Milne MicroDried says its line of whole citrus products is available in fragments or powder, and features the whole orange, lemon, or lime: inside solids, pith, peel, and the oil. Milne MicroDried’s whole citrus products are shelf-stable and provide a bright and flavorful inclusion that has low micros and low water activity and is ready-to-eat. These citrus products can be used in yogurts, cheese, smoothies, ice creams, novelties, and more. 

509-781-4112; www.milnemicrodried.com


Icon Foods’ Varielite is a line of no-sugar-added variegates available in raspberry, dark cherry, blueberry, and mango flavors. Made from fruit pulp and using natural non-nutritive sweeteners, Varielite enables manufacturers to add ribbons of flavor and texture to ice creams, frozen dairy desserts, and more without adding sugar or sacrificing the taste consumers expect, Icon Foods says. Additional Varielite flavors, including peanut butter, hazelnut, and cinnamon roll, will be offered later this year.

310-455-9876; www.iconfoods.com


Balchem says its Glimmer variegates are a shiny, shimmery way to include fun in frozen treats. They are available in various colors. The company’s R&D team thrives on delivering the right experience to customers and developed this concept to meet the needs of the market. Glimmer variegates deliver a true sensory experience, and this advancement creates a rich flavor combined with a fun glimmery visual appeal. 

877-639-6002; www.balchem.com/human-nutrition-health 



Denali’s gooey baked chocolate truffle pieces are a fun and indulgent ingredient for ice cream. The company’s baked inclusions are made on a continuous oven designed for reduced clumping and ease of use in a fruit feeder. For the kid at heart, the R&D team also created a multicolor fruity cereal flake, formulated to melt in your mouth. These flakes explode with flavor, provide a fun visual in ice cream, and smell like your favorite childhood fruity cereal, the company says.

800-558-4333; www.denaliingredients.com



Parker Food Group says it offers its high-protein cookies in flavors that include chocolate, graham, and vanilla; they feature an average of 30 grams of protein per 100 grams. They are available in the company’s unique cookie gems, as well as crushed and whole cookie sizes. Formulas can be plant- or dairy-based, low-sugar, gluten-free, and have other claims. The cookies are designed to assist developers in fortifying their finished product with protein. They are their own source of protein so developers can focus more on flavor and performance of their product and worry less about masking flavors and hitting numbers. Custom formulas are available.



As the trend of Asian-inspired foods and flavors continues to grow in the U.S., Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. has answered consumer’s demand with its latest innovation, MochiMallow. This new inclusion combines the textures of mochi and marshmallow to create a perfectly chewy, sweet piece. According to Datassential, mochi has grown 35.3% on American menus in the past four years. As unfamiliar consumers become more exposed to Mochi, MochiMallow is the perfect combination of a trending product with a familiar twist. MochiMallow can be customized to any color or flavor to add novelty and texture to ice cream, yogurt, or other product ideation. 

(214) 631-3669; sales@pecandeluxe.com 



Chocolate Espresso Pillow candies from Star Kay White are a perfect balance of coffee candy coated in a rich dark chocolate for those who crave the sweetness of ice cream and the flavor of coffee. Adding these inclusions into ice cream is guaranteed to give any frozen treat the coffee kick that is sure to excite the coffee lover and ice cream lover alike, the company says.

845-268-2600; www.starkaywhite.com



Grown in the cool, marine climate of the Pacific Northwest, red raspberries from Washington Red Raspberry Commission suppliers are picked at the peak of ripeness, maintaining both flavor and color. Washington grows 90% of the domestic frozen red raspberry crop — packed as frozen whole raspberries, frozen whole/broken raspberries, dehydrated powder and fragments, seeded or seedless puree, and concentrate — which are the perfect complement to dairy products. Among these formats, Washington state growers offer a seedless, pasteurized puree that tastes like ripe berries off the cane in a puree format, packed with real fruit flavor and vibrant color, the commission notes.

360-354-8767; www.redrazz.org/professional/washington-red-raspberry-suppliers/