Perfect for the preparation of cheese starter solutions, the Admix Fastfeed powder induction and dispersion system instantly delivers starter free of lumps and agglomerates. Whether inducting protein powders, stabilizers, gums, or starches, all ingredients are rapidly wetted and dispersed — reducing mix times by 50% or more, Admix says. An inline system, the Fastfeed reduces dusting and air entrainment compared to conventional in-tank mixers. The Fastfeed also eliminates burn-on in plate heat exchangers. Contact Admix about increasing yields, reducing downtime, and achieving a lower total cost of ownership with the Fastfeed.

800-466-2369; www.admix.com



Advanced Process Technologies (APT) says its flagship product, the Advanced cheese vat (ACV), was developed to provide the industry with a design proven to enhance performance in cheesemaking operations. APT’s line of cheesemaking equipment also includes an Advanced dosing system, designed for accurate metering of ingredients. This system is sold as a companion to the ACV or as a stand-alone system integrated into existing vat systems already in use. The company also offers an enclosed Advanced finishing vat, a custom-designed Advanced cheese packaging line, and a complete bulk packaging conveyor system for applications ranging from a 640-pound hoop process to 500-pound barrels.

320-286-5060; www.apt-inc.com



Ampco Pumps says the patented ZP1+ and ZP3 series of positive-displacement pumps address the cheese industry’s need for gentle handling of viscous product. The ZP1+ and ZP3 series pumps also feature an advanced front-loading seal design that reduces seal maintenance from hours to minutes by allowing production-line piping to remain in place while granting easy access to either O-ring or mechanical seals. The ZP3 series takes sanitary standards to a higher level, as it is designed for clean in place without modification or loss of efficiency. It also has reduced product dead zones — increasing its hygienic performance. The series results in reduced maintenance costs, reduced production downtime, and improved sanitary hygiene. 

414-643-1852; www.ampcopumps.com/zp-series-pumps



CEM Corp. says dairy processors have depended on its systems for more than 40 years for fast, accurate results. It provide AOAC-compliant solutions for rapidly measuring moisture, fat, protein, and ash in raw ingredients, in-process materials, and finished products. By focusing on using direct analysis, CEM’s innovative technologies provide the highest level of accuracy for any sample type — users do not have to deal with calibration maintenance or handling hazardous solvents. American-made, rugged and durable, CEM’s easy-to-operate systems help improve process control, saving time and money. The solutions are backed by CEM’s expert service team and a commitment to support customers.

704-821-7015; https://cem.com/



Deville Technologies says it collaborates with its clients to understand their product requirements: Different cheese types require different consideration. Deville’s shredders, dicers, and crumblers are designed with a unique cutting principle and high sanitary standards top of mind. The company’s line can process a wide range of cheese types, including soft high-moisture cheese such as mozzarella, sticky cheese such as Edam or Gouda, and hard Parmesan. Deville’s advanced cutting technology offers the flexibility of shredding analogue cheeses and soy-based products. All of the company’s conveyors feature a cantilever design and hinged covers — making them easy to disassemble and wash down.

866-404-4545; www.devilletechnologies.com



Hart Design & Manufacturing says it now offers equipment optimized for customers getting started in the market. The HCC-25 (for cream cheese) and HPC-25 (for process cheese) models produce filled, sealed packages (pouches in cartons) at rates up to 25 parts per minute. Modern systems with touchscreen controls, the HCC-25/HPC-25 equipment lines automatically produce pouches from roll stock and precisely fill, seal and discharge packages. Designed to meet CE/USDA standards, the sanitary equipment features easy “plug-and-play” setup with minimal maintenance. Achieve accurate results with the HCC-25/HPC-25 or one of Hart’s high-speed filling and packaging lines. Contact the company to find the best style for your needs.

920-468-5927; www.hartdesign.com



Easily press large quantities of cheese in a small footprint. Koss Industrial says its custom A-frame cheese presses are made of durable stainless steel and are designed for ease of operation, efficient use of space, and optimal drainage. The presses are available in two-row to 10-row designs or custom configurations; their vertical design uses less floor space. The equipment offers even, reliable pressure with individual cylinder controls. As stacks are compressed, more hoops can be added, and angled stacks provide optimal drainage. A base pan collects and drains whey. The presses can be used with rectangular or round cheese hoops; they are ideal when paired with the company’s 20- and 40-pound Wilson-style cheese hoops. The equipment meets USDA sanitary standards.

