Rapid Fat Analyzer

Oracle from CEM is the first rapid fat analyzer that requires no method development for fat-only analysis. At the touch of a button, the unit can analyze fat in any food sample with reference chemistry accuracy, without any prior knowledge of the sample matrix or composition. It delivers an exceptionally accurate and precise fat result in 30 seconds or can be paired with the Smart 6 for combined rapid fat and moisture/solids analysis in less than five minutes.

704-821-7015; www.cem.com/oracle



Multipurpose analyzer

The MPA II Multi-Purpose FT-NIR analyzer from Bruker Optics is a complete solution for routine quality assurance/quality control analysis. The modular design can be adapted to meet any needs and is robust enough to be used in the laboratory and on the factory floor. It offers easy operation with customizable workspaces, as well as measurement modes that guide through the setup of analytical methods. Its user-friendly software includes a comprehensive collection of data acquisition, processing and evaluation functions. Measurements can be started with a click of a mouse or at the touch of a button.

978-439-9899; www.bruker.com



Sampling device

Weber Scientific’s MegaSampler sampling device, a pre-moistened sponge with 10 milliliters of DE Neutralizing Broth, is individually wrapped in a reusable sample bag and secured to the sampling handle to enhance sampling efficacy. The sponge is placed flat on the handle without glue or chemicals, allowing for twice the sampling surface. The sampling tip extends beyond the handle for hard-to-reach places, and a biofilm scraping blade is incorporated into the handle. After sampling, the sponge is easily removed from the handle in the sample bag.

800-328-8378; www.weberscientific.com



Microbial identification system

Shimadzu’s easy-to-use iDplus microbial identification system, based on a Maldi-Tof mass spectrometry platform, is ideal for carrying out microbial identification for research purposes and for identifying and studying the proteins of microorganisms. It offers fast response, an outstanding recovery rate and an open customizable database, enabling molecular profiling experiments and differentiation of related samples based on the unique features in their profile. This allows for use as a foodstuff-authenticity screening tool and for the effective detection of adulteration in dairy products.

800-477-1227; www.ssi.shimadzu.com



Milk composition analyzer

Realize reliable results with the LactiCheck milk composition analyzer, Model LC-03, from Page & Pedersen, and see composition of skim milk, processed milks and raw milk. Three separate channels facilitate accuracy in results from a wide range of products (0.2% to 12% fat). The unit delivers a complete composition profile (fat, solids, lactose, protein, etc.) in just one minute using time-tested technology, and the automated flow-thru cleaning system is efficient and effective. Offering dependable results, streamlined sample handling and a low cost per test, the LC-03 is ideal for monitoring production, backing up existing analytical tools and assisting with research and development.

508-435-5966; www.pagepedersen.com