Admix’s Dynashear can complete mixing and hydration in just one quick pass, alleviating the complications when companies mix flavor and ingredient powders into liquids and the in-tank mixer takes a long time to mix or leaves agglomerates behind. Connected to the outlet of a mix tank, the Dynashear’s powerful dual-stage rotor/stator design provides extremely efficient powder wetting, dispersion, and full

emulsification of ingredients. Lab size models to a range of production size models are available, offering flow rates from 22-350 gallons per minute.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com/dynashear



The ZP1+ Series Positive Displacement pump from Ampco Pumps Co. is a unique patented design of the ZP1+. It is an improvement to the proven COP-style circumferential piston pumps in the industry. The ZP1+ uses a front-loading seal design that makes it easy to perform seal maintenance in crowded production spaces and hard-to-reach pump installations by simply removing the front cover and rotors. Piping can remain attached and does not need to be removed from the pump to access the seal. The ZP1+ is available in five sizes beginning with model size 30 and larger. Each model size has two seal options.

414-643-1852; www.ampcopumps.com/zp1-plus-series



Avioincar’s plastic aging racks are used for ripening, brining, and drying cheeses, allowing optimal ventilation and support of the products. The grilling allows greater ventilation for a better seasoning and less mold formation. The stackable grill is used for salting, drying, and aging of cheeses. The grid is ideal for maturing cheeses, and is perforated and raised in order to allow optimal air circulation to improve and accelerate the maturing process and reduce the formation of mold. The grid is stackable and has three heights: 150, 180, and 210 mm. Sturdy and stable, the racks can also be easily stacked on euro pellets or on wheels. The racks are made of food-grade polypropylene, can be washed, and are suitable for storage and transport with a special trolley.

+39 335 6751190; www.avioincar.it



Fromagex works closely with its customers and suppliers to optimize the quality of their production and the efficiency of their operations. The company partners with Technical and has focused on designing and manufacturing machinery and complete turnkey installations in cheese production processes since 2001. The company’s cheesemaking vats provide high efficiency and yield, are automated and reliable, flexible, and range in size from 4,500 to 34,000 pounds. Designed with a horizontal bi-circular shape (double-O) that increases the surface ratio curd/volume for faster heat transmission and even distribution, the vats also offer precise reversible cutting and agitation with speed control for highly uniform grain size and fines minimization. There is a double asymmetrical cone bottom with only one outlet for complete, quick emptying, and they are USDA-compliant and 3-A certified with a user-friendly interface and automatic pre-draw system that removes up to 70% of whey.

866-437-6624; www.fromagex.com



Hart Design & Manufacturing has partnered with MilkyLAB to offer a wide range of cheesemaking equipment. Since 1980, MilkyLAB has designed and produced equipment and production lines with automatic systems for the production of mozzarella, pizza cheese, analogue mozzarella, string cheese, spread/processed cheese, and ricotta. The compact models combine stretching-molding machines all-in-one, using steam or hot water, which is ideal for small/medium productions of analogue mozzarella, string cheese, pizza cheese, and processed cheeses. Equipped with an electrical steam generator (Italian patent) to produce the steam during the stretching phase, they provide considerable energy savings and an increased final product yield.

920-468-5927; www.hartdesign.com



Koss Industrial offers fully engineered solutions and manufacturing of Hot Temp Shot Time (HTST) and Batch Pasteurization equipment, using the highest quality hygienic fluid handling gear such as Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers, pumps, and valves. Whether the needs are a HTST or its 3A approved batch pasteurizer, the company has solutions for dairy processors. The company also provides turnkey solutions including electrical controls, integration, and installation. With 45 years of experience around the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance, every pasteurizer that is built has the hygienic needs of the end user in mind for a quality product.

800-844-6261; www.kossindustrial.com/



For more than 170 years, Kusel has been building high-quality cheesemaking equipment and sanitary stainless steel drains in Wisconsin. The company’s CK Vat with SR Agitator is designed to allow the cheesemaker the flexibility to make a variety of cheeses. The triple wall design with a full-length steam jacket carries steam up the sides and ends to ensure distribution over the entire surface of the inner liner of the vat, eliminating hot spots and uncooked curd. The SR Agitator offers an intuitive touchscreen controls interface featuring independently programmable traversing and stir speeds for precise control.

920-261-4112; www.kuselequipment.com



The Vemag Cheese Block Former from Reiser extrudes exact-weight blocks from cheese trim and off-cuts. It is a superior solution for reducing waste and increasing yields and profits. The Vemag Cheese Block Former produces a wide variety of cheese block shapes and sizes. It is USDA dairy accepted and features a powerful, positive displacement double-screw pump that has highly accurate portioning. The double-screw transports product gently and without crushing or smearing. The Vemag extrudes blocks

with a consistent thickness and width. A cutoff device controls the length of the product

and ensures exact-weight portions with clean, even edges.

781-821-1290; www.reiser.com



Relco offers its SVC Cottage Cheese Vat for dairy processors. With more than 275 installed worldwide, this 3A-certified design is constructed with 304 stainless steel and can be built with capacities up to 6,000 gallons. The company’s innovative VertiStir sanitary agitation system provides gentle elliptical movement for exceptional curd suspension. Every aspect of this vat was designed to maximize yields and maintain product consistency, all with ease of operation and cleanability in mind. The SVC Cottage Cheese Vat complements a full line of cheesemaking equipment offered by the company.

320-231-2210; www.relco.net


SPX Flow’s Plantly is a plant-based cheese process line. The novel cheese-making process is highly optimized, offering all types of cheeses like spreadable, soft, semi-hard, hard, and pizza topping. The process is honed for clean-label recipes with or without protein, and the line is highly flexible and suited for multipurpose production – an innovative and sustainable process. The pilot line is available for trials at ENIL, Mamirolle, in France.

+4523110861; www.spxflow.com



Stäubli Robotics has been instrumental in helping food processing companies around the world create cleaner, safer and more productive applications. Stäubli’s four- and six-axis Humid Environment (HE) robotic solutions ensure coverage for every aspect of the cheesemaking process, from curd slicing to cheese slab cutting, to moving cheese blocks, to primary and secondary handling, to packaging and palletization. Staubli’s HE robotic arms are a leader in food processing, due to a unique hygienic design that eliminates the risk of contamination while optimizing efficiency and productivity. They are also engineered to withstand the intensive wash-down processes required to ensure the safety of the consumers.

864-433-1980; www.staubli.com/en-us/