800-844-6261; www.kossindustrial.com



The P2MA halogen moisture analyzer From Page & Pedersen International Ltd. automatically assesses moisture content in cheese. The total moisture content of cheeses is significant in fundamental economic, functional, and regulatory aspects. Moisture in cheese impacts a number of tipping points in the production process, from packaging considerations to labeling and shelf life, including affinage or aging. The P2MA assists in improving a variety of day-to-day decisions impacting product safety, quality, labeling, shelf life, and profitability. The P2MA moisture analyzer reports moisture in a timely and reliable manner, taking the guesswork out of many key process management decisions, thereby helping to ensure proper product and profit outcomes, Page & Pedersen says.

508-435-5966; www.pagepedersen.com



Pick Heaters says its sanitary cookers are the perfect choice for dairy heating applications and nitrogen gas injection. Pick’s SC Cookers are 3-A Sanitary Standards authorized and used worldwide for dairy products such as process cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, whey, and clean-in-place solution. Pick’s compact, energy-efficient systems instantaneously heat products at flow rates from 250 to 250,000 pounds per hour with precise temperature control and without creating damaging product shear or messy burn on. Pick’s SC Cookers are an economical alternative to heat exchangers or sonic velocity eductors. Complete skid-mounted systems come fully assembled and are designed to fit in even the most compact footprint.

262-338-1191; www.pickheaters.com



The Vemag cheese block former from Reiser is a superior solution for producing a wide variety of cheese block shapes and sizes. This solution repurposes cheese trim, ends, scraps and other off-cuts to produce exact-weight cheese blocks — eliminating waste and increasing yields and profits. The USDA Dairy Accepted Vemag features a powerful positive-displacement double-screw pump that provides highly accurate portioning. The double-screw pump transports product gently and without crushing or smearing. The Vemag extrudes blocks with a consistent thickness and width. A cutoff device controls the length of the product and ensures exact-weight portions with clean, even edges.

781-821-1290; www.reiser.com



According to Koch Separations Solutions and Relco, standardizing cheese milk using ultrafiltration (UF) has proven to be very successful in increasing efficiency for cheesemakers, especially for cheddar and mozzarella styles. The key benefit for producers lies in reducing seasonal and regional variations in milk composition. The consistent casein-to-fat ratio maintains cheese texture and quality while streamlining manufacturing operation for gel firmness, cutting, etc. UF also supports a higher protein percentage in the cheese milk, which produces more pounds of cheese per vat and increases yields. Koch Separations Solutions and Relco have the capability to design and build turnkey filtration units and supply membranes for your needs.

320-231-2331; www.kochseparation.com



According to Schenck Process, the MechaTron 3-A feeder was designed specifically for use in dairy industry process applications, including cheesemaking where equipment must meet 3-A Sanitary Standards levels or equivalent. All welds, radii, seals, surface finishes, gaskets, and contact, and noncontact materials meet 3-A Sanitary Standards. Available product features include AC and DC drive packages; an FDA/USDA accepted “Coni-Flex” flexible conical feed-hopper; helix configurations for feed rates from 0.30 to 330 cubic feet per hour; and an unmatched ability to disassemble, clean, reconfigure and service from the nonprocess side of the feeder. A domed hopper cover and open bottom frame speed up and optimize draining during and after wash-down cycles.  

262-473-2441; www.schenckprocess.com



Stäubli Robotics says it been instrumental in helping food-processing companies around the world create cleaner, safer, and more productive applications. Stäubli’s four- and six-axis humid environment (HE) robots were developed specifically for processes in hygienic environments. Staubli’s HE robotic solutions offer higher productivity and ensure coverage for every aspect of the cheesemaking process, including curd slicing, cheese slab cutting, moving cheese blocks, primary and secondary handling, packaging, and palletization. Staubli’s HE robotic arms have a hygienic design, fully enclosed and pressurized structure, full wash-down capability, compatibility with H1 food-grade oil, and unmatched technical performance.

864-433-1980; www.staubli.com/en-us/