In honor of Opposite Day 2021 — that’s Jan. 25 — Chobani LLC said it is going all out. For the first time, the Norwich, N.Y.-based company is swapping the ingredients in its fan-favorite Chobani Flip Cookie Dough yogurt. That means there will be a lot more of the “delectably sweet” chocolate chip cookie dough pieces in the larger yogurt compartment and less Greek yogurt in the traditionally smaller side car.

There’s a key catch: This limited-edition product won’t be sold in stores, online or anywhere else. Chobani said it is dropping the product on TikTok. To get it, consumers have to win it. Chobani partnered with TikTok to invent the new #SwitchTheChobaniFlip Hashtag Challenge. The challenge is set it to Missy Elliot’s “Work It” (with the highly relevant lyric: “I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it”).

Only 25 luck winners who create a video using the hashtag will win a case of the delicious “Switch the Chobani Flip Cookie Dough yogurt,” Chobani said. The contest runs through Feb. 28.