Whey protein solutions offer multiple application, nutrition benefits

Arla Foods Ingredients’ whey protein iced coffee drink solution delivers 20 grams of whey protein from Lacprodan DI-7017 per 350 milliliter serving. The whey protein contributes to the building and maintenance of muscle mass and function. The solution is also a source of calcium and phosphorous since it includes Capolac milk minerals, which contribute to normal muscle function and neurotransmission. Its content of naturally occurring caffeine from real coffee beans is similar to one to two cups of espresso.

908-720-1164; www.arlafoodsingredients.com


Protein solutions for ready-to-drink beverages

ProDiet Fluid and ProDiet Hydrolysate S 25 are two ingredients developed by Ingredia. Developed specifically for the nutrition market, the combination of the two proteins in a ready-to-drink beverage concept creates a new solution for the clinical nutrition market. ProDiet Fluid is native micellar casein that contains more than 87% protein on dry matter and was developed to formulate very high-protein beverages while retaining perfect fluidity. ProDiet Hydrolysate S 25 is a whey protein hydrolysate with a hydrolysis degree of 25%.

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Natural vitamin from sunflower

DSM offers a natural vitamin E from sunflower in a spray-dried powder form. The homogeneous and fine free-flowing powder is available in 20 kilogram bags, is non-GMO, kosher, halal, and free from ingredients of animal origin. Research shows its very high application performance and stability. The benefits of natural vitamin E include up to twice the potency when compared to nature identical vitamin E, and it is a key fat-soluble antioxidant that contributes to numerous essential functions in the body.

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‘Power’ milk formulated to boost energy levels

Beneo has developed a chocolate “power” milk with its next-generation carbohydrate Palatinose. Low in fat and high in protein, the milk provides energy over a longer period. With its unique molecular structure, Palatinose delivers high process stability for dairy applications. Being very heat stable, it is suitable for UHT treatment. There is also almost no hydrolysis and no browning observed when very high temperatures are applied. It is a natural, low-glycemic carbohydrate that’s slowly, yet fully digested, delivering energy in a more balanced way.

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Premixes used to fortify dairy applications

Fortitech Premixes by DSM is a one-stop source for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers looking to fortification as a way to differentiate their products, as well as helping to meet the nutritional needs of consumers. With a worldwide technical team on hand to assist manufacturers in incorporating any nutrient into any application, the company meets the growing demand for functional, condition-specific and better-for-you products sought after by today’s consumers.

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Soluble vegetable fiber helps meet product development challenges

ADM/Matsutani’s Fibersol-DLQ has been added to the Fibersol range of premier soluble vegetable fibers. Fibersol-DLQ is a corn syrup solid version of soluble corn fiber and offers approximately 75% soluble dietary fiber on a dry solids basis. The Fibersol portfolio offers several different levels of fiber content in both powder and liquid forms, and Fibersol-DLQ provides the same formulation advantages, including acid-, heat- and process-stability. Slighty sweet, flavorless and with neutral aromatics, it can be used in a variety of dairy foods.

217-451-4377; www.fibersol.com


Probiotic strain used for immune health

Chr. Hansen has acquired a probiotic Lactobacillus strain, LGG, which has been described in hundreds of scientific publications and studied in more than 200 clinical studies, with particularly strong clinical documentation in immune health. It joins the company’s probiotic portfolio including BB-12, Bifidobacterium strain. The company’s probiotic range has an extensive offering for dairy in bowel function and immune health. LGG strain and the strong combo of LGG and BB-12 cultures expands into immune function, specifically for children.

800-558-0802; www.chr-hansen.com


Tropical fruits added to dairy milk offering

iTi Tropicals is committed to offering nutritionally packed products. As a supplier of tropical fruit purees and concentrates, iTi also offers innovative product support. The company recently enhanced dairy milks’ vitamin D offering by adding tropical fruits. Its fruits provide additional natural vitamins, including but not limited to vitamin C, A and B. As nutrition label requirements are changing, adding fruit is a great way to meet daily vitamin requirements and recommended values.

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Companies partner to supply premium omega-3 chia oil

Taiyo has signed a partnership with chia seed ingredient cultivator and processor Benexia to exclusively distribute its ingredients throughout North America. Benexia’s chia oil is produced via XIA Pure Ox Blocker (a proprietary process that ensures improved stability and greatly extended shelf life) and can be used in foods and beverages. Benexia successfully developed XIA Pure Ox Blocker technology, enabling it to guarantee a longer shelf life of the product, a stable delivery of its nutraceutical properties, and a consistent fresh taste and smell.

763-398-3003; www.taiyointernational.com


Provides key functional properties in reduced-sugar dairy applications

Cargill’s latest addition to its chicory root fiber offerings is Oliggo-Fiber S30, a solubility-enhanced native inulin product, ideal for sugar-reduction in dairy applications such as ice cream. Among its health benefits, Oliggo-Fiber S30 is a prebiotic fiber that supports digestive health and enhances dietary calcium absorption. The product acts as a bulking agent when removing sugar from ice cream formulations, giving added richness and improved mouth feel. Additionally, as it is mildly sweet, the chicory root fiber can help modulate the flavor of some high-intensity sweeteners.

877-765-8867; www.oliggofiber.com


Improves product quality and labels

Citri-Fi 100M40, a natural citrus fiber from Fiberstar, can be used to replace some industry ice cream stabilizer systems. The natural fiber offers reduced ice crystal formation; heat shock or freeze/thaw stability; natural smooth, short and soft texture; a clean finish on the palate and reduced melt time. It can be pre-mixed into a formula’s dry ingredients or under high shear into liquid ingredients, is non-GMO, non-allergenic and contains no E-number.

715-425-7550; www.FiberstarIngredients.com


Beverage-ready grains without the grit 

FutureCeuticals’ family of beverage-ready grains is crafted to deliver the functional benefits of organic, gluten-free grains while enhancing the flavor and texture of dairy-based formulations. QuinoaTRIM adds protein, fiber and essential amino acids, while Nutrim, an oat-soluble beta-glucan, delivers gluten-free prebiotic power to yogurt or keifer applications. AncienTRIM, a whole grain complex carbohydrate provides sustained, “slow-burn” energy. These clean-label grains replace artificial gums with natural alternatives.

888-452-6853; www.futureceuticals.com


Nutritious and clean-tasting ingredient delivers a high level of protein

Milk Specialties Global markets calcium caseinate produced from fresh, rBGH-free, non-GMO, U.S. skim milk. Providing clean label options, the process of producing this locally sourced, clean-tasting calcium caseinate involves gentle acidification and neutralization of the milk to help retain superior nutritional qualities. MSG’s calcium caseinate has an excellent amino acid profile. The ingredient is available in instant and regular form, with the instant suggested for nutritional powder formulations to increase product shelf life and improve nutritional and sensory characteristics.

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