Gable-top packaging machine with special features to maintain product quality

The EQ-70 gable top packaging machine from Evergreen Packaging features servo-driven technology for repeatable package performance. It automatically controls fill volumes and profiles based on product and carton size for the dairy and liquid food markets. With fill volumes of 6 to 32 ounces, it fills quarts/liters up to 7,000 cph and fractionals up to 9,000 cph. Infinite fill adjustments allow for quick changes to fill volume and carton height. Extended long life components include a self-contained CIP/SIP system, environmental control features, carton decontamination and a hermetic filling system.



Ice cream filler allows for high-speed production in various capabilities

The Lynx from DariFill is an all-servo driven filler with four-wide cup, pint, quart and large container capability. With variegate, inclusion, and wet or dry topping capability this filler allows for high-speed production of complex, layered or simple products with heat seal and skirted lids. Open construction product valves allow crisp variegate patterns at the valve with large inclusions.



Designed for packaging cream cheese

The HCC filling line from Hart Design & Manufacturing is designed to reliably fill and package cream cheese with a capacity of 90 grams and 1 kilogram volumes. The line improves the dependability of cream cheese packaging with its servo-controlled, polished stainless steel pouchmaker, conveyor and filling station. The pouchmaker section forms a pouch from roll stock material by running it through a series of dancer rolls, forming board and nose piece to make a gusseted bottom pouch.



Sanitary rotary filling and capping systems

Filler Specialties offers a full range of models of sanitary rotary filling and capping systems for speeds from 20 bottles per minute to more than 600. Features include sanitary design, gear drive with perfect timing ratios for optimum bottle handling, EMV external mount filling valves and optional ESL clean-in-place filling valves. Cappers include standard screw cappers, FH-917 cappers with lube-free spindles, and pick and place cappers. Optional machine enclosures include standard safety and Ultra Clean with HEPA filtration and internal sanitizing systems.



Ensures product integrity, production flexibility, cost efficiency and sustainability

Sidel offers a PET aseptic filling solution with dry preform decontamination. The company’s patented technology — Sidel Predis — uses hydrogen peroxide mist to sterilize the preforms. Injected into the preforms just before they enter the oven, the peroxide mist is activated during the existing preform heating stage. Similarly, for cap decontamination, is its Capdis. By integrating preform decontamination, blowing and filling functions with cap decontamination in a single enclosure, the aseptic Combi Predis ensures a completely sterile filled and capped PET bottle with a 100% dry aseptic solution.



Upgraded compact rotary machine focuses on product safety

The compact RFS-Series machines from Osgood Industries, a Bosch Packaging Technology group company, match the output of a comparable inline machine. With features that prioritize product safety, ease of use and increased uptime, the machine fills, seals and caps pre-made cups for a broad range of dairy and food products. Capable of handling smaller cups at 9,600 cups per hour, the four-lane rotary filler is equipped with a new harmonized pump design. RFS-Series machines are available in 1-6 UP; can be configured for a variety of applications; seals with pre-die cut foils or roll stock film; in clean and ultra-clean execution and feature three major electronic formats.



Aseptic laboratory fillers with automated sterilization

MicroThermics offers aseptic laboratory fillers with models for 250 and 500 bottles per hour. These fillers can be integrated with the company’s laboratory and small-scale UHT, HTST and Aseptic processing equipment to create a complete laboratory aseptic processing line. Clients can simulate the entire production process and fill into consumer style 250 milliliter or 500 milliliter plastic bottles. They feature commercial-grade automated sterilization of filling chamber, continuous sterilization of bottles and caps, and continuous filling of bottles in a sterile atmosphere.



Hygienically designed solutions for improved product safety

Bosch Packaging Technology offers solutions from low- to high-speed filling in different hygienic levels to match production needs as well as those for changeover and cup format flexibility. The Osgood rotary fill and seal machine for pre-made cups and the latest Ampack aseptic linear fill and seal machine for pre-made cups were developed to address key market requirements, such as hygienic operation, from low to high output, compact spaces and ease of use.



Designed for filling pre-made pouches of various dairy products

The CHP4H 3A-17 Ultra Clean from Cheer Pack North America was engineered for filling yogurt and other low-acid dairy products. It is certified to USA 3A-17 standard and was specifically designed for pre-made spouted pouches. The CHP4H is capable of filling at speeds of 160 pouches per minute, or 36 million pouches annually. It offers versatile fill for volumes from 40 milliliter to more than 500 milliliter. It features a compact footprint and quick size change. The fillers can be customized to meet other applications and volumes.



ESL filling lines for the dairy industry

To fulfill the ESL needs of dairies, Linker Equipment offers a Monoblock for milk filling and capping. It is equipped with a bottle rinser, completely sterilizing the inside and outside of the bottles by filling and overflowing them with a sterilant, which is then recirculated to maintain complete sterilization during production. Filling valves are equipped with electronic flow meters that prevent foaming. The bottle is then transferred to the capping station.



Continuous motion filling and sealing machine

Contitherm 162 from IMA Gasti features continuous motion with an output of 40,320 cups per hour. It also features filler housing with piston type pumps without moving gaskets; an automatic nozzle cleaning system; and extractable foil lid magazine for reload without machine stoppage. The machine has a high level of automation and accurate dosing. It is straightforward and efficient to operate and clean.



CIP trough system fully automated for ease of operation

Fogg Filler’s dairy CIP trough system meets all the latest 3-A standards. It is specially made to accommodate gallons and half-gallons. The reduction in moving parts keeps maintenance costs to a minimum. The materials, welds and angles used in the CIP trough are FDA-certified to ensure the best cleaning results from the CIP process. The CIP trough is fully covered to prevent anything from falling into the product.



Paperboard gable-top carton form-fill-and-seal machine

Nimco Corp.’s Model 570CPUC gable-top packaging machine is one of several systems the company offers. The supplier has units that can fill liquid or dry products in volumes from 4 ounces to 5 liters at filling speeds of four to 125 cartons per minute. The UltraClean ESL system helps extend the shelf-life of chilled products.



Filling machine for aseptically packaging milkshakes

SIG Combibloc offers the CFA 712, an aseptic filler for milkshakes. It can fill up to 12,000 carton packs per hour.



Ice cream novelty filler helps cut operating costs

The Tetra Pak Ice Cream Filler A3 produces up to 18,000 ice cream cones per hour and features three enhanced components. The cone dispenser is capable of handling different cones and cups. An easy-to-operate chocolate sprayer is said to have exceptional accuracy. A precise lid dispenser improves standardization. These features help manufacturers increase efficiency by reducing waste, minimizing stops and increasing overall speed, while ensuring product quality.



Fillers provide portioning accuracy, versatility and sanitation

Vemag fillers from Reiser are ideal for all types of filling, depositing and portioning applications. They allow processors to produce a variety of different products with minimal changeover time. The machines can handle all types of stiff and viscous dairy products. They feature a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that provides high levels of portioning accuracy. The double-screw gently transports products, and the dripless valve attachment fills cups, trays and packages accurately and gently without mess or container contamination.



Filling equipment for a wide range of dairy processing

Sawvel Automation’s model 113-AAA can fill products such as yogurt, sour cream, fresh crema, cottage cheese and processed cheese. The machine offers accurate scale-controlled filling and speeds up to 12 containers per minute. It handles 1 gallon to 6 gallon round or square containers in a right- or left-handed production flow. Fill temperatures range from 35 F to 200 F. All product contact surfaces are 316 stainless steel, and each includes a standard program for CIP cleaning.