J&J Whole Fruit Greek Frozen Yogurt StrawberryNew Jersey-based J&J Snack Foods introduced Whole Fruit Sorbet & Greek Frozen Yogurt. The new frozen dessert product, which recently hit store shelves, offers a swirled pairing of the company's most popular sorbets with Greek frozen yogurt. The treat contains pieces of real fruit in a re-sealable, portion controlled cup.

J&J Whole Fruit Greek Frozen Yogurt RaspberryThe low-fat Greek frozen yogurt is swirled with three sorbet varieties including raspberry, strawberry and mango. It contains 100 calories and 4 grams of protein per serving. It also contains probiotics, including Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

The Whole Fruit brand is the first to offer this unique swirl of sorbet and Greek frozen yogurt to the category, according to the company. The frozen dessert will be sold in 4-count boxes of 4-ounce cups for a suggested retail price range of $3.99-$4.49.

The product currently can be found in Wegmans, ShopRite and Weis stores.

J&J Whole Fruit Greek Frozen Yogurt Mango

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