Chobani LLC said it knows shopping habits have changed, so it’s meeting the needs of consumers in a new and exciting way. The Norwich, N.Y.-based company launched a direct-to-consumer platform for its Chobani Oat Barista Edition “oatmilk.”

Chobani recently began to ship the shelf-stable product from its Chobani Café in New York City directly to consumers’ doorsteps across the country. Crafted for at-home baristas and coffee professionals, Chobani Oat Barista Edition is versatile for froths and foams, Chobani said, and a great nondairy swap for cappuccinos, lattes, teas and more. Consumers may order Chobani Oat Barista Edition for $29.50 per six 32-ounce containers (via and the “Buy Oat Barista” link).