Mixing powders into liquids without the proper shear can result in unmixed ingredients and long mix times. The Admix Dynashear will mix, hydrate, disperse, emulsify, puree, and de-agglomerate formulas better than any comparable mixer on the market. Installed between your mix tank and next downstream process, it is ideal for fully dispersing ingredients such as proteins, additives, sweeteners, and viscosity enhancers, including starches such as carbomer, pectin, and xanthan gum. Admix says its customers are using the Dynashear for making smooth, completely uniform ice cream mix, flavored milks, coffee creamer, cheese starters, yogurt, dip, buttermilk, sour cream, and more.

800-627-2340; www.admix.com/dynashear



The Coperion K-Tron batch weigh vacuum receiver combines the operations of conveying and weighing and is uniquely suited for batching dairy powders or raw ingredients prior to dairy powder blending. Whether the application requires a single ingredient to be delivered to multiple destinations, or multiple ingredients to be delivered to a single destination, the batch weigh receiver sequentially accommodates multiple ingredients. All systems feature one or more receiver hoppers suspended on three load cells —with an accuracy of plus or minus 0.5 % of full-scale capacity. Controls can include recipe and inventory capabilities. The vacuum-based operation of the batch weigh receiver ensures a dust-free processing environment, Coperion says.

785-825-3872; www.coperion.com



Available with and without vacuum, the versatile GEA Batch Formula Pro high-shear mixer is used in multiple applications. According to GEA, the unit with a vacuum introduces powder below the liquid surface, resulting in optimal mixing and process times. It instantly wets and deaerates the powder —creating a uniform, homogenous, stable product with a long shelf life. Without vacuum, the mixer allows all powder and liquid to be added manually or via a bin filter. Either mixer option saves energy and time and also optimizes clean-in-place processes and manufacturing economies. Test units are available.  

844-432-2329; www.gea.com



IKA Works Inc. says its innovative 2000 series high-shear machine line is available in a 3-A clean-in-place certified version (certificate No. 1681). This certification, approved by an independent corporation and verified by objective independent third-party professionals, advances hygienic equipment and ensures that all product surfaces can be mechanically cleaned or easily dismantled. Applications such as emulsions, dispersion, suspensions, wet milling, and powder/liquid blending can now be realized while adhering to 3-A guidelines without sacrificing craftsmanship or quality synonymous to the IKA brand.

910-452-7059 ext. 600; www.ikausa.com



Indco says its Tri-Clamp mount mixers produce ample shear to form emulsions when mixing lipophilic compounds such as those often found in dairy processing applications. Designed for sealed applications, the sanitary Tri-Clamp design provides quick and easy no-tools access to the vessel. The Model TCM-3-100V electric variable-speed unit plugs directly into a standard 120-volt outlet, providing out-of-the-box productivity. Standard features include a 3-inch-diameter Tri-Clamp flange, internally mounted mechanical seal rated full vacuum to 125 psi, and a shaft coupler. A 1-horsepower epoxy-coated washdown motor is driven by a NEMA 4X control. Model TCM-3-100V Tri-Clamp mount mixers are ideal for many dairy mixing applications, as well as other applications within the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.  

800-851-1049; www.indco.com



Charles Ross & Son Co. says the Ross inline SLIM high-shear mixers solve three processing steps with one machine. The close tolerance of the rotor and stator exposes 100% of liquid product to high shear and exerts a secondary pumping effect, eliminating the need for separate homogenization and recirculation. At the same time, the proprietary Solids/Liquid Injection Manifold (SLIM) rotor generates a powerful suction, which allows large quantities of powders to be dispersed directly into the mix chamber, a distinct advantage compared to the upstream powder introduction typical of traditional eductors. The SLIM design is simpler to operate, drastically reduces clogging, and prevents agglomerates from forming in the first place.

800-243-ROSS; www.mixers.com