Festo’s CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O enables expanded control and diagnostic capabilities to be added quickly and cost-effectively to dairy packaging machines and long-length conveying systems without the expense and time associated with extensive wiring and installing control cabinets. This new Ethernet-based system consists of intelligent bus nodes that are rated IP65/IP67 for versatility in mounting outside of a control panel, the company says. Additionally, CPX-AP-I bus nodes are compatible with all major control systems and increase the performance of pneumatic systems since valves are closer to actuators. Connection to IO-Link-enabled intelligent sensors is fast and simple. 




Many dairy products, from fluid milk to milk powders, are sold based on quality parameters. Incorporating methods to accurately measure these parameters is a must for dairy processing plants. NIR analysis is a proven technique that provides simultaneous measurements of moisture, fat, protein, lactose, solids, and other parameters that are essential to the production of dairy products, the company says. The SpectraStar XT-R Analyzer from KPM Analytics is a benchtop NIR instrument with the capability to quickly analyze virtually any sample type including solid, slurry, or liquid. SpectraStar is used to improve process control and final product quality, save costs and reduce waste.



The Affinity Integra-D, USDA, dairy-division-accepted dicer from Urschel provides the ultimate in sanitation with powerful, precision cutting. Its highly-polished, corrosive-resistant, non-porous, non-absorbent Ra32 stainless-steel finish is featured throughout the machine. The food zone is completely separate from the mechanical zone to ensure sanitation. The dicer accepts products up to 4.75” (120 mm). Powerful, precision cutting as the feed spindle and drum maintain positive feeding to promote controlled, exacting cuts, the company says. A 10 horsepower (7.5 kW) stainless steel motor delivers power to maximize capacity. A slice adjustment knob facilitates  dial and lock-in to hold true precision throughout production runs.




Weidenhammer, a recognized leader in premium, paper-based programs for 1.5 to 5 gallon size packaging and forming machinery used in ice cream, offers a wide portfolio of customer offerings in the dairy industry. In-plant forming machines deliver the greatest operational efficiency available with unsurpassed uptime, effective output, and operator preference. The state-of-industry, latest evolution of the product line has the highest output rate and level of automation for 100% metal-free packaging available. Package design elements drive differentiated value to the producer and brand, especially in the bulk frozen dessert category.