CeramPump utilizes one moving part, a sapphire-hard ceramic piston, to perform all fluid control functions, eliminating valves typically present in low-volume metering technologies.



Electromotive process valve

The innovative process controller valve Type 3361 from Burkert is a solution for demanding control tasks and operating conditions. The electromotive actuator with ball screw positions the control cone with highest precision. A unique feature is its high positioning speed of 6 mm/s that reacts quasi delay-free to process signals, and can be varied according to customer demands. It has a weather-, impact- and vibration-resistant design. It also has high precise and fast flow control.



Two-way hygienic stainless steel diverter valve

The Coperion WYK two-way diverter valve is ideally suited for inline material handling of hygienic and difficult-to-handle powders, such as whey, lactose, dried milk and infant formula. This valve can be used in pneumatic conveying systems, in order to divert transfer of the powder to different locations. The fully automatic CIP cleaning design permits complete purging of all product residues after the automatic cleaning process. Due to a unique retractable rotor assembly, the rotor can be pulled slightly out of the housing towards the rear of the valve, thus allowing the cleaning solution to rinse all product contact surfaces within the valve.



Redesigned Positive displacement pump

Fristam’s FKL-A 580 positive displacement pump is the newest model in the redesigned FKL-A Series. It features a rounded split-style gearbox and labyrinth oil seals. It’s also the largest positive displacement pump to include a stainless steel gearbox option, according to the company. The durable pump handles pressures to 300 psi and displaces 1.82 gal/rev. It is also the first close-clearance sanitary PD pump line to be designed for “true CIP,” needing nothing removed from the pump for CIP, according to the company. Everything, including the cover and rotors, remains in place.



Self-calibrating control top valve

The new intelligent and self-calibrating TVIS A15 control top from GEA North America is designed and built to IP69K protection class. The TVIS A15 can withstand the tough washdown environments of modern U.S. dairies. In addition, the Vestamid construction material is able to withstand the harsh chemical washdowns. It is also capable of withstanding very high pipeline hammer or vibrations occurrences due to its integrated electronics. The ability to self-calibrate removes the necessity of time-consuming manual proximity switch adjustments needed in older control modules, it also has an all-important semi-automatic calibration mode to allow new control top set-up during plant production.



Fill valve hygienic and aseptic processes

Pentair Südmo’s SVP Select valve range for hygienic and aseptic processes now includes a design that is ideal for product intake on filling machines. The valve features a unique actuator design that, when used in combination with an aseptic stem and high-performance seals, provides long operating cycles even though the cycle speed is high. The valve provides long service life and depending on the operating pressure, can reach up to four cycles per second. This valve can be used on any filling equipment or high-speed operation for yogurt, ice cream, cheese block formers and other applications that use air-actuated valves with high cycle counts. 



Fast clean rotary valves

Powder Process-Solutions’ HDMF Heavy-Duty Modular Fast Clean rotary valves are operator-friendly sanitary rotary valves that provide powder processors increased productivity with the patented Rotalign self-centralizing bearing assembly. The unique design reduces downtime to clean and inspect the valve’s internals, significantly improving productivity, especially when frequent cleaning is required. No special tools are needed to access the inside of rotary valve, which offers access to both end covers simultaneously.



Heavy-duty rotary valves ensure sealing, feeding efficiency

The RotaVal Heavy Duty (HD) rotary valve series is designed and constructed to ensure a high-sealing and feeding efficiency with maximum durability. The series offers a wide range of interchangeable components and design features to ensure that a suitable unit can be specified to the requirements of almost any application. Suitable for use in the food industry, the HD series covers 2 inches up to 29 inches. The series is also available in a modular, fast clean version.



Control valve with modular design

The Spirax Sarco Spira-trol control valve has a modular design concept, which can incorporate many options within a single body envelope.  This leads to a low number of components and a highly flexible system. These valves are easy to maintain and do not require any special seat removal due to their “clamp in” design, resulting in reduced downtime and cost of ownership. This free-floating design provides the user with longer stem seal life and better valve shut-off performance. Also, the valve features a balanced trim option for high differential pressures.



Easy CIP mix proof valves

The Hygienic PMO Mix Proof Valve N2 offers all advantages of a Rieger mix proof valve by additionally holding the PMO allowance. The N2 has only four seals in contact with the product which reduces maintenance time and spare part costs to a minimum. The simple structured building block system of valves is combined with the highest demands on hygienic design and cleanability. This makes the valves easy to clean in place. Assembly/disassembly can easily be done without special tools. Materials in contact with the product are 316L and all seals in product space are FDA-compliant. Various body configurations are possible.



Ball valve offers modularity and versatility

The Type 546 ball valve from GF Piping Systems offers complete modularity and versatility achieved through its multifunctional module, pneumatic or electric actuation, and wide range of accessories. The valve is suitable for use across a wide spectrum of applications including dairy, food and beverage. With a choice of five materials and 10 different sizes from 3/8 inches to 4 inches, users can select one valve series to fit virtually any requirement. The Type 546 Valve is available in polypropylene, PVC, CPVC, ABS, and PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and can be pneumatically or electrically actuated using its multifunctional module.



Submersible pumps for hot, corrosive or noncorrosive liquids

BJM Fahrenheit pumps are long-lasting pumps suited specifically for hot, corrosive or noncorrosive liquids up to 200 F. The pumps are standard or high-head, side-discharge sump pumps. Available configurations include shredder pumps, slurry pumps with agitator, dewatering pumps and vortex solids handling pumps. Most series are available in either cast iron or 316 SS.