Chobani is turning National Greek Yogurt Day (November 9) into a month-long celebration. The food maker announced a contest across TikTok in honor of the food category. Chobani fans can post a TikTok video ranking their top three Chobani Flip flavors and use the hashtag #ChobaniFlipCFT for a chance to win the Flip Chief Flavor Taster Contest. 

The Chobani Flip Chief Flavor Taster Contest builds on the brand’s ongoing marketing efforts to reach a younger consumer base. Earlier this year, Chobani launched its first metaverse experience on Roblox, which is best known for its popularity among young users. 

“TikTok is the perfect platform to run our Flip Chief Flavor Taster Contest because it helps us reach a younger generation of Greek Yogurt consumers,” said Meredith Madden, chief marketing & category officer of Chobani. “Our brand fans love reviewing and ranking our Flip products on TikTok, now they can do it for the ultimate prize.” 

The Contest will run through November 30 and the official winner will be announced in December on Chobani's Tik Tok Channel. The winner of the Flip Chief Flavor Taster Contest will win a trip to Chobani's facility in Twin Falls, Idaho, where the winner and one guest will be the first to try upcoming Flip flavors and see how the product is made. The winner will also receive one month’s supply of Chobani Flip yogurt (30 individual cups) and merchandise.

Chobani has seen tremendous success from its Greek Yogurt portfolio. In the last 52 weeks ending October 15, 2022, Chobani is up nearly 17% in total Nielsen reported sales compared to a year ago. For the $8.6 billion yogurt category, Chobani holds 20.8% market share for the same time period. This strong growth helped Chobani increase its position in the category and solidify its No. 1 position in Greek Yogurt.   

Over the years, Chobani Flip has been one of the main growth drivers for Chobani in the yogurt category. Chobani Flip was up nearly 11% in total Nielsen reported sales for the last 52 weeks ending October 15, 2022.