Crafting the perfect cheese starts with quality ingredients. Bell Flavors & Fragrances offers innovative flavors and application expertise that helps customers create signature dairy and dairy alternative profiles. Whether looking to amp up the heat with peppers, turn up the smoke factor, or reduce sodium in dairy products or other market products, Bell’s extensive flavor library and BellTech technologies deliver on-trend tastes and elevated eating experiences while keeping consumer insights and market trends top-of-mind. These flavors and technologies can easily be combined to help teams reimagine the art of cheesemaking and dairy/non-dairy product development.

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For brands eyeing the plant-based cheese alternative space, PURIS 2.0 pea protein developed by Cargill represents a significant advance. The new pea protein helps provide structure and functionality to vegan cheese, while offering an improved flavor profile and increased solubility. This combination of attributes results in plant-based dairy products, including vegan cheese, with better overall sensory profiles and allows formulators to achieve significantly higher protein levels. PURIS 2.0 delivers improved texture, creamier mouthfeel, and enhanced flavor, and when used alongside Cargill’s starches and lecithins, makes it possible to produce a plant-based cheese alternative with good functionality and meltdown.

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Thistlezyme is a 100% thistle rennet extraction produced by Enzyme Development Corp. at its USA-based factory in Scranton, Pa. It is kosher (Kof-K) and halal (IFANCA) certified. The powder and the liquid versions have standardized activities. With consistent enzyme activity from lot to lot, the guesswork regarding the potency of the enzyme is removed, so the cheesemaker can concentrate on the variables within the milk and not worry about the activity of the rennet. Thistlezyme is also non-GMO and meets the USDA organic requirements. It is a true vegetarian rennet that can produce cheeses with unique flavors and textures.

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Hilmar Cheese Co. offers its Hilmar TruSmoke, a hickory wood smoked curd, offers natural smoked cheeses that deliver clean labels with no discoloration and even flavor throughout the block. Smoked with Frantz natural 100% hickory hardwood Wundersmoke sawdust, which smokes cleanly with no binders or filler agents, its cheese is superior to both traditional and liquid smoked options. TruSmoke’s patented technology includes the benefit of utilization across a variety of applications without any added ingredients on the label or extra food handling. Hilmar produces large volumes of cost-effective cheeses that achieve a balanced, smoky flavor. We currently offer Hickory Smoked Cheddar, Gouda, and Provolone.

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Create flavorful and pleasing spiced products with freshly harvested red and green jalapeño peppers produced in Mexico. Nelson-Jameson offers high-quality pepper blends in a container size to suit company’s flavorful needs. Blends are diced and brined in a moist intermixture of dark green and bright, red jalapeno pepper with a scattering of creamy to white seeds. Peppers are packed in a combination of acid and salt to preserve product integrity and color. Blended mixes are perfect for cheeses, meat products, and salsas. Add more spice to your products, contact us today.

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For more than 26 years, Paz Ingredients has been a leading global supplier of quality ingredients to customers in the cheese manufacturing and cheese processing industries. We provide a wide spectrum of premium Acid Casein, Rennet Casein 30-90 mesh, Milk Protein Concentrate 70% - 85%, and imported/domestic Butter. Paz now offers Non-GMO Project Verified fats and proteins to meet customers clean label requirements. We pride ourselves in maintaining a reputation of integrity, dedication, and excellent service.

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